Sunday, March 28, 2021

Sunday Selfies ~ A Look Back

 We are giving petcretary a break and taking a wee look back...

Dalton's First Easter with us.

Benji had his first Easter a couple years later...

Then they shared an Easter Hat portrait!

Hopefully nest week we will have new and fresh Easter images to share with all of our furends!

We helped Cinnamon from Cats-atrophic Events celbrate her 10th birthday!

So she sent us this badge as her 'pawrty favor':

We were at Teddy'sTeaser Day, too...and there were several who got there in the first minute after it went 'live'...and then something specail happened!

There were Three Right Guessers! Wow! the first two had the right info, but had left out some details...but petcretary came in a wee, a very wee bit later and had all the right we all were awarded the coveted first right guesser badge!

Here is the first right guesser badge, as shared by the three of us; including The Weimie Twins and their Mama, and Timmy and his Dad:

In case you are interested in the picture of what we had to hunt for, here it is:

Where is this?   It is inside the Niaca Mines in Chihuahua, Mexico.   Those THINGS are selenite crystals – the largest in the world.    In fact this is known as the “Cave of Crystals”.  


We had to make a memorial card for a good friend of Chester from The Daily Bone. He didn't have a blog, so we sent it to Chester's GW, and she passed it along. Thank you.

                                                             We are thankful to be in the Sunday Selfies Blog hop!

This weekly feature is hosted faithfully each Sunday by the Kitties Blue at The Cat On My Head. Thanks! We love you all!!



  1. Wow you two look cute. I hope you have a nice Easter!

  2. Nice selfies, even if they are throwbacks.

  3. I really like your throwback pics!!
    You two wear your hats and kerchiefs very well :) So festive.
    Purrs, Julie

  4. Super throwback photos.

    The Florida Furkids

  5. What cute Easter pictures! Chester is wondering if you got the squeakers out of those squeaky toys yet, Benji. He says you two are very good to pose so nicely with squeaky toys and hats. He would have run off with the toys, and shaken off the hats before GW could say, "cheese!" Thanks again for the beautiful tribute picture to my cousin Angus.

    1. Oh, MY! I didn't realize he was your cousin...oops.
      Those squeaky toys do not have squeakers, and they only come out to visit sometimes...they really are just decorations!!
      Benji not only desqueaks, he eats he only has very hard to destroy toys...and he manages to wreck even some of those, LOL!

  6. Cuteness!
    That Cave of Crystals is an amazing place; can you imagine?

  7. That was an amazing Teaser but be need to start a study group so we dont miss the basics MOL. Great Easter look backs and we look forward to new photos this week. Purrs

  8. Those are all great selfies and memories of early Easters.

  9. First...CONCATULATIONS to your Mom! She really rocks the teasers! And we love your flash back photos. You look so furry festive. And Thank You for the shout out! Cinnamon was ever so grateful that so many people stopped by! She was choked that the deer ruined her trip to deliver the green papers and she can't ride in the rental. But she is happy that we raised so much for the Boundary Helping Hands Feline Rescue Society. Thanks for your kind words about the accident and thank you for being such wonderful furrends! Have a marvellously happy day!

  10. Fine detective work in figuring out that they were crystals and then where they were located. We enjoyed seeing the pictures of your history too.xoxoxo, Bibi & Meep

  11. I have smiled through this whole post! What fun memories that I think are truly the best!

  12. OMD, I LOVES the pics! You guys looks so adorable in your Easter swag!
    Can't waits to see the new ones too!
    Ruby ♥

  13. oooh da furst easter Dalton, we bet you will get da lamb, da bunny and 87 eggs filled with liver sausage ;O)

  14. How adorable! I think they are all ready for an Easter Parade. X

  15. Nice throwback selfies ! Happy Easter ! Purrs

  16. what a pawtastic post! We're sorry about Chester, we didn't know him. Those crystals are beyond cool!!!!

  17. Mom said she wanted me to tell you how she loved seeing all the dear Woofie faces today. She always had woofies she told me, until she had kitties as a grown up. He heard woofie was called Jack, and he was a red hunting doggie. His fur was the same red as my mom's hair.