Sunday, January 29, 2017

Sleepy And Black And White Sunday Selfies

The dreary weather has been continuing. After the very brief showing of some sunbeams last week...its been either raining, snowing or just plain cloudy. Thick cloudy. Yikes! We are going to forget what sunshine looks like let alone what it feels like. Maybe we need to invest in a sunlamp:)

We had a couple of days with high winds and that managed to blow over an old tree in out back woodsy area. It just plain got pushed over. Wow. At least it did not fall on our shed or the fence. And over in another section of the woodsy part of our yard another huge branch came down. Again no harm to our fence or shed. It must have been awfully noisy back there. Thud! Crash! Boom! We are thankful that is all that we had to deal with, knowing that far worse weather and damage was happening in other parts of the country. Our thoughts are with those affected and we pawray they will all be safe.

One night petcretary came home from work and noticed a bare patch over Pipo's right eye. It was a scratched spot as far as she could tell...don't think it was self the assumption is that there must have been a fracas here...of course nofur is tattle-tailing...

Since there was no sun to make nice selfies we opted for some sleepy time selfies, and for some black and white ones, too...since the flash makes for stark shadows and sometimes those ferocious red eyes...or washed out colors.

There are a few lamplit pictures but those are not ideal either, since they have that yellowish tint...
Oh well...we know what we are supposed to look like, MOL/BOL!!

Petcretary is stressed out at her work these days...and retire or quit or cut back is on her mind, though she would like to work as long as she can because she does like what she does to help her residents. Maybe she can use some vacation time to relax while she thinks about this. We would love for her to be more with us, though if she doesn't work we will only be getting the basics needs; no extra treats, toys, etc...sheesh...well as the saying goes: 'All You Need Is Love!'

She is trying to stave off a cold too...sniffle, snort, sneeze!!

We are bored with all this dreary weather...

Bored, yes, but how did Pipo get that spot by his eye??

A Yellowish Minko, Yikes! Sunbeams would have made a nicer selfie! And I know nothing about that scratch on your face, Pipo...

Well, I forgive you because at least it seems to be healing up OK...
Nope I didn't see how that eye scratch happened either.

I think my handsome selfie would be better in sunbeams...

Do you not agree??

If I have to still make a selfie, then I need a treat pawlease!

Come on!

Yes, I need that now pawlease...I am done with the cute in the dim lamplight...

I think there is a selfies in my selfie picture, MOL!

I truly was  not trying to hide my selfie with this selfie...MOL!

Minko: A Selfie of My Selfie!
Lamplight does funny things to pictures...

No sunbeams to light up our picture today...not even our double selfie.

We are peeking into the future...looking for sunbeams:)
I am just going to start taking a nap...



Nighty-night all! ZZZzzzz.........

Petcretary guessed the teaser again...but shucks she was too late.

We are hopping in the dim lamplight with The Cat On My Head, who are the weekly hosts of the Sunday Selfie Feature.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Late Sunday Selfies...More Like Monday Meezers, MOL! (And... Dog-Guy, Too!)

Minko likes this sunshiny selfie...but the sun has not been around furry much of late...just rain and fog and least it doesn't have to be shoveled, MOL! Look at the strange effects the sunbeams made in the selfie lens!!
Pipo likes the brief sunpuddle too, but look how it makes his ear look all transparent!
MJF would love some sun to bake his bones in...
I fear the sun is leaving again...
I will just stay curled up to keep the warmth from the sun as long as possible...
Can anyone make Mr Sun come back soon??
Minko tried a selfie on the couch but got spooked!! MOL!
Another sunbeam trying to go through my ears,MOL!
MJF giving a selfie kissie to Minko
A Reflective Pipo-Selfie...
I feel so sad without any warm and bright sun...
A doubly thoughtful selfie
Wait, who is that??
Sheesh, dog-guy can really make those loud startling barks...
Who, Me??
I found a crumb of sunpuddle...
But its leaving...
Oh, well, I shall take my selfie and snooze the day away!
Last week it was also the day we remembered our dear Toki, he went to the RB many years ago when MJF was a young rascal...they were good buddies.
Well, she tried...MOL!
We Are Selfie Hopping With The Cat On My Head, Who Host This Feature Each Week

