Monday, January 31, 2022

Remembering Our Most Special Friend ~ Angel Pete On His Birthday

 Today is a special day in Blogville. We are remembering Angel Pete who was the writer of  TomcatCommentary, along with his main spokes-kitty Timmy. Timmy Tomcat left for the RB, a few months before Mr Pete became an Angel himself.

Angel Pete blogged several times a week, about what his kitties were up to, he had lots of fun pawrties when there were special occasions, and he often took time to honor others who had special days, or when they were sick or had passed away.

He sure had a huge heart, and anyone who knew him had the feeling of being loved. We were all devastated when we learned of his untimely passing away in November, 2021. A huge hole in all of our hearts.  Not to mention his precious kitties, Toby, Miss Fitz, Einstein, and Rumpy, that were still with him at that time. Thankfully they were all taken in as a whole group, by a friend, but sadly, said friend doesn't have a blog...we hope that maybe one day we will hear about their doings and feelings.

Us Meezer Angels, Pipo & Minko, got to meet Pete and his large kitty gang way back in 2009, when we joined Catster. We had a lot of fun there, till sadly, it closed. Then we began blogging, and we found Pete and his furmily once again. It felt good to reconnect. Mr Pete also had a blog on another platform for his BuddyBud. You can find that HERE.  He also had  Facebook pages: HERE and HERE.

 Today, Jan 31, 2022 would have been his 69th birthday, so we all just wanted to join our hearts and paws together with an honorary Birthday pawrty for him. And to choose a favorite blog post to highlight. Well, now that is so hard cause they were all fun and wonderful, or full of loving care if that was the blog's point. Anyways we decided that we would include posts near to our own hearts, those close to the time of us becoming Angels. So Father's Day, 2017, that was exactly the day that I, Angel Minko got to see my furblings from before...and then early November 2020, was when  Angel Pipo got to live at the RB with all my fellow Angel furblings, and furends, too.

Here are the links to those posts:

Father's Day, 2017 

November 5, 2020 

Happy Birthday in Heaven, Mr Pete.


We sure do miss you, but you are forever united with all your beloved kitties, those we in Blogville knew and all the others before them. We hope your lap is big enough to hold them all when they want to snuggle:)

Sunday, January 30, 2022

Brrr! ~ Selfies Inside Where Its Warm!

 Babe its cold outside! Yup it sure was...Friday night we had -3F  Its a bit warmer tonight with the temp in the wee hours... of around 12F...still pretty frigid! When the temps get that cold we get to look inside the kitchen cabinet as the pawrents keep it open ...its got the faucet pipes right at the wall, where its really cold, and even with insulation they think its prudent to leave those doors open. But while we can see in there we can't get in there too easily cause *she* rigs it up and holds the doors in place with rubber bands and a big jar to keep them from closing, know what?? She used one of our treat jars. The nerve!  (Though it was an empty one, but still...BOL!)

We do our business outdoors and run back inside to warm our tootsies back up...though when Petcrtetary shovels snow or other outside chores, we follow her around and snoopervise, or we sit down and watch from a distance. Then we hold up our paws and look pathetic...does she respond?? Well, yes, but she just says go inside you silly pups!

We have not seen the noisy snow throwing monster in use yet, this winter, but we might later this week if we get the 6+ inches of snow that is in the forecast. Yikes, its on a day that petcretary has to be at her job. Phooey, we won't be able to snuggle with her  prior to her leaving as snow like that means she will be out there helping to clean it all up.

Well, petcretary is working this weekend, so we are keeping things short and sweet...

So, here are our selfies, taken from inside where we were warm and cozy.

I was worried that pawppy might take my bone away. Petcretary changed my background, so you could see me better...

Hi, Petcretary...thanks for this yummy bone!

Last Tuesday at Teddy's Tuesday Teaser class, petcretary was one of five students first through the doorway...quite a stampede, LOL!
Then after a bit of hunting, she found the right answer...however we started barking loudly because there was an intruder to check our generator for scheduled maintenance...but when she got back, still no one had put in the answer, so she added her guess and bingo! She found out she was right! A double win!
This is the picture she guessed:

This is Mount Pony, in Culpeper, Virginia!

There is of course a story associated with this place and here’s where you can find it out – just CLICK HERE.      This interesting complex is now a part of the Library of Congress where they store and restore old film footage.    Fascinating place.



Aila of Catio Tales  is an Angel Kitty now.

We are joining up with all the other Selfies at The Kitties Blue.


