Sunday, October 29, 2017

Not Scary Selfies for Halloween

We here at this den really do not pawticipawte in activities related to this (non) holiday. But putting on a costume and having some fun is OK with our peeps.
In truth, its the most disliked day on the calendar for our peeps...because of all the occultic things that we just do not believe in.
What happens here mostly is that our peeps go to church. It is also Reformation Day, and this year it is the 500th anniversary of the beginning of the Protestant Reformation, as started by Martin Luther when he put his thesis about what he felt needed corrective actions in the church. We are not Lutheran...but we are protestant...anypaws they love to celebrate that day as something impawrtant to them.
And we are not depriving little children coming by to beg for trick or treats, because they just do not wander our semi rural streets. They get in their parents cars and go to town or to areas with more homes, closer together and saunter around there instead.

So...with all that being mewed and woofed, petcretary did put a costume on Dalton...and a cute ruff as well...and we are sporting our selfies from wayback when we did have some kind of Howloween in Catster/Dogster land. These selfies are also going to be at a couple of other blogs later on Oct 31.

We here are going to have company so won't be doing much in Blogville until much later in the week.

So here is Dalton the Tiger wannabee:

Dalton the Tiger Wannabee

He's getting a bit braver around Pawppy...

And lets himself take a treat from him now. Progress.
Taken  in 2010

As you can see he is wearing a seasonal ruff...and this is his selfie for this week, too.
Here are the rest of the wayback/flashback pictures, and they include the selfies for this week, too...
Pipo thinks the treat bowl is a good place to lounge.

But he's not sure about sharing the space, MOL!

Ho-Hum...I do not like this get up Mum!

I'm a silly Pipo...

I am wearing the noble pumpkin crown, MOL!

Petcretary thinks I am a pumpkin??? Pfffttttt!

Contemplating a pumpkin...

We made some more cards:

 Dezi will have her 8th birthday later this week, but we will not be able to post anything that day..and MJF & I, Pipo will be here alone with petcretary and Dalton will be traveling to see her Auntie and her Sister at that time...we hope to post a selfie next week...but if we miss, well, we will be back really soon...

We are hopping, not flying on brooms...along with the Kitties Blue who host this blog-hop each week.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Rear Ended Selfies For Tock-Tober

This past October 20th was the offurcial day of Tock-Tober...but petcretary was working, so we had to wait...and now we are bringing up the rear, MOL/BOL!
So here we go!
I got my laser eyes on too, MOL! Purrfect fur the scary times season! And pawppy's office sure is scary...OMC!

Tocks Remembrance...
And another remembering when picture.

Hmmm, why didn't MJF show off his own tocks here??

Dalton trying out for the Tock-Tober time selfies

Double view Tock-Tober fun times

And whee, another duo of tocks for your Tock-Tober pleasure!
And we made some more 'badges'/ pictures/cards for some furry furends:
You can click on their captions to visit their blogs.

Timmy and Einstein had a Gotcha Day

Dakota had his 10th Gotcha Day!

Sascha recently became an Angel Kitty

We are Tock-Hopping along with The Kitties Blue who are the hosts of this regular weekly feature!

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Flashbacking From Our Archived Selfies On Sunday (Sept 27, 2015)

This set of selfies in flashback is from Sept 27, 2015. It felt good to see and read about little (Angel)Minko once again. We wonder what he would think of this new doggy we have here, Dalton.
Petcretary was way busy this week, and the weather was not the best either for picture taking. That is why we are doing a flashback this week...

From (the Archived) Barks From MrJackFreckles
Our kind hostess of the Selfie Sunday Blog Hop, decided to challenge us  with double selfies today, she nicknamed them Two Furs, BOL!!

Well, I actually posted one of those last I guess I was ahead of the game...
Here is another of that kind, similar to last weeks, but a bit blurrier, the shutter was too fast fur us...

Minko & I, being a Two-Fur Selfie
Here is last weeks to compare.

Pipo is asking me if he can have my squirrel dude...I think its really a set up..... Growlmy says its a sort of two-fur selfie, BOL!!

