Sunday, April 30, 2023

A Guest For Sunday Selfies

What a week for Petcretary...she acquired a cold over the past weekend which decided to travel into her eyes. They are red, itchy and sometimes they hurt, as in when the goop in the hardens and makes things all gritty. They are swollen and look like she's been bawling her eyes out...She went to her eye doctor who thinks it is of viral nature, and ended up causing a lot of inflammation.

So he prescribed an anti-inflammatory eye drop, and some lubricant ones, too. And he wants to see her again in a couple weeks. Sometimes her vision gets all. now you know why we haven't been visiting other blogs a whole lot... And all that tearing and swelling makes her nose run, so she's snuffling and sniffling a lot too...PTL it isn't Covid...

She says she looks like a red masked raccoon, and she could go shopping with the bags under her eyes...sounds funny, but its for sure NOT. She managed her work on Thursdays evening,but now she's on a longer stretch of days off, so that will help.

Hopefully things will get better soon:)

Anypaws...she took some selfies of JoJo, a pup who came to visit her mom while she was staying for rehab. She's some kind of a poodle mix, age about 12. Full of the dickens!

Petcretary sent all these images to JoJo's pawrents...

Petcretary wasn't first to get to class, at Teddy's Tuesday Teaser, but she was first with the right answer!

So this was the image she searched for:


This charming place is the Stockport Mill Inn, in Stockport, Ohio

The historic Stockport Mill is the last remaining mill on the Muskingum River. And now it’s a one-of-a-kind inn and restaurant.  A mill has operated on this site since 1842. Construction began on the current structure in 1906. Its milling equipment was operated by electricity generated by turbines harnessing the power of the Muskingum River.

This is the badge she was rewarded with:

I was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of April 25, 2023. YESSS!!!

Once again she asked AI to make her a kitten image...

Yikes!! Another total fail, this kitten has two tails, LOL! Or its leg has morphed into a TAIL...Sigh...

We are hopping along in the Sunday Selfies Blog Hop. Please keep their young kitty, Raleigh in your thoughts and pawyers, as he has gone missing...

Tuesday, April 25, 2023

In Memory of Grace

Grace, a pretty gingery kitty, well known among those bloggers who've been blogging for a long time, recently left for the Rainbow Bridge.

Her blog can be found HERE


Fly free, Grace, you will be treasured always.

If anyone has an email address for her Mom, could you let me know so I can send this directly to her. Thanks.

Sunday, April 23, 2023

Me and My Bone

 Well, after a lovely week, this past week has been wet and cold, even, at times. Right now its freezing out at about 30F...not good for fruit farmers...

 Benji has been practising Earthy habits in honor of Earth Day, yesterday... 

He took a rawhide bone outside, buried it, and later dug it up to indulge himself in a Yesterday's Treat...BOL!

He also dug a huge crater around a big tree trunk base in order to catch some success, so he keeps digging to find it...he's a stubborn Terrier (Earth Dog)...In the pictures you can see his dirt covered nose...always a giveaway to the fact that he has been digging...silly dude. The only way to thwart him from this activity is to pour a lot of cayenne pepper into the spot...but then he just finds a new place to tear up...

Dalton digs too, at times, but not nearly as much, nor as diligently!

I found my bone back!

This is MY bone....don't anyone or anypup try to take it from me.  (Benji was removed from the original messy background and put into a vignette.)

My dirty bone still tastes yummy!
Benji won't even let me sniff that bone he brought back inside...

Phooey...I went outside to pout...

I'm coming, Petcretary! I hope you have a treat!

Last Tuesday at Teddy's Tuesday Teaser Class, Petcretary was the one lonely first commenter...she got to class before anyone else!

Woo Hoo! I was the ONE AND ONLY First Commenter on the Teaser post of April 18, 2023!
 Then she worked fast and furiously after she got a couple of clues in the comments of others (that isn't cheating is it??), and had the right answer...the FIRST one! So she was a double winner!
I was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser post of April 18, 2023! I ROCK!

I was a FIRST COMMENTER and I was also the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser post of April 18, 2023!!!!
Here is the image she had to figure out...

The Pinnacles Desert in Australia – Nambung National Park!In case you’re curious and want more info about this place – just CLICK HERE

Petcretary also tried to make some kitty images in an AI app...she asked for a Blue Point Siamese kitten, and they made this for her:  OMC!!! He's blue, alright! MOL!

Sorry we haven't been very good at visiting other blogs of late...if we have, its a bonus, because she is so far behind...she can hardly catch up...but we do try to at least read the various blogs...

We are joining up with the Sunday Selfies Blog Hop! Thanks for hosting, Kitties Blue!