Sunday, January 23, 2022

Sunday Selfies ~ Quiet Week

Yup, a pretty quiet week for us pups. No intruders, or being stuck inside for long hours. But we didn't want to go out that much anyways, it was really cold. Some of the snow we had melted on the few sunny days we had, and we chased an odd squirrel or two...they seem to be hibernating until it warms up a bit, though there was a big fat grey one stealing birdseed on Friday. We ran him off...and he didn't know where to go, because the big tree of refuge is gone! But not to worry, there are still plenty of trees for him and his cousins to dash up when we see them out there. LOL!

We didn't pose (Or do candid) for pics this week so our selfies are a bit older, but new to the blog...taken a few weeks ago...

No snow...yet!

Everything seems to make me nervous some days...
JUst when  Iwant to nap, she wakes me up for a selfie!
An 'ussie' on a sunny but cold day. The sun sure made the shadows very stark.

Petcretary was the guest provider of the Tuesday Teaser image at Teddy's classroom this past Tuesday...(A pic taken by one of her cousins in Europe, on a vacation to Austria.)  She and Miss Pam thought it would be Un-guessable, but there are some really good sleuths out there! It was guessed in minutes! Wowee! It took petcretary hours to find it, even though she had a general idea of where it was from. But none the less it was still fun to have a fun class session:)

But wait, She was also one of the first commenters at class that day! Wheeee!

This is the church of Sankt Pankraz near F├╝gen, in the Zillertal Valley,in  Schwaz province, Tyrol, Austria.
It is a pilgrimage church, and one had to climb way high up the hill to get there.
Ouch if you have bad knees or hips!
Now it is a popular spot to visit when you do hikes in the not snowy season…such as it is here when my cousins were in that region a few years ago.

The brighter  image is from a site I found, which clearly shows the elevation of the structure…which has been mentioned as early as 1338, and this present one was built in the 1490’s! Sometime in the 1520’s it was expanded.

Here is a site for hikers that has some nice pics of the interior.


This past week saw more sadness in our blogging circles.

Mindy of Team Tabby
Bogie of In My Heart Forever


This is Rascal, She didn't have a blog, but you can find her here on FB, and we have known this family since our Dogster days...many might remember her, the sister who came after Droopy.

We are hopping along in the Sunday Selfies! Thanks Kitties Blue for hosting each week! We love you and we love Sunday Selfies!

Sunday, January 16, 2022

Selfies With Timber!

It was a lovely sunny not even that cold, winter day,  this past Wednesday...and we had to be cooped up inside. There were 5 intruders, with big noisy trucks, and some of them held long noisy things in their hands...and one of those 5 intruders took two of those long things along with a thick as your arm rope, and a skinnier one too and got in a special basket attached to the front of one of those trucks. That truck was so big, they put a little wooden road down for it to drive on, else it would have sunk into the not solidly frozen turf...anyways not only were those intruders there, they had the big yard gates wide open...we have never seen those gates be opened...because the peeps take us through the smaller sally port. gates...anypaws, when that intruder man was inside the basket, he pushed some knobs and it went way high up! So we found out why it was called a High-Ranger...and what that gang was up to....sheesh, they were there at 830 in the morning.

A before picture, taken in the late fall, before we had any snow.

The 'crew' has arrived...its about 830 am.

Petcretary told us that she allowed those intruders to come into our yard, because they had a big job to do that she could not ever even dream of doing herself or with pawppy...they were going to help her get rid of our big old nasty walnut tree. So down it came branch by branch, limb by limb, slowly and carefully because it was close to the house, and some wires. When  big limbs were cut, they were guided down safely with the ropes, and the men on the ground guided them to where they could be dragged to another noisy machine that must have been really hungry, because it ate the big branches and smaller limbs. The bigger limbs were cut into chunks and thrown into a waiting wagon. (Someone is going to have a nice bonfire or fuel for their woodstove!)

And down comes a big limb...boss is pulling the rope and telling his dude about where to pull it for a safe landing.
Going up...up...for sawing off another big limb.
About halfways done...11am.
Getting there...12 noon.
Almost done with the limbs....1230pm.

Petcretary took us outside after a few hours, to let us do our doggy stuff, and then we went to check on those intruders from a safe distance. We got to where the boss man was standing as he guided those men into what they needed to do, and we both sniffed him. I, Benji, decided he needed a kiss! BOL! Then Dalton stood up on is hind legs, and begged him for some chin scritches. Petcretary nearly fainted. Dalton usually growls at all strange men and is known to bite. Wow! That man had a couple of his own dogs and he didn't move fast with his arms, or talk loud, so we could tell he was a friendly dude....and so we scored attention! (We did not go to the other men, they were too busy and had those dangerous tree cutting things in their paws hands...)

A few moments later and the limbs and branches are all gone...

