Saturday, February 17, 2018

Valentine's Day ~ Better Late Than Never ~ And A Visit To Paris ~ With Selfies, Too!

Well, on Valentine's Day, when petcretary finally got home from all her not kitty or doggy things, she changed her clothes and went away yet again, and she took pawppy too...actually she said pawppy took her, Hah! They went to eat in a restaurant to enjoy the romance of the day. Sheesh, they didn't even bring home any chicken or salmon; let alone any of the ice cream they had then it was too late to make our Valentine's Post.
Well, what nerve, do you think we should make them accept responsibility for this neglect?

Anypaws, we tried to make some Valentine's Day and selfies pictures for you...but ah, well the lighting was less than ideal, and of course petcretary didn't turn on the flash. She used the iPad camera too, instead of her regular these are rather less than great...and of course Pipo doesn't like any kind of picture taking...and Dalton isn't too sure about all that fussing going on either, sigh...

Petcretary also was able to pick up a little box...a wooden one. It has MrJackFreckles' remains inside of it. She placed it on the floor...and Pipo came by to see what was there...he gave it a couple of sweet headbonks and then went about his own doings. Dalton sniffed it with his tail between his legs...(at least if it was a long enough tail he would have had it there)...then he wanted nothing more to do with it. Petcretary thinks they both knew who was inside of there and now they have closure...

With all the sadness here and elsewhere, petcretary missed the doings for Feb 14 in she made a postcard to join the Postcard From Paris blog hop. Afterall, Paris is the city of love and romance, right? MAIS OUI!!
Pipo went with Dalton to snoopervise him, MOL! Dalton is too frisky and as petcretary says, too cuckoo-headed to be left alone in a romantic city, let alone in company of a gal-pup! He just waggled his tail and grinned. So we visited Paris in solo fashion...cause we did not want to miss out...

So we are combining several things into this blog post...
Valentine's Day, A Trip To Paris, Pipo's Gotcha Day and Selfies on Sunday.
Pipo escorted Dalton on a Valentine's Day Visit To Paris. Without purr-purr escort, Dalton is such a wild rascal!! MOL/BOL!
Happy Valentine's Day/Gotcha Day, Pipo!!
Best keep Dalton out of that Moulin Rouge...
Valentine's Day Blogville Trip To Paris
So here are our Valentine's Day pictures and selfies:
I am singing Happy Gotcha Day to Pipo and Happy Valentine's Day to all!
He is singing to ME?
Well, yes, I was!
You really think we can be furends?
I will try, OK?!
OMC!!!  He will try...but I shall need to hone my whapping skills just in case...MOL!
This is my coy look, cause I am good boy, you know...bwahahahaha!

Well, though you look like MJF, you do not smell like him...

Who are you? Oh, an Eddie pretender.

I am not too sure about this company I am keeping.

I miss my angel brofurs...

My Gotcha Day might have been more fun with MJF and Minko, but I guess they are catabrating in the heavenly realms on my behalf.

That Dalton keeps taking my cubby nest apart...and he says he wants to be my furend? Sheesh.

I think it might be better to watch the critters outside...there is lots going on at the feeders.
Dalton and a MJF Lookalike, though rather more fluffy...
Hi, Ya'll!

Me and my looks like a fluffy MJF, One looks like my doggy cousin, Eddie,and that wee Monkey is there cause petcretary says I make lots and lots of monkey business...hey, I am just a young dude and I need to figure my world out...even if it means tearing my bed apart and bringing in a garden stake to chew on...destuffing toys is so last year, BOL!
Happy Valentine's/Gotcha Day To ME!
We made some more cards:
Kylo Ren
This blog hop is dedicated to the memory of Sister Kit from Brian's Home
Sister Kit
The second hopping part is the regular feature of Sunday Selfies, hosted each  week by The Kitties Blue

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Pipo & Dalton: & Remembering Mr Jack Freckles

We are trying hard here to get back into a sense of normalcy here...its empty and quiet without MrJackFreckles to care for. Dalton is not a quiet pup, and Pipo often has much to say, but most of you will know what we mean when we say its quiet here.
We want to thank all of you who came by to give out their kind and comforting words, woofs and purrs. They are all so much appreciated. And also for the many emails, FB messages, and tribute posts, both in Blogville and on FB. Many of you sent cards, and 'badges'/mementos; they are all beautiful. Thank you once again.
Sorry if we have been a bit inactive of late...
We are going to make another special post just to remember and honor MJF, but that will come later.
Here are the memento images as we have them; in no particular order...
From a Dogster furend

From Zaidie

From Laura Strickland

From Melanie Beesun

From Kinley Westie

From Barb & Marv

From 'Sid-Henry'

From Dana Kasian

From Chester
From Finley & Brinley

Since its MardiGras today, here are some old selfies from way back. We didn't have Dalton then, so we do not have any of him in those vibrant colors, MOL/BOL! He did make some Valentine's Day pictures, we will show you those soon:)

We have had a lot of snow...
Almost 10 inches

A good 13 inches...

A path for Dalton

Dalton left his trails...and tracks.
Snow on my schnooter!

Pipo is cheering on the Canadian Team at the Olympics...
Go, Team Canada...and well, since we live in the USA, Go Team USA!!!

 And one last glimpse of MrJackFreckles, remembering that tomorrow is Valentine's Day.
Feb 2017
And you know, its also another special day around here: Pipo has his 13th Gotcha Day! Yippee!!!
More to come...

We also made some cards, life goes on, and we didn't want to ignore these special furry ones.


Angel Sister Kit from Brian's Home

We are joined to The Kitties Blue in a tribute Sunday Selfies Blog Hop