Sunday, April 16, 2023

Kisses & Things To Come...That Came!!

Hooray, the new fridge came and it fits beautifully in our dedicated space, Phew! Its so good to hear it 'purring' away as it takes care of our foodables. And especially so, since the temp outside has been in the 80's the past several days. Living out of coolers was not much fun...kind of like forced camping...

That higher than normal temp made our weeping cherry tree explode with blossoms! It likely won't be long lived, though, because the forecast calls for snow showers on Monday...sheesh! Talk about yo-yo weather! So we are showing some pictures of that tree, from earlier before it 'took off' and then from Saturday. It was buzzing with all kinds of bugs coming to imbibe of the nectar and pollen. That is our 'things to come' section...

The tree has taken on a pinkish hue...the bluish tint under the tree are lots of scilla flowers.
Two days later it has opened up many blossoms.

And the next day it is fully loaded with a mass of blossoms, attracting all kinds of hungry bugs, esp bees. If you stand under the tree you can hear all the buzzing...

Tiny buds...the start of things to come.

Still tightly closed, but getting large and very pink.

Getting ready...
Fully opened!

Pretty blooms in the gentle breezes.

One of the many buzzy and busy bees!

Dalton & Benji were having at it outside, then they decided to take a rest and 'make up'....

Wait for it:  One-Two-Three-KISS!

It really is a kiss...BOL!

Petcretary was early to class at Teddy's Teaser, and got this badge:

I was one of TWO First Commenters on the Teaser post of April 11, 2023! The Early Birds caught the worm….woo hoo!
And while not first with her guess as to where the image was taken, she got this badge, too:
Darn! I was right with my guess BUT I wasn’t FIRST RIGHT! Next time I will be! (Maybe...)

We are joining up with all our fellow selfies on Sunday at the Cat On My Head, the hosts of this blog hop. Thanks Kitties Blue!

Sunday, April 9, 2023

Its Easter, Today!

Happy Easter everyone!

Hope you're having a great day. 

We, well we mean the peeps went to church to celebrate, it is a very special day for them.

Anyways, petcretary had to go to her work yesterday, and again today, so we'll keep it short...Here we are as bunnies...sheesh! We are supposed to chase them, not be them, BOL!

Earlier this week at Teddy's Teaser Class, Petcretary was the first right guesser, so she got this fun Easter themed badge as her reward.

But now we are kind of a mess here...our fridge of around aged 25 years, gave up its ghost on Friday...and we had to throw away a ton of spoiled stuff from the freezer. And put everything in coolers outside. The corner store a little ways from here will be giving us ice...but we'll have to pay for it, LOL! Of course now that we have to use coolers for a while, the temps outside are going to warm up...its been so cold...why didn't that dang fridge stop working then???

We can't get a new fridge delivered for several days. Yikes! The real problem is that we have a very small space to put it in our kitchen and the dimensions offered are often too large for the fridge to fit in there. sigh...and a lot of them have ice makers, which we do not want/need, and don't have plumbing set up for it either...more sighs. We make ice the old fashioned way, LOL! Another issue is that we have to get a white one, they do not come in 'bisque' anymore, and we for sure do not want a so called fashionable black one, and stainless is not ideal either; our kitchen needs to have light appliances since it can be darkish in there. Always something, but if that is all we have to complain about we are not doing too bad! At least *our* noms are freeze dried, so they don't need to rely on a fridge/freezer.

We aren't real bunnies, but we are hopping along with all the other Selfies at The Cat On My Head

Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Wordless Remembrances

 We are rather late in posting these...but we are remembering three new(er) angels today...that is all the words we really need, isn't it.

Rumblepurr, from Rumblebum

Izzy, from William of Mass Destruction .

Hammy. There is no blog, but his family used to be on Dogster, they now have a Facebook page.

Join the other Wordless Wednesday Bloggers here.

Sunday, April 2, 2023

Fluffy And White ~ Not Snow!!

Today we are featuring Trace, a Samoyed pup, who is part of a team of therapy dogs who visit the residents where Petcretary works. He was there on March 30th, at first she thought it was Annie, but no, it was her younger 'brother', Trace.

He sure is a big fluffy pup!


We tried another new 'trick'...making a slide show, a kind of movie at least when it came to putting it into our blog.Hope it seemed a good way to incorporate many images into one spot.


Trace: He was hard to 'capture', because, being quite young, he found it hard to be still for that, BOL!

Us, two, Benji & Dalton hope to be back in time for Easter...

We thank the Kitties Blue at The Cat On My Head for faithfully hosting the Sunday Selfies, each week! Click here to join them with your own selfie!