Sunday, June 16, 2024

Happy Father's Day! And Some Nature Selfies!

 Today is Father's Day and we are celebrating our Pawppy! He also had a birthday a few days ago, so we are combining the two, a Two-fur Celebration!

However, Petcretary is working this weekend, so we are helping Pawppy all by ourselves...BOL!

We put on our fancy bow ties and dug up a nice picture of our beloved Pawppy. Then we found pawrty gear and baked a yummy cake!

Here is the original image of us with our bowties:

Marjorie from Dash Kitten reminded us all that yesterday was Nature Photography Day, so since petcretary was at her work and couldn't make new ones we are 'offering' some of our nature pictures, namely bugs and birds! (Tabbies beware!!!)

                                                         Band-winged Meadowhawk ~ a Dragonfly species

                                                                                   Ebony Jewelwing 

                                                                                   Ebony Jewelwing 

                                                                         Great Spangled Fritillary 

Red Admiral
Red Admiral...look at that proboscis!!

Oops! I am not a bird or a bug, LOL!!

OK, Tabbies, Close your eyes, now!

Indigo Bunting

American Goldfinch

Eastern Bluebird

Indigo Bunting

Also, at Teddy's Tuesday Teaser, Petcretary was one of two first commenters,and as well, was the first right guesser of the teaser image! So she got these three badges to commemorate that.

Sunday, June 9, 2024

Post Birthday Selfies

Yup, we are late with these...but *she* was working and had a lot of other not doggy stuff to do, as well. Sure...excuses, excuses, BOL!!

Anyways here am I, Benji!

First the card she made for me...

An ussie...and look, I Dalton don't have any tags!! They are the back wooded area of our yard...sigh....rabies tag, name tag and license...yikes! I guess I had best stay at home, eh?!

Now we have to pause for a moment to give our condolences to ManxMnews, because Miss Boo has become an Angel Kitty. She was twenty! Wow, but still its never long enough...What a pretty kitty she was! How she will be missed, by her family and all who knew and loved her.

MissBoo  Her family can be visited here.

We are joining up with all the other Sunday Selfies at The Cat On My Head, who host this weekly fun hop. Thanks Kitties Blue!

Thursday, June 6, 2024

Benji Has A Birthday

 It's Benji's Birthday! He's 6!! Wow how time flies!

Petcretary is working, so we'll post more on the weekend...

But here are a couple of pics to 'tantalize' you...

I see 'stuff'....which means I shall vamoose!
Well, she snagged me and made me pose, but was not too happy about that...BOL!

Then Dalton came along and wanted to have at MY special way!!

(Benji only gave that treat a few licks, but wasn't too interested to have after supper he got it back...and he ate half of it. Because of its calorie count he'll get the rest on another day...don't worry, Dalton got treats, too, LOL!)

We are thankful the rain and boomers we had earlier this day went away and the sun even came out! That makes for a Happy Birthday to ME, Benji!!!

Thankful to be able to celebrate Birthday number 6!

Sunday, June 2, 2024

A Little Wiener Selfie Guest

We are letrting petcretary off the hook thias weekend as she is working...after a busy 8 days off...

But first we want to bring your attention to a big need to one of our well loved Blogville members; Jackie from Eric and Flynn; Forever On Patrol at Two Devon Cats 

You can read all about her health needs here, and leave your encouraging messages if you have not already done so.
We love you, Jackie, and we pray for healing.

OK, here comes sweet little Reggie!

He often visits the salon where petcretary gets her hair fixed...and he showed up the last time she was there!

Do you have something for me?? (He's asking the beautician.)

Hi, I'm Reggie! I visit from the peeps who own the business next door. There's a lot more happy peeps here than at my store...which is a place where peeps go to order headstones for their loved ones....
A little dubious when Petcretary held him for his selfie...

His tail is wagging almost all the time...he's begging for a treat here...

We hope to be back next time with some fun pics from a special day.

We are hopping in the Sunday Selfies Bloghop!
Thank you Kitties Blue at the Cat On My Head for hosting!

Sunday, May 26, 2024

Memorial Day Weekend ~ An Ussie

 It is Memorial Day, we will be patriotic...

It's a day when we stop to think about all those who helped gain/keep the freedoms which we have, here, but often take for granted.

So while it is also the unofficial start to summer, please take a moment to reflect on why we are having this holiday...and thank a veteran, too, if you know/meet any.

Our Memorial Day Patriotic Ussie

We've been doing some of or own yard work...digging up moles...Petcretary found 2 large would think she'd be happy to have them gone, but she insists we make more disaster of the yard than they do...sigh...she's hard to please...
Petcretary was a first commenter at Teddy's Tuesday Teaser class, and she had the right answer, but was just a tad short of being first with that! She shared the first commenter honor with Sharon...

This was her other 'prize'

We made a memento for Lorelei, a well known, and precious pup.

If you would like to send a comforting message,  just click on the name under her picture, and it will take you there.

Enjoy all the other Sunday Selfies by visiting The Cat On my Head who are the weekly hosts of this fun hop! Thank you Kitties Blue!

Sunday, May 19, 2024

Flashback Straw Hat Day Selfies ~ and: Happy Victoria Day!

We were not able to make a post on the 15th for Straw Hat Day, and *she* wasn't able to make new images either...oh well, its always good to have old images to resort to, BOL!!
And with Memorial Day coming up, who knows if the camera will be clicking or not! 

Speaking of Holidays, Tomorrow, May 20th is Victoria Day in Canada, a major holiday, with fireworks and all kinds of fun things. Celebrating the birthday of Queen Victoria, who was the queen when Canada was 'born' in 1867.
Its the beginning of the summer season! Years ago in her single days, petcretary went camping on this long weekend holiday with several other single young was hot, so she found a nice shady place to keep her (film) camera cool...oops...when one of the other campers left to get some supplies he drove right over it!! Yikes!! But it was replaced with a better camera! Which she still had when she came to Michigan...and used it to take lots of pics of her first kitties and the unfurbros when they arrived. Eventually she got still a better film camera,and then the first of two digital point and shoot ones. the latter which she still uses...sometimes!! She prefers the phone camera for some reason. BOL!!
Petcretary was right but not first right last Tuesday at Teddy's Teaser Tuesday. She got this cute badge as her 'reward'

OK, here we are in our Straw Hats:

All of these were taken 2019...Benji wasn't even a year old when they were taken!
We are hopping along with many others in the Sunday Selfies! The Cat On my Head hosts this hop every week, and has done so for a LONG time!! Thanks Kitties Blue!

And in case you didn't know, The pawrents of the Kitties Blue, Janet and Tom, are celebrating their 51st Wedding Anniversary today! Congratulations! 🎉💐

Saturday, May 18, 2024

Angelic Art On Caturday

 We have no idea why there is a traffic jam of sorts at the Rainbow Bridge Entrance...but anypaws, petcretary made some art for two new angels...while she was working on one of them, the GIMP picture editing site she uses, stopped working properly. She spent several hours pulling her hair out to get it functional again...and even installed a new version, which had the same issues...ARGGGHHH!

Eventually she realized the trouble was a wrong setting...and now its all good again, phew!

Ichiro, handsome mancat from My Siamese.Com


You can leave messages of comfort by clicking on his caption under the memento.

Then we made another memento for Kori, a sweet lady-collie.

Kori came from All Things Collie, and you can leave your messages of sympathy there...

Once again we will join the Caturday Art Blog Hop.