Sunday, January 15, 2017

My Doggy Cousin ~ Murphy Forever 2002 ~ 2017

Today Dog-Guy said he wanted to have a blog post all about his doggy Cousin, Murphy. So we the WBS contingent of kitties in this blogging furmily agreed, cause we knew Murphy a bit too, he having visited here a few times.
So therefur this Sunday Selfie post is dedicated to our dear doggy Cousin, Murphy.

Sorry its kind of long...but the memories are so precious.


Murphy was a Cairn terrier...aka terrierist...he was born about a week before MrJackFreckles, hence not only were they cousins, they were kind of like twin brofurs from other mothers, BOL! (Almost like us kitties, who are only a few days apart too!)

MJF visited Murphy at his own den a few times, starting when they were both very small puppies of about two months old. Murphy came to visit here, too, starting from when he was about 3 or 4 months old. The last time they saw each other was here in Michigan, a few years ago.
Due to various circumstances they were not able to visit and have play dates after that, Murphy was not a good traveler, and MJF couldn't go to Murphy's den because after his Auntie got new floors they were very slippery and petcretary was scared he would fall and break a leg or worse. Esp now that he has this trouble with balance, and sometimes staggers very 'drunkedly'. MJF will not tolerate those kind of doggy slippers made to prevent such sliding on bare floors...sigh...

Anypaws, petcretary did see Murphy back in November 2016, when she was there visiting her own Aunt and her sister; our Auntie. He was definitely aging...poor pup. But he still perked up when he felt good.

On Jan 12, 2017, petcretary got this message, which speaks for itself:

"Sadly I have to tell you that I had to help Murphy to the Rainbow Bridge today.  Monday I took him to the vet for dental work...we had been there on Dec. 22nd for a torn off nail on his paw, and had discussed this.  I thought that this would help his appetite but the situation was far worse.  He had blood work done just prior to the surgery which revealed thrombocytopenia, and he could therefore not have the surgery.  Prednisone was started along with stomach stuff...but still no appetite.  This morning he could not pee...but could poop.  We went to the vet again and Dr. Ball suggested blood work again...but gave me little hope when he saw Murphy’s almost white gums and eyes.  The bloodwork confirmed that his red cells had dropped dramatically.  It also revealed that his kidney and liver functions were ‘crashing’ as the vet put it.  I received a call from the other vet we had seen and she said she was very sorry but there was nothing to be done, she also thought he had cancer somewhere.
Here at home he could barely stand and when I took him outside he was very lethargic.  Inside he could not find a comfortable spot....therefore the time had come.
Remember in November you said it seemed that he was depressed...perhaps this was already the beginning of the end. It had been a struggle to feed matter what I tried, and he had lost weight too."
Rest in peace, dear little Murphy, you were a great cousin pup and I loved you. I will miss smelling you on petcretary's clothes after she visits your mommy's den, and when she comes here to visit s well.

Here are some pictorial memories of Murphy and some of us together as well.

Murphy, Nov, 2016

Murphy begging for a treat!
Murphy practicing his singing skills

Now he wants a treat for his performance!

He isn't sure where to go...

 Murphy's last selfie...Nov, 2016

At my den, fall, 2002..."Chewing is so relaxing."
Fall, 2002
Fall, My den...."I can see your chew..."
"About to destroy the ball. Murphy seems to be thinking what kind of guest destroys the host's toys?"
"Prepare to see your ball destroyed, I kill balls for a living...even when they're not mine..."
Summer, 2010
Freckles and Murphy: Wanna kiss?!
Summer, 2009


Summer, 2010
A nice selfie...summer 2009 or 2010??
"June 5th, 2013 There he is...he is sitting in petcretary's jungle of irises."
"Murphy and I have spied something in the neighbor's yard..." (Nov 2011, at  Murphy's den)
"We found a kitty!! GRRR!"