Monday, August 28, 2023

Rainbow Bridge Day, 2023


We are re-posting most of an older RB Day post, since of course all of our Angels haven't changed, though since the one we are 'copying' was before Pipo became an angel,  we'll add him in, later in the post.

We have several Angel furs in our furmily...

There were two dogs from petcretary's 'growing up' years, and pawppy had three kitties before he married Petcretary. (We do not have any pics of his kitties, they were all tabbies, one long haired, and two short haired, two girls and a boy.) He also had many Scottie dogs and a couple of cats in his childhood years.

So starting with petcretary's dogs:

Blacky, he was a Cocker Spaniel -Terrier mix, and he took care of the shop that our Opa had, at night. Petcretary's nickname for him was Blacky Bushka, he had quite a bushy tail! He got to be over 14 years old:)




This picture is of petcretary and her brother as youngsters with Blacky-Bushka.

 Then there was a second Blacky; nicknamed Blacky Monster, because he really could be at times, though you would not know that from his pics, BOL! He was a Lab-Border Collie mix...maybe that is why his behavior was over the top sometimes. He herded the squirrels in the yard, and our ankles too...




Then in 1988 petcretary got a kitty! Shortly after we got married, a family had to rehome their pets due to the medical conditions of their newborn preemies that were coming home...anypaws, we got Groucho, at the age of around seven, and he was a Meezer, the first of the six Meezers that have been with pawppy and petcretary. He lived till the ripe old age of 18 or 19, we were really never sure of his true age...


 Then a kitten was added to our little family: Simba.

Groucho & Simba

 Groucho after some hisses, loved him and mentored him for seven years until one day Simba just curled up and passed away...he likely had a heartworm, cause he would get outside when the then toddlers here would open the door and he would run past eat grass...and get mosquito all our furs get heartworm medicine all the year long.



So then Suki came along...a diva kitty if there ever was one, MOL! Groucho taught her and loved her too...

Groucho & Suki

 She developed seizures and had an inner ear problem so that she couldn't walk in a straight line, she would get attacked by the other two kitties and also the dog, so she was in a big cage when there were no peeps around to watch over her. Eventually the seizures became so bad that she was allowed to become an Angel, at the age of 11.


When Suki was about 6 months old, Toki came now Groucho had 2 kittens to teach and love...Suki hated him and she hated petcretary for a while after that, too...yikes! She thought she should be the only kitty...even though she was there with Groucho...who can understand the minds of cats??! MOL!

Toki was a gem of a kitty, he was everyone's friend and learned lots of tricks. He was a fetch kitty, too. He visited the school where our sons went and stole their hearts. He would have made a great therapy cat.


 Toki loved it when MrJackFreckles came into our furmily...he immediately jumped into the bed with that wee puppy and laid on top of him...a nice warm cushion. They became fast friends! But more hate from Suki!

Toki & MJF

 Toki got to be way too overweight, and at the tender age of seven he passed from complications of severe diabetes. MJF missed him immensely.

 By then Groucho had passed; so one day on Valentine's Day of 2005, the kittens Pipo and Minko were introduced...Even though they were both the same age, about 8 weeks, (though from different families), Pipo hated all dogs from the get go, and never got to  liking them, Minko was more tolerant and he got to be quite friendly with MJF, though not like Toki had been...they would not sleep in the same bed, MOL! However, they were mutual ear washers! Go figure:)

Then Minko got sick and petcretary had to hand feed him...she did that for three years, and on Father's Day of 2017 at the age of almost 13, he had a stroke. He was blind and he too received his angel wings.


 MrJackFreckles knew Toki, Suki and both Minko and Pipo...

He was officially the elder son's dog, but he lived with us all his life, even when son #1 moved out to his own apartment. MJF loved it when he would come over here to visit.

MJF lived to be just shy of his 16th birthday...he became an angel in Feb/2018.


After MJF became an angel we got Dalton and a bit later we got Benji. Pipo was not impressed at all, but  was very adamant in 'telling' them his opinions and hissed them or whapped them at any opportunity, even if they were not paying attention to him, LOL! In 2020, he became rather 'geriatric' with various chronic ailments and seemed to have kitty dementia, if that actually is a thing. He became very thin and lethargic, and at his last vet visit, a large abdominal mass was felt, so we decided to end all the sufferings...and Pipo became an Angel as well...the last of all the meezers that have lived with us...



The Angels on our 'Blog Identifier/Avatar' are the three Angels who started this blog...

So those are our Angels...may they enjoy all the fun at the RB, with their friends and relatives.

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Sunday, August 27, 2023

Excuses, Excuses...

 Yup...we keep hearing all kinds of excuses. Phooey!

So our selfies reflect our opinions about them all, BOL!

