Monday, July 11, 2016

Badges For WBS And MJF

Because Catster/Dogster are closing and also Dog Channel and Cat Channel; (They are owned  by the same company that bought out I5...) are posting our stuff here as an archival blog...this is just some images we retrieved out of all of them. No particular order...

Our Blog Picture

Pipo(From Cat Channel)

Hi! My name is PIPO

I am a Siamese from Battle Creek, MI

Nicknames: Mr Peeps; Peepo-Beepo

I was born on: Dec 26, 2004

Age: 11 years old

Gender: M-N

Coat: short haired

Education: Comes when called
He guards his cat brother from our dog, and the dog is scared of him, because Pipo will attack!
Cat College, Session 1 and 2; Session 3,4 & 5 with honors; Camp Kitty, 2010; Quiz Master, Level 20
Lifetime QuizMaster;
5th place, Most Patriotic Cat Contest, July 2011

My favorite tricks and treats are: comes when called, chases and beats up the dog, climbs the room divider, which is like a ladder.
He drinks out of the large 'community' water bowl by dipping his paw in the water and the licking it off, very dainty....
He is very adept at communicating with everyone with a large and varied vocabulary of chirps, peeps, and meows.He chases his tail a lot, looks like a spinning ball or a rolling rock. and I like catnip, and I like to lick bits of yogurt and cottage cheese.

Where I hang out: On the back of the recliner, on someones lap, in front of the picture window

My favorite grubs: Iams

My pet peeves: Medicine, our dog, vacuum cleaner

What I love about my owners: She is quick to respond when I 'tell' her that she should get out that laser toy.

My cat hobbies: Play with the laser light, chase and bat those pesky little furry mice that are in my house,after I fetch them out of the cat toy box.

Pet motto: Mroewrp?!?

Minko(From Cat Channel)

Hi! My name is MINKO

I am a Siamese from Battle Creek, MI

Nicknames: StinkyMinky

I was born on: Dec 29, 2004

Age: 11 years old

Gender: M-N

Coat: short haired

Education: Washes the dog's ears,knows where the catnip is and begs for it whenever someone is near it,Became sleek and healthy after a not too great start in life. Can climb the room divider 'ladder'.
Quiz Master Level 20; Cat College Sessions 1 and 2;Session 3,4 & 5 with honors; Camp Kitty, 2010; has his picture in the Camp Kitty 2010 Memory Game, (Thanks Camp Counselors!)

My favorite tricks and treats are: climbs the room divider ladder, can jump very high. and He LOVES catnip, and has even stolen my catnip tea bags when I wasn't paying attention.

Where I hang out: On the dryer when it is running, sunny spots, the dog beds, laps, anywhere that Pipo is.On top of the recliner.

My favorite grubs: Iams

My pet peeves: Pipo sitting or sleeping in 'his' spot; vacuum cleaner; strangers. I like the brush, but then try to catch it instead of letting my 'mommy' brush me. Toothbrushing- watch out - I will bite you!

What I love about my owners: She has a nice warm lap!

My cat hobbies: eat catnip and steal whatever is left from his cat brother, play with the laser toy, bat, catch and destroy furry mouse toys.

Pet motto: Kneads are what you knead!
Purrs abound fur my purrson!

MrJackFreckles(From Dog Channel)

Hi! My name is MrJackFreckles. I am a Jack Russell Terrier from Battle Creek, MI

Nicknames:    Mr Jack Freckles,Sir Lick a Lot, Freck,Freckles Freckleschmeck, Digglydog
Birth Day, Month and Year:    4/30/2002
Age:    14
Weight:    11-25 lbs.
Gender:    M
Education:    Quizmaster Level 20;
Dog College 2010 Graduate; Level-100 and Honors Level-200;Honors Level-300;Honors-Level 400; Doggy camper, 2010; Wag Wars winner; 3rd place winner in Camp Doggie 2010's Avatar contest; Breed Wars winner; Winter Wonderland Avatar Contest's Honorable Mention(Jan 1, 2011)
DOTD on Jan 29,2011
Thanks so much to all for this honor!
My pet peeves:    Being wet, touching his feet, being disturbed while sleeping, His 'winter' coat, his head harness, getting into the car-But riding in it is fine-go figure; Being 'dressed up' for picture sessions
My hobbies:    digging, guarding us from intruders, real or imagined-especially cats outside our yard and any rodents, climbing the big wood piles in our back woodsy area and digging under them to hunt for vermin; finding unmentionables to roll in...
My favorite hang out spot?    my dog bed on the couch, any sunny spot, the mat in front of the furnace vent, looking out of the window at the bottom of the stairs
My favorite grub:    Iams, anything edible, especially salad type items
My favorite treat:    I love dental rawhides, and any cookie type treat
My favorite tricks:    the basics, also many more agility type tricks, and more advanced things like walking on hind legs, sliding on the carpet, he gets taught a new idea or trick every few months so that he will stay sharp...his latest new trick is to hold things like baskets and flags, that was hard to teach, but he learned pretty quick!
What I love about my owner:    I get spoiled rotten!
Motto    Oh, How I Love To Lick!Oh, How I Love To Woof!AND Oh, I Love To Do A Trick!---Thanks so much to all of you pups who helped me get my DOTD(Jan 29, 2011) badge!That was such an honor as well as a big surprise!I will mostly be doing a read/respond/delete with blogs, so please do not panic if you don't see yours, anymore!MJFSEPT 12, 2011I am only going to be blogging on my own page from now on so as to keep my time here to a minimum, due to working full time. If you post a blog here, I will probably answer it here, so come back here often to 'check in'.I love you all and I do not want to lose contact all together.The alternative would be to go off-line all together and I don't want to do that.Thanks for understanding.There may be a rare blog from me on your pages...just to say hello or something like that!Woofs!

So we hope to meet lots of our pals in other venues, United Dogs, United Cats, Cat Hugger, Free Forums and maybe Facebook...and of course our blog!

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