Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Happy Gotcha Day, Dalton!

Dalton has been with us exactly four years, now. He came here about the age of one year, he was rescued from the woes of Hurricane Harvey...in Texas. 
Sometimes the lady who runs the rescue here in Michigan, that we got him from, sees him and she always thanks us for adopting him...and continuing to let him be, despite all his issues such as doggy PSTD...he gets CBD oil, which seems to help somewhat, and other calming things such as treats, a pheromone diffuser and Bach flower rescue remedy, etc.
Anyways he is happy enough, and eats well...and LOVES to play with his best doggy furend, and brofur, Benji.
Maybe in the next four years we hope he might decide its OK to trust his pawppy and the two unfurbros who come by from time to time....its too bad he can't tell us why he has all these issues...and its even sadder to think that he must have been severely abused and frightened in his life before coming to us.
But none the less, today is a happy one for him and us, it is Dalton's Gotcha Day!! 
Happy Gotcha Day, Dalton, we love you!!

Sunday, September 26, 2021

First Sunday Selfies In Autumn!

Well, the week has gone by very quickly!

We have now arrived at the season of Autumn, aka Fall! 

We have even got fall-like weather.

Lots of rain and quite cool, esp at night. We couldn't open windows though because the wind would have made the rain enter our den! Yuck! Its sweater and umbrella weather!

We did have a nice mild day a couple days ago, so we enjoyed the sun puddles and the nice soft grass.

Petcretary got a box full of our little furmily members...angels and not angels...

Groucho, Simba, Suki, Toki, MrJackFreckles(MJF), Minko, Pipo, Dalton, Benji.

They are adorable, and they came from CindiHaleCeramicArt.

I might just ask her to make some more!! (ie in different poses...)

And here we are, us two not-angel furs...in an ussie...not the best, but it will do! BOL!

Benji & Dalton

Past Tuesday at Teddy's Teaser, petcretary just missed being a firstie in either the comments or the guess, but she did have the right answer!

Well, that's it for this week, furends!

See ya'll next time!

Once again we are thankful for the Kitties Blue at The Cat On my Head who continue to faithfully host us and our selfies, each week. You can join us too, if you wish...just click her and you will see them all and be able to add your own!

Sunday, September 19, 2021

Flashback Pirate Day Selfies

 Petcretary has been out of town the past week, so we are giving her some slack, and letting her do a (modified) flashback for Talk Like A Pirate Day...we win because we don't have to pose or wear a costume, and she wins cause she doesn't have to deal with all that, BOL! Um...argghhh!


Argghhhhh! Ahoy mateys!

We almost missed Pirate Day...Yarghh! So now we 'ave t' be satisfied wit' our semi Talk Like A Pirate Day, cause Petcretary was at busy wit' more nah cur or kitty stuff...Yargghhhh!...(We told her she needed to walk the plank cause she deserted us...) We be nah too jovial about missin' this fun day, but here we be anyways! AHOY! But to tell ya da truth we not be too sad...we hate costumes! Arrggghhhh! Har-Har-Har!

We be Ferocious PiratePups...



So ye'd best nah mess wit' us. BOL!  Yargh!
 Th' pups made 'live' selfies fer pirates, for this flashback, but (Angel)Pipo said he jus' wanted t' be a virtual pirate, so...he made petcretary choose t' walk th' plank or make 'im a pirate picture, MOL! Aarrgghhhhh!

Don't even reckon about raidin' me treasures 'n booty...
Another repeated Pirate Pipo picture from eons ago:

Ahoy Mateys!! Guess wha'? Here we are again! Whoot!
We reckon we shall haul in th' plank t' use some other time...Maybe we be nah that ferocious afterall...BOL/MOL!  Yargghh!

This goblet was full o' some great grog...we guzzled it all down! Argh!

Ahoy! Are we ferocious or what!??

Captain Pipo-Fang Pirate-Master-Cat


                                  Since we have Angel Pipo included up there, we need to include our other Angelic Pirates:
"AARRGGHHH! I am Bos-n Minkorossa-Rumpelmeezer. Avast!"