Between a lot of chores, errands and work, (this weekend too),...petcretary didn't take any new pics of the selfies you see here later, are a few weeks old...but new to the blog...well, that must be why she takes a million-zillion pics when she does get her  camera out. BOL!

On the 25th, we got locked into the dining room, and then we had very NOISY intruders...they worked outside and stomped inside a few times, too, to invade the cellar. They stole our old half dead generator of nearly 25 years of age, and even stole the concrete slab it was on! Thankfully then they lugged a nice new slab in its place and put a way bigger brand new generator on it. Then the real noise began, as they had to redo the gas and electric service to it and into our house. Anyways, that took about 5 1/2 hours...sheesh!

We hope those noisy guys stay away!

We had terrible storms here on the evening/night of the 24th...there were 7 tornadoes in our state, the worst being in the Detroit area, and there were some north of where we live, too. We only had bad wind and lots of rain, for which we are thankful. There was lots of property loss, and several people were injured and there were a few deaths, too, sadly. From hydroplaning on the highway, and trees falling down. Plenty of power outages as well, from all the downed trees...We are thankful we were spared all of that...and that the old generator didn't have to do  a last minute job for us. Our thoughts are with those who have suffered loss and grief.

Ok, here are our selfies with raspberries!

Petcretary wasn't too quick into the classroom at Teddy's Tuesday Teaser, but she was quick at finding the location of the Teaser she got this badge.

We're hopping along with all the other Sunday Selfies. Thanks for hosting, Kitties Blue!

Saturday, August 26, 2023

An Angelic Trio

 Recently there has been  a rush for furry ones to get to the Rainbow Bridge, it seems. This past week, another trio gained the wings and have joined their fellow angels.

Bonham, from Lone Star Cats, unexpectedly passed away. He'd only been with them about 8 months...rescued and taken in to know the love and life he likely never had...

Seppo, from Catio Tales, He was only ten...

Simon, (2004 - 2023), a rescue pup, he doesn't have a blog, but he was part of his mom's Facebook page.

Please visit these families, and leave your comforting words, if you have not already done so.

We will add these artworks to the Caturday art blog hop....

Monday, August 21, 2023

In Memory Of Little Girl

Recently Little Girl from  Dogpaddling Through Life had to leave her furmily for the heavenly realms.

Little Girl
You can visit her mom, if you haven't already,  by clicking the caption.

Once again we are saying Awww, another new angel?? So we'll post this to the Aww Monday blog hop.

Aww Mondays

Sunday, August 20, 2023

Happy Birthday, Dalton!

Its Dalton's Birthday, least its the day we assigned as such...not knowing anything about his actual birthday. Aug 20, 2016 was the day he was brought to a shelter in Texas, and then later transported to another rescue (ROAR) in Michigan.

However the Vet has him 2 years older at age 9, while we have him at 7. Hmmm.

Well he's as frisky and silly as any pup, so who cares! Though he has tons more grey furs than when he arrived at our den.

Its my serious birthday face...well look at the clown...I am just trying to match up with him, BOL!!


I have posed enough...Happy Birthday to ME! Now lets go have our birthday treats!

Lets get rid of this gear and go have our treats, please!

Phew, it sure feels better to be 'naked'!! Now we can go and have cake and ice cream...yup, doggy cake and doggy frozen treats. So good on a hot day!  See ya'll later!

We are celebrating with all the Sunday Selfies at The Cat On my Head.

Monday, August 14, 2023

In Memory ~ Angel Friends

Recently two more kitties became new Angels...these mementos were made to honor their memory...and are gifted to their families.
Jaimz, from: 

Mr Puddy, from: Mr Puddy +


These images are for anyone to use as they wish...And we hope they will give a wee bit of comfort to those who receive them.


Since every time we hear of a beloved furry one leaving for the RB, we say, Aww, another one?? We are joining the Awww Mondays blog hop.

And we sure hope someone will hide or throw away the key to the gates at the RB...

Sunday, August 13, 2023

Quickly Done Selfies

 Yup...we have to be quick today...petcretary has to go to her work...its her works every other one. She sure wishes they would make a schedule like she had at another job, where they only worked one in 3 weekends. Ah, well, it all helps to pay for our toys, treats and noms.

All is 'normal' here, whatever that means...nothing much exciting to report...just wait till the end of the month...petcretary and pawppy told us we'll be cooped up while our house and yard are going to be invaded...some intruders with noisy machines and loud voices are going to come here, and steal our generator...and then they said they will put a different one in its place...we sure hope it works as good as the other one did, for almost 25 years!

Anypaws, here are our selfies, quickly taken for today:

We had to say goodbye to Tigger earlier his week...
Tigger, from Tigger's Wee-Blog

Sadly, Mr Puddy and Jaimz, also went OTRB, but we haven't had time to make any mementos for them as yet...

All the Sunday Selfies are HERE, Thanks, Kitties Blue!! We love you for hosting each and every week!