Monday, February 25, 2019

We Are Late Again Selfies...

Oh, sheesh, its late and petcretary almost forgot to do a post. Sheesh. *she* is always putting us on the back burner it seems.
Her excuses?
Confuser issues, it kept freezing up, so she wasted much precious time trying to troubleshoot the problems. Finally she got it back in order. And wouldn't you know it, then the internet went all wonky and even stopped working at all. It started with the router, but then the cable company had problems too. We are just so tech dependent!
So then after that was working well again, petcretary had to go outside and 'batten down the hatches' as it were to get ready for the storm we are now having. The wind gusts were upwards of 50miles per hour, and one was clocked here in town art 60MPH. Wow!
It started with torrential rains, followed bya quiet period, then the winds picked up and it started raining again, which turned to snow and sleet. Then the temps went down from 49F earlier to about 20F at the time of typing this post.
Everything is frozen again, and covered in ice or glaze. The winds are still roaring around us like an angry lion. There are power outages all over the state, and in our city too. We so far are not having that trouble, thankfully.
Petcretary was glad she was off this weekend:)

When the winds started, they made our bird feeders sway and shake, which caused the suet cage to come crashing down. Somehow the birdseed eater in our family...aka Benji who thinks he needs to eat that stuff...found it and gobbled yup most of it. He and Dalton had a good squabble over it before he snagged it. Dalton gobbled the bits that fell off. Sheesh. We were worried that Benji woud get ill from all that fat and the concentration of seeds and corn in the suet cake. So far he is fine. Not even a runny do-do. So petcretary had to once again waste more time to build a barricade around those feeders....which the wind is trying to dislodge, BOL/MOL!

Benji has been here about two months now...and he has found out that it is fun to destuff the doggy beds...and chew up the zippers that surround the innards of those beds. So...more wasted time trying to cover them up with old towels and other things. If we give him new beds he will just destroy those new beds will ave to wait until he gets out of this silly puppy phase.

He also loves  sticks,and anything else he can find that he can carry/chew...and he likes to bring them inside to  decimate them in the comfort of a doggy bed. Friday night when petcretary came home from work, the first thing she had to do was clean up the remains of a bunch of chewed up branches...and today he found a catalpa pod and he was shredding that, presumably to start a catalpa forest in the kitchen, BOL!

We are still using the barricade to the carpeted areas here, unless Benji can be closely 'snoopervised'.
The other night when the weather was not an issue at all, we were in the dining room and  the pups in there with the peeps, and all was well. Then Benji got up and went to the corner and well, um...he began to water the carpet. NO-NO! He was hustled outside in a big hurry. Just when the peeps think that it might be OK to start giving more freedom, he shows that no, not ready for that yet. Either he is not sure what is the correct spot, or he is too lazy to go all the way to the outside. Silly pup...we think its the lazy aspect, cause if the carpeted area is not available he takes himself outside. What a rascal:(

Poor Dalton has to live the life in the 'kitchen prison' until we know that Benji is 100% house broken...

Pipo might need a trip to the vet soon, he seems to be eating  lot less than is normal for 14, who knows what it could be...sigh...Purrs and pawyers may be in order. But he still plays and watches the goings on as always.
And he has good hisses to give the pups if they venture too close to him, MOL! A whap too...then they run off in kay-yi-yi mode,MOL!

So those are the excuses and reasons along with petcretary's work and other not kitty or doggy things that she has to do...

It also takes her a long time to help us make the cards for our we shall forgive her, cause we know you all like to receive them:)

Our apologies for lack of visits to all of you...we try to go to a few each day, and we have not forgoten you, we are just hovering in the background:)
Benji's selfie  on house arrest...

But...I thought I was a good boy???

Can I be let out of here...pawlease?!

Yeah, Benji, now I have to be cooped up, too...

Later...on a sunny day...

Look, Dalton, sticks!
So many sticks, so ittle time...
I will start with this one.

Yup, its a good one, BOL!

Dalton, this is MY stick...grrr...
I want some of your stick, too, Benji.

NO! Its mine. Grrr!

You need more Grrr?

OK, then...GRRR!
Well, we can play tug of war with this big long as you let ME win...remember the Grrrs?

Phew that was a hard game!

Lets see if petcretary will let us go back inside now.
Good idea, Benji, I have cold tootsies...
Yup, me too...

Wait...I smell a squirrel!

That rodent left lots of sniffables here...

Biut no trace of *HIM*!

OK. Petcretary is calling us now.

Hi, Petcretary!
We are good boys...

Yes we are!
Lady in the red boots, I need to go past you to get inside...please...

Those naughty dogs...sheesh, I need to leave my furs on their stuff, cuase they have disrupted *my* space...
This is a comfy doggy spot, even in upside-down mode!

You'll have to wait for a selfie, petcretary.

Cause I am enjoying myself amongst the doggy toys, MOL! know...

If you give me a belly rub, I might oblige you with a selfie...

But not yet! Tee-hee!

Pipo in the doggy toys selfie!
Those dogs have a skunk??

But how come...
Its not stinky? Therefore here is my not stinky Pipo with a skunk selfie:)
Here is a bad selfie edited to make it look like a kind of cameo...if petcretary had used flash or been quicker it might have been better...oh well!
Here are the cards we helped make for other furry pals:




Late, but not going to miss the weekly selfies blog hop, hosted by the Kitties Blue. Thank you!

Sunday, February 17, 2019

SundaySelfies: Silent ~ Almost

Petcretary was very busy with not doggy or kitty things this week, you might even have missed her...and of course she has not helped us go 'visiting' too much either.
But we made her help with the selfies anypaws!And we made some cards, too...

Here is Pipo with his fave green fuzzy pom-pom..and he is in a nip trance, even has some on his face, MOL!

We took a moment from our puppy games to make a selfie duo.

We helped make lots of cards:

Miss Fitz
Kylo Ren

Zorro's Gotcha Day is today, and he is hosting a commentathon, to help a this caption to visit him

We are in the Sunday Selfies Bloghop, Hosted by The Kitties Blue