My Auntie came this past Monday and though I sniffed all her things, there was no Murphy amongst her baggage. Shucks. But that meant that all the treats were just fur me, no sharing needed, BOL!

Auntie is trying to get me to do a high five begging move!

I actually did a high five, but the shutter was too slow to snag the action, BOL!
Thanks Auntie! Its so yummy!

I'm doing well, but the past few days I have been taken outside on a leash, not allowed access t the freedom of my yard...why? Cause pawppy was painting the porch. Step one was undercoat/primer, so I know that sooner or later I will once again be leashed to do my yard duties. And locked inside when the peeps have to go out. At least these incarcerations only last a day or two, and I don't mind...too much...but sheesh, when I try to use my doggy door all I do is bump my head...and then I cannot rush outside to bark the varmints or zombies frustrating.

My Offurcial Selfie!!
Growlmy was so busy, she missed helping me do the barkless Wednesday blog hop, and that makes two in a row. What she has said was, she needs to curtail some of our blogging times, and maybe we will only be here to blog on The Selfies Hop, and an odd extra one, now and then, to keep you updated if need be.
We will read/visit other blogs, but comments will be not as frequent. Some nights when growlmy gets home from work there are so many blogs to check out, she would be here till 4 am if she let me woof in all of them, OMD!!

Tonight is a Super-Moon Lunar eclipse, and the so called Blood-Moon as well...but I do not think we will be able to see it at all with our live eyes cause there are way too many clouds. Shucks.

Well, have a great week and enjoy all the things you do.

OK, That was MrJackFreckles' Blog for the day...

Then we kitties, Pipo and now Angel Minko posted this in our blog:
From (the archived) WeBeesSiameezers

Yup, we are doubled in our selfies today, since our hostess blog was featuring them too, MOL!!
We just happened to be in a 'together' mood just long enough!

Caught in contemplation...

Hi, Meowmy!! We are good kitties, yes we are!! MOL!

Meowmy was about to go to the we didn't want to look into the selfie taker...the redness of her Canadian Flag is tinting the whole image...sigh...Ha-Ha!! This is a Three-Fur, MOL!

Minko is stable and seems happy enough, even to the point that he is initiating his own playtime with crinkle balls, mousies and begging for nip deliveries...but he still will not eat. What an enigma he is. The other day, Meowmy came home from work and was petting him...and she felt him playing with her nametag...suddenly she realized that he wasn't only playing with it, he was trying to bite through the elastic string that holds the tag to the clip...sheesh, he really is obsessed with those kind of things...we need to Minko-proof evfurry thing!!

Pipo is getting furry demanding to the point that even pawppy sometimes says, Pipo, not now!! MOL!
He paws our legs, and mrouws at us until we play with him, mostly he wants the wand toy...he already chewed the  feathers off of it, MOL!! He attacks it, and if we let him he will drag it right into the next room...until he realizes it doesn't move or dance anymore cause he removed it from the 'live end'. MOL!! Does he bring it back?? Nope. He just goes back and mrouws at his peeps again, MOL!!

We are trying to give meowmy a bit of a we may blog only once a week, likely here in the Sunday Selfies...but we will still try to visit all the other blogs we follow, maybe commenting on them...if we can convince meowmy to type our mews to you.

Oh, and if you can, try to watch the lunar eclipse we can't, too many clouds...shucks.
Have a wonderfur Sunday, be most blessed and enjoy a new week!


So there you have the reblogged flashback selfies from our archives.  Hope you all enjoyed them. Much has happened since that time a wee bit over two years ago...the good stuff and the bad stuff and of course the sad stuff...but that is how life is...
Right now we are just beginning to dry out from way too much rain, we had about 5 inches yesterday into today, and the week before the gauge was emptied of another 5 inches. Wow! They had to cancel a football game because the stadium was flooded.Yikes.
MJF hates getting wet, but he will 'grin and bear it' to do his outdoor fast as he can. Dalton hates it even more, BOL! He needed to be leashed a few times and taken out doors. One of these rainy days he will figure out its best to be quick, Tee-hee! (And than petcretary will not need her rain slicker...) Of course Pipo just smirks and thinks, phew, I am glad I have my two big boxes:)
Pipo has come by and sniffed at sleeping Dalton a few times. He must wonder why this doggy is not the same size as MJF...and that he, Pipo is actually bigger than Dalton! OMC!
We are praying for the safety and well being of so many affected by those horrible wild fires in California and Canada. And for those affected by all the hurricanes and other disasters.

