Monday, April 23, 2018

Selfies on Monday, for Sunday Selfie Day...Earth Day, Too!

Petcretary has been quite busy the past week, a lot of her business had nothing to do with furry ones either.
She went to her oncologist, a 60 mile one way usually that means a wasted day as far as us two goes. She left just after lunch and got back after dark o'clock. She indulged herself in a day of shopping after her appointment. Silly petcretary she didn't get anything she couldn't have gotten here at home, BOL/MOL!
But she did enjoy herself:)
Because she got another good report from the oncologist. Way back in 2006, she was diagnosed, and after several surgeries directly and indirectly related to that issue, and 16 months of chemo, its good to still hear in 2018 that there is no 'evidence of disease'. Praise the Lord!!
Slowly ever so slowly the weather has been inching towards springlike conditions. There was snow at the beginning of the week, but not enough to dampen the spirits of the blue bells. They are still there, blue and bright and pretty. Saturday, petcretary worked in the yard for several hours, and she only had on a sweater over her shirt. That's a first! Sunday was similar. And there was sun! Glorious warm bright and happy times sun! YES! Even a daffodil decided Earth Day was a good time to show off its cup and saucer. Hopefully more will follow. Last year at this time our weeping cherry was about to burst forth in pink froth, but it will be quite a bit later this year...hope it will be just as beautiful! When we drove to church today, it was good to see the shades of color starting to brighten up the trees  in the horizon. We know that soon the trees will have their icky pollen (to which petcretary is very allergic to...), and then all the leaves will dress up the trees for the summer time.
Even though we grumble about the lateness of spring, it still arrives and this is what God has decreed, that there will always be a regular cycle of changing seasons...and yup, once again we are changing from winter to spring:)
OK. time for our selfies! Nothing special...just us in the sun. Well, Dalton was, and my selfie was taken inside, in dimmer early morning light, sans flash, so its rather grainy. But its ME!
The sun is just starting to come up, its comimg in through the front door window...

Hi Ya'll!

First Daffodil of the 2018 spring season at our den.

A closer view of the same daff, amongst the bluebells.
We helped petcretary make 2 birthday cards:
Raena turned two! Click on this caption to visit there.
Kinley turns two on April 23rd; that's today!

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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Stormy Sunday Selfies

It is storming outside. We are under a winter weather advisory. The next county just a mile north of us is under a winter storm warning. So we always go for the worse case scenario...we are having rain right now, and lots of wind. We are getting freezing rain, as this is being typed, that started after petcretary came home from work. Phew. Most of the freezing rain is north and east of us, but who knows where it it hits the worst. Then we may get snow and even thunderstorms. Its more like midwinter rather than spring...we had some bluebells in a wild patch and they were so pretty and bright. Now they might freeze and get crushed by snow. Sheesh.
This morning when the temps were still in the 40's, it was pouring rain. Buckets of it. Dalton was not a happy dude at all, and he left a present on the mat right in front of the doggy door...Oops.  Too bad petcretary did not catch him at that so that he could be redirected to go outside. He puts his schnooter through the doggy door, checks the conditions and then seems to decide whether or not he will go down the steps to the grass...if petcretary or pawppy are there, he can be made to stay out till he does the 'job'.  He has not done this in quite a long least the present was a solid one...a piddly one would have been more work to clean up...BOL!

Dalton tried on a bow tie this week, to be a bit dressed up...but he was not too impressed. Maybe it should have been a red one, BOL! (all his collars and harnesses are red...)
He deaded two moles/voles, and three more snakes. He is a busy dude when he is outside! Petcretary sure wishes he would not go for the snakes...And while she is glad he gets those pesky moles, he does a lot of not requested gardening to get at them in the runs they make. As if the mess from the moles was not enough, now there are lots of digging spots to aerate the lawn...
When we were on a recent walk, Dalton lunged and suddenly had a mouthful of something...which was moving! Eek!
It was another mole. He dropped it, and it wasn't finished off, so he tried to pick it up and it reared up and tried to nip him! OMD! But he didn't let that stop him, and that varmint was off to varmint heaven...
But when petcretary tries to direct his attention to squirrel dudes, he pretends not to see them and freezes up if she has picked him up to show him...even after over 6 months he is still scared of so many things.
We would love for him to have a playmate/brofur, but while he remains so scared of us, pawppy and petcretary do not think its a good idea. He should be more bonded to us and way more confident in his demeanor and behavior.

Pipo was glad we had one day of nice sunny weather...but at least there are plenty of warm resting spots in our den...pads and mats and kitty cups and proper beds...and not a few doggy beds to steal as well! We got a window shelf for him. Howevfur there was only one good spot to hang it on, and Pipo acted frightened of it when he was placed there to show him what it was. Even though there was good access to get on and off of it. So it got put back in the box it came to us in...sigh...
D: Hmmm, I wonder if Pipo knows I am here?

D: Oh-Oh! I have been busted, I think...
P: No funny business you dog, you...
Sheesh, that dog was on my kitty tree...its *MY* private burd TV lookout post.

Hrumph! He's jumped down...good idea, Dalton...

This is my selfie today...I am green cause the bright sun was reflecting off the table cloth! Wowee, I wish we were having sun like that today...
Dalton: I am not too sure about posing with this bow tie.

Is this better, Petcretary?
How about like this?
I think this is my best selfie pose, yup, can I go now petcretary?
Look, petcretary, there are bluebells here!

