Sunday, July 30, 2023


Petcretary is working this weekend again...she works every other one, most of the time.

So at her work sometimes they do special things to keep the residents bringing in pets...not therapy pups, (They do come in, too, though...), just pets of staff, if they are OK with seeing all kinds of activity, yes, this little pup came in to visit the other day. Petcretary asked his name...but she totally forgot...must be an old age thing creeping up on her, BOL!

So here he is, what a cutie pie!

A totally cute wiggle butt!

They also had a party time day...the theme was 'Disco'.and the 80' petcretary found a Scooby Doo scrub top...and one of her co workers was dressed as a character from that here they are:

During the past week, Pawppy and petcretary celebrated their 36th wedding anniversary...they just had an informal dinner with the unfurbros.
Inside the restaurant.

Outside the restaurant.

We had to say goodby to a well loved Catster kitty last week...He was Newman, many of you former Catster members might remember him...he was part of the famed family of Calvin, Samoa. and Gleek. They don't have a blog, but they do have a Facebook link:


Also recently Callie left for the RB:

And just yesterday, Toffee became an angel...however since petcretary is working, it's hard for her to get a memento made, so she'll do that when she has her days off.

We're hopping in the Sunday Selfies!


Sunday, July 23, 2023

Now For Something Different Sunday Selfies

 Whoa, Saturday petcretary was on call for her she stayed at home base with us...waiting for a call...thankfully it didn't happen(!), so she was playing around with some of our pictures for fun...

Friday she spent most of the day outside taking care of the lawn mowing chores and weed removal, etc. Oh, and trying to exterminate those pesky and ravenous Japanese beetles. UGH. They don't seem to discriminate about their foods...but they LOVE our two wisteria vines...maybe that is why they won't bloom.

Usually she has pretty good results with dahlias, but the two new pots she got in the early spring are not doing well at all...she treats them the same as always, but they are just slowly petering away. They were SO pretty when they first came. She pulled up and replanted into our raised garden beds, some native blooms...and hopes to create a pollinator area along with other flowers and plants. Hope being the operative word. She wants to plant some small trees to try and shade our patio which gets to be like an oven slab (Fry an egg or bake a pizza?)...maybe a redbud or a dogwood...nothing large that might ruin the concrete. Lilac shrubs can grow very large, too...but we don't think the shade will be there enough in our lifetime...after all they are 'seniors' already...pushing 70 soon enough! the trees might not either, but they last many years and would enhance the property for any future owner of this place.

Anypaws, life is pretty ordinary here nothing exciting to report! We think that is a good thing...

Here are the original images that petcretary 'played' with:

And here are the various results of her alterations.She was trying out something that Marjory from Dash Kitten had a little tutorial about.

First she turned them all black and white...and then the fun started!

This Amaryllis was so beautiful!

My eye sure looks different than in the original now that  its 'singled out'.

The eyes have it!

One of the first blooms when the weather was becoming springlike.

Rocking the shades!

I look like I've dyed my tongue with bubblegum paint, BOL!

I like this very much, Petcretary! Better than the silly glasses one, BOL!

Petcretary was a first commenter at Teddy's Tuesday Teaser, and she had the right answer, but wasn't fast enough to be a double firstie...

Now we have to be serious once again, because the RB had to reopen the gates for new angels.Sigh...




We're hopping along with all the Sunday Selfies! The Cat On My Head has had some special days...visit, enjoy and be amazed!

Sunday, July 16, 2023

Little Green Dude ~ Guest Selfie

Petcretary is working this weekend, so we're giving her...(and US)...a break, to show off a cute froggy selfie! He's a little green tree frog; petcretary spied him in some vines, and he obliged her with a selfie!

Meanwhile when she's at work we do a lot of this:

No one to play with is boring...esp when Benji is sleeping.

I do think someone is interrupting my snooze time...

Last Tuesday, Petcretary 'donated' the teaser picture, for Teddy's Tuesday Teaser Class. it was from the Toronto Metro Convention Center; we thought we'd stumped everyone, but then, after several hours, some smart hunter came up with the right answer!

The Main Lobby to the subway in the Toronto Metro Convention Center. That's petcretary's friend, and she collects all kinds of turtles! This one was too large for her to take home...

Here's the badge she got for letting everyone try to find out where that picture was taken.

Petcretary was also one of three first students to get to the classroom, so she got this badge.

Blogville also had to say goodby to yet another beloved fur-baby...
Bailey, from Bailey Be Good

We are joined up with all thew Sunday Selfies Blog Hop! And we thank all at The Cat On My Head for being our hosts! Every week! Since 2014!! Imagine that!! We love you kitties Blue and your pawrents too, of course, who help you with such diligence to keep this fun blog hop going each week.

Sunday, July 9, 2023

After The Holiday Sunday Selfies

Well, all the excitement from July Fourth and the local festivals are over till next year...Phew!!

Butt then later in the week, there was a dude who pawppy invited into our den...intruder!! We barked and grr'd him...and we sniffed his trail after he make sure we knew who he was, if he dares to return...pawppy said he would and he'll being more intruders along...we need a new generator to replace our old one which is not working too well, its very old... 

Petcretary pulled a tick off of Dalton on Saturday...YUCK! They must be really hungry as both he and Benji get flea and tick well as heartworm prevention. Not too hard to find them on short haired Dalton, but going over Benji is challenging with his thick furs, esp around his neck.

Speaking of ticks, The cellulitis petcretary had from that tick bite is almost completely cleared up...and the welts and bumps she had are finally going away too. They were itchy almost a whole that issue is abated, the skin can heal. She puts a combo of Olive oil, Neem oil and Tea Tree oil on them...seems to have helped get rid of the inflammation and for sure abates the itch. They were rather too extensive to put the eucalyptus oil on them all...

Anypaws, here are some selfies from our July Fourth dogabration:

This past Tuesday at Teddy's Teaser Class, Petcretary scored again!! She was a first commenter and also the 'student' with the first right answer. It was a patriotic picture, seeing as it was a class on Independence Day...No holiday reprieve...BOL!  She got these Reward Badges:

This was the mystery image to search out....its the Graff House in Philadelphia, PA. The Declaration of Independence was written there. Petcretary knew the right answer because she had visited there, and had seen it with her 'own eyes', LOL!

We had to say yet another sad goodbye to a beloved kitty, Bujang from Cat Tales.


Thank You, Kitties Blue, for hosting The Sunday Selfies!!

Monday, July 3, 2023

In Loving Memory: Valentine and Poppy Q


Valentine, His mom doesn't blog anymore, so you can leave comments on the POTP page if you haven't already.

Poppy Q.  Her Mom and family can be visited here.