They were finally done after about 6 hours of hard work. When all the limbs were gone, and only a tall trunk was left, they put a big rope around it and when the  noisy things did their work, the rope pullers did a tug of war with the trunk, and pulled it off the stump. It came down so hard, it left a crater in the ground! And we could feel the earth shake even inside the house! All that was left was a flat stump....about three feet across. Huge! They counted about 60 rings, so that's how old that tree was!! 

It took a while, but tree is gone! 145pm.

'The Stump'

Here you can get a feeling about how big that tree actually was.
They took off the upper part of the stump...230pm...6 hours of hard work!
When those men and their noisy trucks and gear were all gone, we were allowed back out there, without our leashes! We ran over there and sniffed and made pee-mail, and sniffed some more. Dalton climbed up on the stump, but I, Benji decided I had to inspect the rest of the yard instead...

Dalton decided it was a good spot for a selfie when they were allowed back into the yard...315pm.
When those noisy intruders were here, we even managed a selfie!
That noise is awful...and scary, too.

When can we go back outside?? I want to play with all those peeps out there in MY yard!



On a very sad note, you may remember that we had a recent POTP notice...well, now this kitty family truly needs our support right now, as their Daddy, the 'Can-Opener's' husband passed away on Jan 14th. You can visit them to offer your words of comfort and love HERE.

We are hopping along with all the others at The Cat On My Head, aka The Kitties Blue! This is a fun weekly feature, and we love it as much as we love The Kitties Blue, Thanks for hosting, you guys!!

Sunday, January 9, 2022

Selfie Sunday ~ Flashback Time

Petcretary has been working and when she is home with us, she's been spendng a lot of time clearing away all the snow that keeps falling at inopportune moments, though when is snow welcome, except maybe at Christmas? The worst time consumption appens after the plow comes by and dumps all kinds of hardness to the end of our driveway. She won't allow Pawppy to do it on account of his artificail hip and the spinal fusion he had a year ago. And shhe has spent oodles of time at the confuser, making the memorial images for all thoase new angels...such sadness all at once, Sheesh. We are a wee bit in a tizzy around here on account of all that and other issues, we thought it might be fun to look back 2 years, when Benji was new here, and starting his life in our furmily.
So here are some flashback selfies from January 2019.
She hadn't cleaned all the holiday things yet, and has just finished doing that this year , MOL!

We did not have snow but now we have quite a bit!

A very skinny Benji giving his new brofur a kiss:)


The snow came! Yup, its like that now, too...and we need our coats, well by Monday we will!
Benji has been doing a lot of excavating in our back woods area, so then he comes inside all covered in snowballs and mudballs, too. What a mess when he comes inside! He sure is a naughty rascal...maybe when it freezes harder he might not be so inclined to do that.

You can see all the newest Angels in this post...Feeling Sad ~ Many New Angels
Petcretary was waiting at the school door this past Tuesday, and when the class open ed, she was one of four firsties to enter! Teddy's Tuesday Teaser Class
And when she saw the teaser picture she recognized it right away! It was Casa Loma, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Not only has she been there many times before moving to Michigan, when she was an infant in the first few months of her life, she was within walking distance of it. Who knows if her Mom took her for stroller walks there?? LOL! So of course she was also the first right guesser!! A double win!!
Here's The Teaser image:
Casa Loma. Click to enlarge.
These are the badges she won:
There were FOUR First Commenters on the Teaser of January 4, 2022 and I was one of them!!

ONE of our First Commenters was also our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER!   Drumroll please!

We told you about our snow, but now we are under a weather advisory for freezing rain and a wintry mix...followed by a sharp dip in the temps to the single digits with highs in the lower teens. Brrr! We for sure will need our coats! Good thing we have lots of sand and salt to deal with all this slippery mess.

 At petcretary's work we ave seen a sharp increase in positive COVID tests...which means we won't have the affected staff with us for quite is hard enough, but when we are short handed it can get awfully busy really fast...overwhelmingly so. So far its only staff and not residents, thankfully. And we all here remain free of this nasty virus and its variants. Now there is talk of a 4th booster...when will this ever end?? So anyways we keep masked in public, and at work of course...and if we have any skin left on our hands...well, all that washing with harsh hospital soap...ugh. Of course they do not provide us with hand lotion at the sinks...

Well, we hope to have a 'real' post next time, the operative word being hope!

Sorry if we have been sparse in our visits, we did read some blogs just to keep up, but commenting didn't always happen...we love you all anyways!

Take care, stay warm and safe! And join us now and every Sunday for The Sunday Selfies Blog Hop! That is something we would hate to miss! We thank you from the bottom of our puppy hearts for always being the wonderful hosts, Miss Janet and all your Kitties Blue!

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