Yes there are bluebells, but over there are more interesting things to watch:)

These pretty early spring blooms are going to be sorry later today, when they get all snowed or iced over...Brrr!

Rumpy turned eight! Click this caption to visit.
Toby has a birthday too! Click this caption to visit.
Maxwell also had a birthday to catabrate! Click this caption to visit.
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Sunday, April 8, 2018

Sunday Selfies!

Yup, its Sunday once again. Each week flies by.
Today is lovely and sunny which is wonderful, is very cold, too. We had some snow on Friday...and the ground is hard here once again, as it is about 12F. Brrr! Who knows when spring will really be here? Maybe by July 4th...MOL!
Our Auntie is coming back from the Caribbean later today...she will have a rude attack by the coldness we are having, Hah! Cousin Eddie stayed with her friends...and he pulled a ligament in one of his he needs to rest and take some pain medicine. Right. Eddie resting?? As if. But he could use some POTP to heal up faster.

Dalton now has a 'Kurgo' harness...those are special travel harnesses that doubles as walking harnesses. That works for him as he goes with petcretary when she goes to see the furry cousins in Canada. It doesn't shift, fits well, and it even looks good! It is a bit hard to adjust, but of course that only has to be done once. The buckles are strange, and need to coupled just so, else they do not go together, but once you get a degree in Kurgo buckles, it is pretty easy. It has both a back leash attachment ring, and a front one, which is the reason it came to our works as an antipull harness too. Dalton wore it a few times...and yesterday when it was time for a walk, he got all excited and even lifted his foot to go in the harness. He knew that fun times were coming!

Pipo had to hide for a few hours last Friday, we had to have the cable dude here...he had to repair among things the TV, the internet service and even things outside. His work was in three rooms, and the basement, as well as our yard and then he had to climb a ladder to the line across the street. Then another truck with a lift bucket had to come and help him. So we had no interwebs connection for a while, and though that was a pain, it seems to all be good now. Pipo told petcretary he did not like having a stranger tromping around in his den...

Us two make petcretary giggle a lot. Pipo says grumpy things to Dalton if they are close trying to get petcretary's attention. Dalton feels trapped if he sees no exit accessible. He will not cross Pipo's path if he is called to come to petcretary...oh no, I might get a whap, MOL! Pipo just smirks...

One of the ladies that petcretary works with has a new puppy. Petcretary had told her about the ROAR group that Dalton came from, and that they were having a adoption event, etc...but she bought this little dude from a breeder. Sheesh. Oh well, he is a cutie! Maybe she might bring him to work some time, then he can play with the 'resident puppy' that visits a lot (he belongs to our CEO ), and spends the day with the residents.

Petcretary is still having fits trying to learn the PSE program she has...whereas some of the 'kimis' she made in the past might take one to 3 hours to make, now even a simple one (cards) might take at least 2 - 3 hours. Argghhhh! So she for sure is not going to be making anything like the beautiful cards she has made in the past, and she cannot even reuse the ones she had made as templates because right now the new kimi site is not allowing edits to finished products. Bummer.

Wow, Petcretary thought she didn't have anything to tell you all about...MOL/BOL!

Time to let you see ourselves...

And no, this is not my Kurgo Harness, BOL! I do not mostly use this one at all, anymore.

We made some birthday cards for our furends:
Iza turned 10! (click to visit)

Travis turned five! (click to visit)

Petcretary was the first right guesser in the Tuesday Teaser, that Teddy @ One Spoiled Cat teases us all with each week. You can see the one she guessed here: Just click on this caption.
This is the badge she got for her sleuthing efforts.

You can see the teaser
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Sunday, April 1, 2018

Happy Easter!!

Wow, Its Easter!
And Selfie Sunday...and April Fool's Day, among other days....

Happy Easter to all! Since its a blog *hop* we might even see bunnies, MOL. BOL!!

Petcretary is working this Easter Day, so no time for much in the way of all the fun things that happen on days like we will get right down to business:)
Since *she* is working, she helped us make these Easter time pictures a few days ago.
Pipo wasn't too purr-turbed, since he felt comfy in the basket:)
Dalton still has to get used to these photo sessions...
There were SO many, it was hard for petcretary to cull out any, so she just put them all up...well except for the really bad ones, MOL!
So here is our Easter overload:)

This basket is rather comfy, if I do say so.
Yes, I am dreaming of Easter bunnies to chase...

Pipo: But why is this doggy thing here now to interrupt my pleasant dreams?  Dalton: I sure hope that that cat won't whap me.

This is my first Easter in my new forever home! I like bunnies! They are so fun to chase, BOL!

Oh, Please, Easter Bunny, save me from this cat!

Don't forget now, Easter Bunny, to protect me, OK?

Sigh...I guess I just have to put up with him...

But...I am still SO scared of *that* cat!
Maybe I can hide incognito behind these bunnies:)

Well, since Pipo isn't trying any self purrtection methods, maybe I can relax, just a bit...
Well, that Pipo-cat sure does have a stink eye!

We got to do some more learning about using the Photoshop Elements program...but sometimes we cheat and do some work on one program,and then move the work to another site to do more work...once we even used three sites!
Sampson had a birthday recently.

Cody has his birthday, today. He would love you to come to his pawrty!
Petcretary managed to find some time, even though she was working and is today, as well...she took Dalton to guess where...ta da! He went to see the Easter Bunny! He was *not* impressed at all...

We are not bunnies, but we still are hopping along with The Kitties Blue who are the weekly hosts of Sunday Selfies