Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Selfie Sunday?? Oops, Blame Petcretary That Its Tuesday, Sigh...

Yup, she was working the weekend, and she forgot all about it...can you believe it??! Then she got all busy making cards for our pals, so that made us even later, sheesh! So you guessed it, no selfies this week, so we are going to do a flashback set. Hmmm...wonder where her random search will take us?

Well, she found these cute images of our two beloved angels taken in Feb 2011, when it was time for a Valentine's Day photo session.
Angel Minko raises his paw, ready to use it for a smacky session...but...

A kiss for Angel MJF was way better!
This dude and others of his ilk, try in vain to steal seeds from this feeder...it shuts when they try, Hahaha!

Now this guy has it made in the shade, literally!
Petcretary forgot she had helped Pipo to make this 'selfie'!

An early selfie of Dalton.

A very early selfie of Benji...wow, he has filled out and grown:)
Eddie, our cousin, sort of looks like Benji, maybe they share a common breed?

Of course we had to make cards for our pals...

Kinley turned three! She sure loves her bike rides:)
Brinley is Kinleys sisfur, and she turned three, as well!


We're hopping a bit late with The Kitties Blue who kindly host this feature, each week, Thanks!

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Happy Easter!! Hallelujah!

Its Easter!
Happy Easter to all!
Easter in our family is a time of great rejoicing and celebration: Christ is Risen!

But we have fun too, as seen in our selfies:)

We are sorry that we have not been very good at visiting, though we have made to a few...sometimes taking pictures and making cards seems to take precedence over visits. We do try to scan over your posts so that we don't miss anything too important...sigh...And then of course add in the chores around here, getting ready for a family Easter celebration...yes it was great, and the unfurbros were here, too. We sure do appreciate all the visits you make to our posts, we just wish we werr more consistent in visiting yours!

Here is a funny DIY Disaster tail...um tale.
Petcretary wanted to make eggs for the Easter Basket. So she put 2 dozen eggs in a huge pan, and set them to cook. The water boiled and she let it simmer, then she just left those eggs until the water cooled down. Then she dried them, and made multiple colors all over them. They looked so pretty in the big basket with a bunny and some ribbons. Well, um...did she take a picture? Nope. She was busy and forgot. Well when it came time to indulge in eggs for breakfast, well one of the unfurbros brought the shelled egg to petcretary and it was still all runny inside.  Oops! UGH:(
Well, she tried to recook them, but that was a messy affair, and most of the pretty colors washed away. Sigh...
So the tabbies will be happy to know we had an eggless Easter, BOL/MOL!

Here are the cards we sent to other this week:
Charlee & Chaplin ~ aka The Hipster KItties

We are not Easter Bunnies, But we *are* hopping along with The Kitties Blue, who are the weekly hosts of ths feature, and we thank them so much!