Sunday, October 30, 2016

Sunday Selfies ~ SpooKATular Pumpkin Style!

This is a neato pumpkin sent to us by the talented Nellie, we think it looks great! Thanks so much!!
Here are the pumpkins that petcretary's team at work made this year..they are a bit different than last year's.

So you can see there were eight teams making these pumpkins...then after they placed them on the mantle in our lobby the asked the residents who live here to vote for their favorite one. You can see them all lined up at the top of these images. It was fun all the way!!

Why don't you make a choice of your favorite one too??

The residents picked this one!
MOL!! That was the one petcretary's team put together in about 20minutes, Oh my!!

Here it is being finished up just before it went to the display.

Can you see my tail??

 Now make a guess as to what creature this is representing...yup...a kitty cat! PumpkinKat!She is SpooKATular, MOL!

Of course you didn't come here to see  a bunch of gourds...MOL! BOL!
You came to see us kitties and our dog-guy...we know it!!

So here we are...

Pipo was not into the selfie mode that much this week...but we let him have his way to keep him here are his not looking selfies, MOL!
This is as good as Pipo would allow you to see this Halloween eve...he must not like this day too much, MOL!
 Minko was a  bit more willing...just a bit...sheesh...

Dog-guy was for sure more cooperative! YES!! Thank you, MrJackFreckles for making sure there was a good selfie for the world to see...
Petcretary thought this week was going to be a total fail...
MJF: Thanks for helping the Sunday Selfie Blog Hop!!
Then Minko decided to join up with his dog-guy buddy...and they made some double selies, even though mostly Minko wanted to take a nap, Hah!! Go figure. Of course after a while so did dog-guy, MOL! BOL!

Petcretary completed Basil's Word Search past Thursday. She got this nice fall colored badge for that achievement.

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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Here's To The Rear ~ TockTober Sunday Selfies

Well due to Petcretary's work schedule and a host of not kitty or doggy things going on around here, we missed the offurcial TockTober day...sigh...oh well, since its all about the *rear*, well, then being  a bit *behind* is OK we imagine. MOL/BOL!

Most of these derriere images were taken at late night...and a flash was furgive the strange colors and effects! But hey, its the spooky season so maybe they're fitting right in with that theme as well!

(Here you can see how scrawny our Minko is...but at least he isn't losing more weight...)

Now after all of those risque tocks....maybe you want to see some visages?? We thought so...these are lookback selfies from seasons past. Petcretary didn't have enough time to make newer ones...bedsides she said she was busy with tick-tocks, and she didn't mean the clocks here that truly do the tick tock stuff...she has to pull up the weights on them...else they stop!  But here we are...front ended instead of back ended...

An out-take!

And just for fun: Last year there was a pumpkin decorating event at Petcretary's work place. (It was just a fun time, they have events like this once a month...have contests and games etc...) She took some pictures but nobody has seen them here so here goes:
Several 'teams' made a whole lot of pumpkin decor!
This funny selfie Pumpkin Lady was made by Petcretary and other members of her 'team'...

 We had a similar event this year...but you will have to wait till next Selfie Sunday to see it...Tantalizing?? MOL! Along with others...why of course!! Even a Nellie Made one:)

Have a great week!

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