Sunday, June 23, 2024

Selfies from 'The Oven'!

 Yes, its like an oven here...or maybe a sauna would be a better description! We are in the 90'sF around here, with daytime temps ranging from 92 - 95. UGH. And the humidity levels are from about 60 - 75%, that's where the sauna part comes in...UGH to the max. When petcretry goes outside to pick up our downloads, and to water the plants, she comes back in in about 30 minutes looking like she just came out of the shower! Ugh, did you hear?? UGH!!! Today is more of the same, but added into the mix are rainy periods when it drips for about ten minutes. Then it's even more muggy! The joys of living in Michigan!

Our two unfurbros came by today, put together our new charcoal grill, and then cooked us a very yummy vegan meal! Not our normal style here, but it was still delicious! And a nice break from our own cooking, plus no hot kitchen!

We expect a storm system to come though which is predicted to give us a bit of relief for a day or two...then back to the cooker!

Anypaws, here we are with our selfies for this week.

This past Tuesday, at Teddy's Tuesday Teaser Class, petcretary and four others were all in the doorway as first commenters all at the same time! So we got a special badge as a reward!!!

Then later in the day when she had more time, she hunted down the teaser image...and put in her guess...she thought it had already been guessed, but well, hers was the first correct one, even that late in the day! So she got another badge for that effort!

I was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser post of June 18-2024… was TRULY MY DAY!
If you want to have some fun, and even a lunch, come and join us if you haven't been there before! 

Now we are going to add the Sunday Selfie Badge, as we hook up with that fun blog hop, as hosted each and every week by the Kitties Blue at The Cat On My Head! Doesn't matter if you are a cat or a dog or any other creature willing to share your selfie! Thanks, Kitties Blue!
The Sunday Selfies Blog Hop is HERE!


  1. Dearest Ingrid,
    Love the faces in these selfies!
    It sure is warm during summer time but I prefer that instead of cold weather!
    Still need to wear my flannel pajamas because of cold legs due to the nerve damage post TEVAR surgery.
    Sending you hugs,
    Mariette + Kitties

  2. Great selfies, Dalton and Benji! We have the same kind of weather here that you do there. It's not fun - that's for sure!

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  4. Dear Dalton and Benji - Lovely selfies!
    We have that Sauna here too! It's a bit cooler today (like 30 degrees C instead of 35) but it's expected to go up again to the mid-30s. It's gonna make it hard for Mummy to find something to wear for her Caterwauling Club's concert on Thursday. She should go nekkid like Us (mol)!

  5. We posted about the heatwave today too!

  6. It has been SO hot here in downstate New York! Mother leaves the a/c on for me when she goes out. Tomorrow should be better, and we hope for better weather for you as well.

  7. Your selfies are so cute! We've had super hot weather all week here too. It's no fun because our parents won't let us spend much time outside.

  8. Hang in there, pups and petcretary! We had the triple ugh weather here for most of last week and it broke yesterday, down to the 60's--felt almost arctic--but of course followed by rain and more rain. At least it's not fires and floods.
    Congrats, Petcretary, on your Tuesday Teaser awards. Great work!
    Stay cool, mes amis--xoxoxo, Bibi & Meep

  9. Well you guys look cool as cucumbers in your selfies if that helps. Yet another week of 90+ temps here too. Although our humidity is a whole lot lower than yours. Cheer up, only 90 days to the official arrival of autumn. 😳

  10. doodz..been seerin perch N bloo gil on de side walk heer two !! YEOW....pleez N thanx mom nature, givez uz a brake :) ♥♥

  11. Java Bean: "Ayyy, we hope that storm cools you off for a while, preferably without too much thunder!"
    Lulu: "NO THUNDER!!!"

  12. You two did some great selfies. We are south of you in Kansas and it is so hot here too. Thank dogness for a/c.

    Woos - Misty and Timber

  13. Very nice selfies. Congrats to Petcretary for being so quick and clever on the Tuesday Teaser. XO

  14. we hope the sturm will not cause damage and mischief.... we are on the way to summer heat but the weather guys said it is just for a while... oh ok... but then years are a while too... we hope the best for all of us

  15. That's a bit too hot, especially for us here, except the shopping centers or shops, only a few people have air condition ! Now it's nice and warm here and I think the thick walls of our castle will keep the heat outside ! You look very nice on your selfies, you could use the photos for a passport !

  16. My goodness, you boys don't look as hot as I know you ARE! Your temperatures there at your home are as high as our here! I like what Gattina said about the photos of your faces! Passport worthy!

  17. My momma and daddy are from Michigan, and can't believe it's been hotter by yoo than it has been at our house here in FloryDa. What the Fwiskies is happening? The world is melting! So sad. Love, Dori