Thursday, June 30, 2016

Smoke & Joe Are In Battle Creek!

Yup, you read that correctly!

Nellie from Nellie On The Edge came with her campaign and planted the signs all about for Smoke  & Joe...and a good thing cause since its the Balloon Festival and Air Show there will be lots of peeps around to take note, BOL/MOL!

You can visit the blog posting that Nellie made on her blog...its HERE.

Here are some of the pictures she put in there:

There are Smoke and Joe from Marg's Animals

The Petcretary will have to check out all the balloons to see where this one is flying...

July First is Canada's Birthday, so we are going to post our Happy Canada Day pictures a wee bit early so we can have the day off to celebrate:)

Thanks Nellie!! Smoke and Joe are going to get lots of attention and will sure to be noticed and get lots of votes, too!!


Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sleepy Sunday Selfies and Noisy Disturbances

Today we are showing something a bit diffurent than usual...but recently our road was the object of an assault of large vehicles, noisy and stinky as well...we are glad and thankfur this project is done! Because it disturbed our peace...

One day we woke up to this:

Those dudes were measuring things about our road...and they were butchering all the trees and shrubs close to the road as well.Yikes!

Grrr!  You are too noisy!


Scraping and brushinhg...

Hauling off the road...

Soon we won't have a road left...

Dumping the road...

And haul it away.

Then they started stealing all the backtop and brushing off the rest of it, OMD!

I had the big job of snoopervising them all.
The petcretary went fur a stroll and she saw this parked by the cemetery...they better not touch that.
Phew! A few days later they came with stinky black stuff and started dumping this on our bare sad looking road.

They used dozens of trucks like this...all of them loaded with that hot smelly black stuff. The petcretary had to stop her lawn chores and get out of their way, BOL!

Pawppy even came by to check it out...look where he had to park his car!
Pawppy chatting with a crew member...he is an engineer, so he had to make sure our section at least, was done properly:)

Look at that steam!

How are we going to get out of our driveway, that is a big bump...
Oh, they are stomping it down...
And smoothing it out.

Look, Ironingboardman is at work!!

In all these pictures the trees and grass are nice and green, but now its all brown, crunchy and oh so furry dry...parched and in dire need of rain we are...

Now this is a real ironing board man, BOL!
He's got ironing boards on his boots:)
One more good look at the ironing board man at work...
Now we can sleep...
Peacefully, again.
We might as well nap anyways, it is supposed to rain...and you know, we will be happy if it does, at least we know our peeps will:) Have a great week!!
We are adding our road construction disturbed rest blog to the Sunday Selfies Blog Hop, Hosted by The Cat On My Head