"Ahoy! I am Mr Jack Swashbuckler, Barkaneer. Aaarrgghhh!"


                                                                           Have a fun Talk Like a Pirate Day!!

Petcretary was gone all week, she and pawppy went on a trip to attend the memorial service of pawppy's brother, in pawppy's home town. They couldn't go earlier in the year, due to pawppy's back issues and and covid pandemnic...so we were left in the care of our unfurbro the elder. They just got back and all is well once again...BOL! (Petcretary said we are being over-dramatic!)


Even though she was not at home, she still managed to get in early at Teddy's Tuesday Teaser...and while she was not a first commenter, she was the first one to get the correct location! Yippee! 

Here is the picture she had to locate.  

It was the pink ski shop that helped her find the place, which is in Triberg, Germany.

She got this badge for her efforts:

I was fast and furious and figured out the Teaser of September 14, 2021 before anyone else did! 


Hope you all have a great week! We glad its back to normal around here, whatever that might mean...its great to have our pawrents back, safe and sound from their 1200 mile round trip.

                                                                        Now go and be nice pirates! Argghhhhh!!

                                                                        Don't forget to show your pirate-selfies!!

The Kitties Blue are our hosts for the Sunday selfies! Thank you!

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Sunday Selfies, September Twelfth.

 Yoo-Hoo! Its Sunday selfie time once again.Wow the week does fly by!

We had some noisy (not) fun here past Tuesday evening...when we had quite a violent thunderstorm screeching through here. At least we didn't get blown away. The neighbor's kiddy pool was traveling through the yard all on its own, BOL! Mr B got all wet trying to snag it and put it in his shed...which after the storm was squished by three big trees that fell on it..and those trees also fell on our fence that divides our properties. What a mess. There was a fourth dead tree that also came down in our yard...from his...oh well, the fence is a wee bit bent but still patent and we can't get out...shucks, it would be fun maybe, to have a jaunt around the hood...BOL!

While we were inside waiting for this storm to pass, we heard all kinds of noises, like hail big hail, hitting our house...and while there was just enough light to see out there, petcretary saw that our walnut tree of some 40plus years was not upright but the branches were horizontal! It was amazing that it wasn't blown out of the ground. The 'hail' we heard was a bazillion walnuts being shaken off the tree and tossed around by the strong winds. Its a wonder they didn't break windows! Some are the size of tennis balls...And *she* found a bunch of them on the other side of our house! Wow! No idea what the force of that wind was, but we are thankful our house wasn't damaged, and that this was straight line winds, not a tornado. There were dozens of large branches broken off the tree and not a few limbs...but when we look at it, you'd never know it had endured such windy abuse. So cleaning up just the mess from the walnut tree took several hours and now the walnuts are still strewn all over the grass...more hours of work to pick them all up...the squirrels will love a chance to stock up their larders for the winter ahead...BOL!

You know what?? She did not take any pics of this event! What?? She just wanted it to get cleaned up asap...walking there right now is like trying to walk on ball bearings. Yikes!

The peeps in town fared worse, they lost power for a while and there were a lot of uprooted trees, etc. So we are thankful we are relatively unscathed.

This past Tuesday at the teaser, petcretary was not a firstie...and she wasn't a first right guesser either! Though she did have the correct answer...oh well, another time maybe!

Here we are for this week's selfies:

Can I have my treat now pawlease??!
Did someone say treats?? Mmmm!



We saw in the POTP/RB postings that Captain Cuddles left the earth suddenly, to become a handsome new angel. While we didn't know this sweetie, we made a memorial card in his honor, to help give a wee bit of comfort to his family. You can visit him here.

Captain Cuddles


If we are missing a lot this upcoming week, our pawrents are leaving us in the loving care of our unfurbro-the-elder, as they must go out of town for several days...we'll try to stop in, if petcretary has a free moment...else we'll see ya next time!


