Sunday, April 30, 2017

Fifteenth Birthday Sunday Selfies!

On April 29th, MrJackFreckles turned 15! You know that is about 105 in people years, Wow!
He has outlived any other doggy in this family's history, which makes it even more pawsome.
He's even outlived 5 of 6 of petcretary's kitties, the oldest of them being an angel at age 18. We, Pipo  & Minko are 'only' 12...
Anypaws, he had a subdued kind of pawrty because he just didn't feel like being rowdy or doing busy pawrties...but he ate a great brekky (And even a good supper), and some treats, too. He dressed for the occasion and made some pictures and selfies.
He didn't want presents, he woofed:' because I don't play with them anymore'...he hasn't played with toys for a long time now...oh well, when you are an ancient fella you can do or not do whatevfur you want! Right??  Right! are some newly made memories of MJF's spawsial day!

You can't have a birthday without ice cream!

Yes! Its a good flavor! BOL!

I feel like I am floating...

Thanks, This is better, Growlmy

I don't smile that this is special!

Can I dig in yet?

Smells delish!

Hey! Where did you come from?

I'm warning you, Minko...

Go away!

Sheesh, I can gobble it up in peace now...

That *was* yummy!

Smiley me!

My Happy Birthday Selfie.

 And this tree decided to bark for me too, just in time for my birthday:)

Don't know how it got its name, but it does not bark, let alone bite!
And the bleeding hearts bloomed too, OMD!

So pretty those bleeding hearts!

Kinley sent this to me! Thanks so much!
Lady Shasta sent this card to me. Thank you!
From the Birthday club at Catster/Dogster Buddies; Thanks!

Cooper and his talented crew of furry helpers (Dogster pals) sent this to me too. Thanks ever so much!

Dakota sent this spawsial card to me, Thank You!

Pipo says he is taking a selfie vacation this week, MOL!!!

I am Birthday hopping along with the host of the Sunday Selfies:  The Cat On My Head

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Looking Back Sunday Selfies

Today we are showing some really old pictures of ourselves for our selfies. Petcretary was worn out from working at her job, doing yard work, and making spawsial cards/mementos for several of our furends this week. Some were for happy times like birthdays, and too many were for sadder things. There have been way too many new angels this week and in recent past weeks. Sheesh, can we just have a month or two or more maybe even with none of this angelic stuff? We send purrs and soft woofs to all those furmiluies who now have empty spots at their dens, and holes in their hearts.
Just this past week we heard of Snowie and Humphrey going to the Heavenly Realms of eternal catnip and butterflies, where they now fly strongly with fresh vigor and shiny angel wings. We think they will send lots of angel dust upon their earthly furmilies when they peer through the windows in the clouds to see how they are doing...
We for sure know that petcretary well knows that feeling of loss we have 4 angel kitties in our furmily. And more in her extended furmily...

((((( ♥ )))))

Anypaws, here then are our younger selves as selfies, taken when selfies were not really fashionable, MOL/BOL!
These are from 2011 or 2010. Sheesh we were so young back then...and look how dark MJF's furs were, OMD!
By the way, he is eating pretty well, now, but he won't touch the noms he used to love. But he is eating some others, petcretary thinks they may not be quite as good nutritionally, but there are worse foods he could be eating...and at least he *is* eating! Petcretary will have to try and find another joint treat that he will take, because he shuns the ones he used to crunch like they were cookies:) And the same with his senior doggy vitamin...sigh...

Those were our memento cards for these recent angels, and there were some she had to make for Catster also.
Catster is in the process of being fixed...but right now its sometimes hard to get in and visit. Good thing a lot of former Catster members and Dogster too, are now blogging like we are:)

We are selfie hopping with The Cat On My Head, who are the hosts of this weekly feature.