Sunday, August 14, 2022

Flashback Selfies...

Petcretary is working this weekend, so we thought we would give her a break and let her do a flashback...from about this time in 2019.
Another week  has flown by and it’s time to ‘do’ our selfies again...
Pipo got to enjoy lots of sunpuddles this week...hooray!

We, Benji and Dalton did lots of barking, chasing varmints,and digging...we found and exterminated two big fat moles...though petcretary was less than thrilled with the cavernous mess we left behind, BOL!

We even managed to sit still for a double ‘ussie’!

And to not make Angel Minko Miss out on flashback, here is Minko, ca 2014.
And Angel MJF...well flashbacks are good for him, too!
MJF, ca 2016
And now for current news....Our pawppy decided it was finally the right time to take leave of his work and go into retirement! Hooray, he might be home with us a lot more now...and petcretary hopes he will be able to do some of the things on that always infamous 'Honey Do List'!
They were gone for hours this past Friday, as there was a big party for him, even the mayor of our city was there to give his thanks, and blessing on his retirement. He was working there for 42 years!
On Saturday I, Benji didn't want to get up...and I ate my brekkie, while laying down. I didn't even get up to greet my peeps, though I did thump my tail. Petcretary made me get up...and then she watched what I would do...and she saw I was limping and favoring my right front paw....she could not find any swelling, cut, etc,and I didn't really flinch when she ran her hands over she thought maybe I got a bit too crazy with the games I play with Dalton...or maybe he bruised me when we played a rough game of bitey face...which also means bitey everything, BOL!
It will remain my secret...
Anyways she gave me an aspirin, after looking up the dose for a pup of my size, and some CBD as well. Later I was running around outside again...with only the tiniest of limps, but at least I seem to be on the mend. Phew!
It was a good day for lollygagging around anyways, as it rained all the day long! And sometimes poured hard! Blech...though petcretary was glad to get it, not to mention the parched ground. She also said it was a good day to go to her work on a weekend day, as there was no need to grumble about having to work on a beautiful day. BOL!

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Spoil Your Dog Day! A Word-y Wednesday

Visit these wonderful pups, here.
We, Benji & Dalton are always spoiled, or so the peeps here tell us, BOL!
Life is good for us, considering how our lives started, since we are rescue pups, all the way from Texas...we really don't recall a lot about how we got to Michigan...we heard that kind peeps took us out of the shelters we were in and brought us in big truckloads to various we ended up in our city, but were not in the same shelter/ fact we were rescued in different years, BOL!
I'm so soiled, Benji neverminds when I sit on him...
I love to lay here and watch all the goings on from the top of the steps.

We sure love that we ARE spoiled, yes-siree!

Thanks, Petcretary and Pawppy for loving us and spoiling us, too...well, sometimes!! Can we have those treats, now??? YUM!
Wordless Wednesday

Sunday, August 7, 2022

A Hot Week Again And Selfies, Too.

Well, our week stated out with reasonable temps, and even a good thunderstorm in which we got about a little over an inch of rain. Then we were right back into the dog days of August...aka Dogust! 

The past few days you could cut the air with a knife and the dew in the morning lasted till mid afternoon. In spite of that, Petcretary mowed our yard, on Friday, because here was a bit of a refreshing breeze, and the weekend was going to be even hotter. So Saturday became a lazy day of not doing too much other than needed chores. We are forecast to get more storms today and Monday...we'll see.

We also saw that *she* put a note on the calendar for the 23rd...yikes it says B & D to the vet. Phooey. Maybe we need to take August out of the calendar, it seems we go there about the same time each year. Wait, if we do that, then Dalton won't have a BD, nor will our unfurbro-the-younger. Well, hey, then they'll never get old, BOL!

Didn't see any bunnies this past week, and the lone swallowtail refused to pose! There were a lot of cranes around though, in the field across our street. On the middle of the road on the way to *her* work, and in the various fields along the way.They were too far to catch them with any camera that petcretary has. Here's one from a previous 'catch':

We got bored a I, Benji, found more exciting things to do...

I don't know why this put Petcretary into a frenzy and I heard some HBO words, too...BOL!  When *she* gets annoyed, its not boring...tee-hee!

Maybe these deeds above were he reason I got a bee sting...two actually, one on my paw and one on my face. Thankfully my fur is thick, and after I got some 'apis' both in my mouth and on the stings, I felt better, and there was very little swelling. (Apis is a homeopathic remedy for stings.)