We are joining the others with our selfies at The Kitties  Blue, who are the weekly hosts of this fun and popular blog hop. We thank them for their faithfulness in doing this for many years already, each and every week! You can join up too, just click on the caption under the logo, below.

The Kitties Blue would love for you to join in the Sunday Selfies Blog Hop!



Sunday, September 5, 2021

Labor Day Weekend Sunday Selfies

 Wow, its already Labor Day weekend! That means that soon our hot weather will turn to cooler days...and in our minds, that is most welcome!

Ahhh, the crisp sunny days of fall, and all the beauty of the colors this season offers us to admire...or in our case to sniff and whiff and...um...well, you know!! 

Petcretary has been annoyed with the tech stuff these past few days...the internet goes off for long hours at a time...so frustrating, than she cannot visit, etc. So if you have missed us, well, now you know why.  Not sure what the trouble is, it started when we had some storms pass through, but we can't see any tree limbs down, etc...we might need to get the service dude here...and that is like asking the queen to pay us a visit, LOL!!

Well before we get into other news...here are our selfies for this week:


This past Tuesday, Petcretary was a first commenter at Teddy's Tuesday Teaser Post.

She got this badge:

I was one of FOUR First Commenters at Teaser class on August 31, 2021! Yay for all of us being FIRSTIES together! We honored ones were:

Sharon, Janet, Timmy and Ingrid

She did not guess the teaser picture, though...well, she knew the answer because, it was a picture she sent in for Teddy to use! Actually she sent two...

This are images taken  in Wales at the Snowdonia National Park atop Mt. Snowdon. Her cousin went there and took the first image, and the other was taken by his friend. The cool effect you see is known as a broken spectre. Looks rather spooky!

                                                                   And ta-dah! This is what Professor Teddy said:

I sent in a real whopper of a photo for Teaser Tuesday on August 31, 2021 and NOBODY GUESSED IT RIGHT! YAY FOR ME!



Let us not forget all those who have been adversely affected by forces beyond their control...Thanks Ann, from Zoolatry for this badge.

We are thanking the Kitties Blue for being the hosts of the Sunday Selfies Blog Hop. You can join up too, just click on this caption to go there to see what its all about if you haven't 'selfied' there before.

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

In Purrsuit Of Flavours ~ Comfort Style ~ Feel Good Recipes


We are joining up with The Weimie MasterChef-Twins and The Canadian Cats, who can cook too!

Hmmm, this is hard...in Petcretary's eyes...and belly, most foods are 'feel good', and a comfort to the palate.

So...since we didn't have any internet for almost all day, we are going to just take it easy...that's comforting right?? Cause not having internet is very UNcomfortable and frustrating!

A fave here used to be Ice Cream! Or Key Lime Pie...preceded by a naughty (at least now), concoction of canned chili and corn chips, slathered with cheese. Mmmm!

Not Paleo, or Low Carb, let alone Keto, BOL!

Baked Chili With Cheesy Corn Chips ~ aka Chili Pie

Take a can (or more if you have more than one hungry belly to comfort...) of chili. With or without beans, your preference.

Take a bag of corn chips and spread a layer on the bottom of a 9 inch square baking dish, grease it first. If using more than 2 cans of chili, use a 9 x 11 dish.

Put a thin layer of chili on top of the chip layer.

Chop a large onion and  place that on the chili layer, and add some more corn chips. Add a layer of shredded cheddar cheese; followed by more chips and a thick layer of chili. Cover with the rest of the corn chips and then another layer of shredded cheese.

Bake at 350, till hot and bubbly and the cheese is all melted.

Serve hot! Enjoy!

We used to make this a lot when the unfurs were still here at home, and when us grown ups were not on a healthier eating regime:) 

Its good for potluck affairs, too!

Then have some ice cream! Who doesn't like that!!

Or if you feel more sophisticated have some key lime pie with your ice cream, Mmmm!

Please add your POTP, and prayers for Miss Jean of The Canadian Cats (see above for the link) to Get Well Soon.