Sunday, August 27, 2017

Thank You Barb and Sunday Selfies

Oh, My goodness.
Barb, Mom to Marvelous and Angel Nellie, is a talented lady for sure.
She sent us a pair of beautiful paintings of our dear Angel Minko.
All we can say is "Thank You; Thank You; Thank You!"
We had them framed, and petcretary took them outside to take pictures of them so show all of you, our wonderful pals.

Here are some closeups of these lovely paintings:
Thanks so much, Miss Barb!

 Pipo allowed himself to be photographed too, and mewed it would be OK to do a selfie...but only if petcretary used the zoom lens...hence the soft focused look and the less than ideal colors. Maybe some day he will let the camera come closer...

It took a bit, but here finally I am looking! Do you think wearing this collar makes me

 MrJackFreckles still is in 'picky eater mode' He gets a lickable vitamin supplement...and he does eat a mouthful of this food or a few bits of that food...the lady in the pet shop suggested some other temptations too. We even have a bag of puppy noms here, since the nutritive density in that kind of food is higher.
He lies around an awful lot, and shakes all over esp the hind legs. He tries to rub his face on evfurrything the past few days...cannot see anything there, though.

Petcretary noted to herself that after the springtime when he got ill from the bird droppings, (We think), she applied the Sersesto Collar. You can see it in a lot of pictures since then...and ha, it is not too handsome...anypaws today at dinner time she had a bright moment and checked online for reviews of that product. Many peeps are reporting side effects including itching/scratching skin, (His face in this case started a s few days ago.), lethargy, shaking, unsteady gait, loss of good ability to use the hind legs, nausea, vomiting, and no appetite. Sound like MJF?? You bet. So off with that collar and we shall see if he improves over the next few days. We certainly hope so.

Anyone have any other suggestions as to good flea/tick control? He takes Heartguard for those nasty heartworms, cannot use Advantage ll as it gives him a bad skin reaction...and he previously was on Frontline plus...though now it is reported to not work around these parts anymore due to flea resistance...which is why we tried that Seresto collar in the first place.

Well, after all that, its time to show his selfies for this week...
Just standing around watching for anything interesting...

Which is boring...

Maybe I will smile for a treat:)

But here is a raspberry for that camera!


Maybe another grin?

For sure!

And again!

This is my selfie, smiles and good ears...

We are not stinky, but we are hopping along with The Kitties Blue, who are the hosts of this blog-hop.

Tomorrow is Rainbow Bridge Remembrance it was ap-purr-paw-iate that we were able to post these paintings of our dear Angel Minko. We also give mention to our other angels of this furmily: Groucho, Simba, Suki and Toki. Petcretary has to work tomorrow so we will not be able to post anything then...

See you all next time!!

Monday, August 21, 2017

Sunday Turned To Monday Selfies

Petcretary was preoccupied with too much not kitty or doggy things this past since we don't have thumbs we had to wait till now to post this so called Sunday Selfies...and then she had the audacity to try and watch the solar eclipse with a pin-hole camera...tee-hee - the clouds had fun interfering! Serves her right!!

Anypaws we are here, its always better to be late than not at all:)

She says we have to allow a guest here too...well, OK, as long as it doesn't take over!

So these were selfies that Mr/Ms Dragonfly allowed while he/she rested amongst our cherry tomato plants. Petcretary says she has seen reddish ones, blueish ones and the big black ones, but nevfur an emerald green one! It was beautiful! Way more lovely to see there than the emerald green horn worms that try to gobble up all the tomato leaves and fruit. Ugh.

Well, now its our turn:
MrJackFreckles was too lazy to get up and go outside...but he did decide to show a nice grin!

Dog-guy is getting unsteadier of late, today he even fell off the side of the back steps. At least it was into the flowerbed so it was soft...then he got up, shook his feathers out; dusted himself off and went about his business. He still only eats a wee bit, not like the vacuum cleaner he once was...sigh. Last night he decided to eat, but it was not the whole he has so far only had a few bites of the freeze dried chicken.
But his tail still wags and he still patrols his wants to stick around...which makes petcretary and pawppy happy...and of course boss boy!