Little Dalton is doing a wee bit better with pawppy, but still barks/growls sometimes. He will take food or treats out of his hand now, but cowers if that same hand gets too close. So pawppy has not petted him yet...don't want to ruin the progress we have made thus far.

Here are a couple pictures of him trying out the doggy nest comforts here.

Hi, I do think this is a nice nest, just the right size,. I think this shall be my 'sort of selfie', BOL!

Ahhh, yes soooooo comfy, I think I will snooze now...zzzzzzzz

We are flashbacking along with The Kitties Blue, who host this Blog Hop each week

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Sunday Selfies

We are being truly silly, BOL!
 Wow, a week has gone by yet again. Time sure goes by fast when you are busy!

Dalton is settling in a bit, but...he has big issues with Pawppy.
He growls and barks at him, and even bit him when Pawppy tried to put a leash on him.  OUCH!
So we are at square one with what we are doing in that area. Pawppy feeds him, and other than that tries to ignore him. Dalton needs to know that good things come from Pawppy...and he needs to see that petcretary feels safe around him too...and also me, and Pipo. Goodness only knows what will happen when he sees Boss Boy later today. I will let you know!
Actually he warmed up to my Boss Boy. The way through to a pups heart is through his stomach...hmmm. He is still furry wary of Boss Boy, but he didn't growl, and he let himself be petted a bit:)
Too bad Pawppy cannot sit on the floor that well, he has an artificial hip which makes squatting and floor time hard to do.
Dalton likes to steal petcretary's shoes...the stinky work shoes and her house sandals...he ran off with one today while she was in the shower, BOL! At least I don't do *that* anymore...
He loves to try and steal my noms, too if he has a chance...and last night he did...petcretary furgot to lift my bowl when I walked away from it...and later she saw Dalton standing there licking his chops and my bowl was sparkling clean and empty! Oopsie!
We like to go and explore the backwoods area of our yard, and while I might just stand there and think and stare, he jumps around, pouncing on leaves that blow or little bugs that fly or jump. He digs a bit too, but nothing like I was apt to do back there.

We both helped petcretary clean up bushels and bushels of those awful black walnuts. Right now she is working on the ones that fall near the house, but in the back area it is like walking on slippery ball bearings! Yuck. They are all full of worms, and there is no way they are going to be eaten by any human, but maybe some squirrels might enjoy them, as they are dumped into our wood pile. The woodpeckers and other birds might love to feast on those juicy worms...Blech! Petcretary says anyone who plants walnut trees in these parts is cuckoo:) They are evfur so messy, tomatoes don't grow anywhere near them, and they are not the best shade either. Right now one needs a hard hat to be underneath them...Yikes! Long time ago, petcretary had a hole put in her windshield from one of those walnut bombs.
I'm glad that walnut didn't really fall on my head, OMD!!! Maybe I am a seal??  ...and no this was not photo-shopped nor did petcretary plan this image...its 'serendipity'!!
Petcretary has made another observation about Dalton: He doesn't like wetness. So...she has found poo-poo by the back door, on the carpet on the days when the rain is falling...Oh-oh! That is a no-no!! So last night while it was storming, she put him on a leash and took him outside to do his business...
He of course wasn't too impressed but after both of them got really wet...he did what he as supposed to. Then he came in and sulked, BOL! Me?? I just run out and get done as fast as I can:)

Pipo is getting braver and comes out from the living room (a doggy free zone), and comes to get pets and playtime with petcretary and goes to sit on pawppy's lap too. He has not had much to do by way of interactions anymore with Dalton.  Not sure who is avoiding who, BOL!

Hi, Petcretary, I am beside you at your desk! Its great not to be hiding in the livingroom...
We made some more cards for furs, these at least were happy ones:)
Sammy And Joanie can be visited here.

Miss Boo can be visited here.

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