Dalton continues to be a nervous-Nelly...or Willie since he's not a gal! BOL! We keep on with the CBD and other calming remedies, but perhaps when we go to the vet in a couple weeks, we might ask for some other help. Pheromones don't seem to affect him at all, we have tried that, too.

Well here are our selfies for this week:

Our grass is greening up again since we've had some good rains. Now our grass needs mowing again...and it got 'shaved' on Friday.

On another note, Most everyone knows Athena and her mom, Marie. Marie recently lost her brother unexpectedly. It would be nice to go there and comment with your love and sympathy if youu haven't done so already.
You can visit Athena and Marie, Here.

Thanks, Ann from Zoolatry for this beautiful graphic.

We are joining up with all the other selfies, at the Sunday Selfie Blog Hop, hosted by The Kitties Blue, at the Cat On My Head.

Thanks for always faithfully hosting this blog hop each week! We love you all, and we love Snday Selfies!

Sunday, July 31, 2022

Random Guest Selfies!

Today we thought it would be fun to show you some random not doggy selfies...and some are not even of creatures, BOL!

This swallowtail was visiting our marigolds on the patio...this was the only selfie it allowed...

One early evening this balloon was flying overhead...there is a pilot in the basket, so does that count as a selfie?? BOL!

Petcretary planted an onion she wasn't going to use...and after a while this came up!
It grew taller and prettier!

Then all the little buds opened, they look like stars!
A close up - aka an onion selfie, LOL!
Petcretary has no idea what she did with the editing things to render the onion stems to look like this...
When Pawppy & Petcretary joined the unfurbros for a celebration dinner, this bunny obliged with his/her own selfie! (There were pretty gardens around, and this place was inside the city, very close to downtown. Animls seem to adapt well, sometimes.)
Us pups were playing chase and had to stop for a rest and a breather as it was plenty hot! So there you have Ussie!


This past Tuesday, petcretary was super fast once again and was a first commenter at Teddy's Tuesday Teaser.

WOWZER! I was one of THREE First Commenters on the Teaser post of July 26, 2022! Call me FAST and FURIOUS! (Petcretary, Mr Frank, and Sharon)

So petcretary guessed correctly on the Teaser photo of July 26, 2022 BUT she was not the FIRST to guess right….oh well…she got a badge anyway! (And didn't those eggs take a great ussie!!)


You may have already seen these, but but there were some new Angels this week...



We are happy to hop with all of our selfies with the Kitties Blue who host this feature each week.
We love them and they just added two rescued orphan kitties to their furmily! Kudos and congrats to them! And THANK YOU!!

Monday, July 25, 2022

Happy Anniversary #35 To Our Pawrents!!

                       Petcretary needs to scan their wedding pictures so you can see them on THE day! Maybe by next year...

Awww Monday

Sunday, July 24, 2022

Quiet Week ~ Sunday Selfies

 Well, it has been a rather quiet week here...but we think petcretary likes it that way. Mostly the most hullabaloo was at the bird feeders...lots of quibbling over who gets to eat first, LOL! There are lots of volunteer sunflowers and thistles there, now too...which a lot of birds like, too. So far the squirrels have not been there, else they would have already ruined them all! We have been hot here, around 90 or so, most days, (34C), but we think that must be cool by the reports of some areas on our globe being 40C or more, yikes! We have high humidity too...that make us feel yucky outside and petcretary too...she does her outside chores later in the evening when the heat is less.  

Sunflowers, Yellow Thistles, and yellow 'daisies' not sure of the proper name. THese are all volunteers, planted by the birds dropping the seeds...
Sunflower Selfie with a bee Photo-bomber...LOL!

This sunflower, yet to bloom, is taller than petcretary!

Another Sunny selfie!
We are supposed to get storms here overnight, and the prediction is that Monday will be less humid and pleasant temps. We shall see...if so them *she* will mow the lawn...a daunting job...but she can handle it, if its not too hot. Sometimes she takes about 4 hours to do the most of it, the rest being our wilder woodsy area, which we only mow every once in a while to keep the weeds in check. Somehow, nonetheless, Benji always manages to find the places where there are cling-ons to hitch a ride in his furs. Hardly anything sticks to Dalton. LOL!

Well, here are our selfies and an ussie for this guests to show, LOL!

Sometimes using the zoom lens doesn't give the best results...but we both are smiling so there!

We are hopping along with all the other Sunday Selfies at The Cat On My Head. The Kitties Blue host this fun weekly feature. We love you kitties Blue!! Thanks for your faithful rendering of this, each and every week!