Relaxing in the half light of the 85% Solar Eclipse (In Michigan it was not a total eclipse...)

Petcretary made some cards for various furs this week...which also takes away from time with us...but well, since its for other furs we think that is an OK excuse, MOL/BOL!

There were some birthdays:
Lisbeth and Astrid, this image has the corrected date on it, if you want to snag it for yourself...or email petcretary and she will send it to you.

There were more sad moments too...sigh...
Aiko lived in Germany, and this is his blog...
And this week's Blog Hop has been dedicated to honor the memory of Esme, the  sweet kitty from The Critters In The Cottage.
We are joining the Blog Hop, Hosted by The Cat On My Head

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Sunday Selfies And Some Temptations That Came To Petcretary

This week petcretary was tempted...sorely tempted. And torn apart in her heart...because on the same day, there were shown two adoptable furs. One kitty and one puppy. A 5 month old JRT pup, looked furry cute, and almost like MrJackFreckles when he was a wee one.

Awww, but at this time dog-guy is not really feeling too swell, he only eats in mouthfuls and nothing tempts him consistently, so there is a smorgasbord of dishes of all kinds of foodables to try and tempt him to eat. Some days he eats a whole bowl, other days only a few bites all day...sigh...But he seems his regular self otherwise. He runs outside and sniffs the perimeter to check for varmints, etc. And barks...He likes to investigate what we do outside if we are doing yard work. He will beg for treat! Nothing wrong there, BOL!

Anypaws, this pup was at the same place where they would not let us have a couple of other pups, cause they said MJF's behavior indicated he didn't want a we did not want to have to deal with them again...His name was Kaboodle! At the moment, We can't find him in the shelter's listings so there is no picture...therefore we sure do hope he already is adopted:)

And later she was seeing a sweet kitty, a meezer! An adult named Buster, MOL! What a funny name for a meezer, but we had a Groucho so we know about strange names:)

He even had a selfie to show us all:
Buster, age abut 6 years.

Well, Pipo seems to be thriving as a single kitty, and with all the issues of dog-guy at the moment, we didn't think it was prudent to add a kitty here at this time...sigh...We do hope he finds a good forevfur home really soon!

Petcretary received a wonderful gift from Angel Nellie's  Mom...and she took it to the framing store...and now she has to wait to show all of you...waiting can be hard, but its part of life, as Miss Barb sure knows. She is still waiting for Marv to arrive; What a great day that will be!

And now here are our selfies for this week:

I think petcretary was wanting me...

You need a selfie?

Well, OK, this will be it for this week,MOL!

Serious MrJackFreckles
Still serious...

Ahhh, outside is way better!

Hopping along with all the other selfies, with The Cat On My Head, who are the weekly hosts of this feature

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Sunday: Selfies And A Remembrance

Today being Sunday its time once again to show off selfies...well we had any we would, MOL/BOL! We do have some pictures, but only one can be called a selfie, but well, petcretary is working so we will cut her some slack:)

Bliss: A good roll in the warm sunshine and soft grass...
Yes, it sure is bliss...
Hey, you dare to disturb my blissful rolling??

Hey, I *was* having a nice quiet sunbath...

Enjoying the sun on my back, after the nip fest...can you see it over there in the corner??

Pipo made a not looking directly selfie...but it is a miracle to be able to capture his sapphire blue eyes!

This week's Sunday Selfie Blog Hop is dedicated to the memory of Mitalee HoneyBee. of The Critters in The Cottage; Mitalee graduated to the Heavenly Realms, recently, and is greatly missed.
Petcretary helped us make a card to honor her memory:

In happier times,  Travis from Lone Star Cats   catabrated his Gotcha Day, so we helped make a card for him, too:

Were fur sure not furst, but we were right this week at Angel Sammy and Teddy's Tuesday Teaser feature, so we picked up this badge:

We are happy to hop along with The Kitties Blue at  The Cat On My Head