Sunday, March 14, 2021

Pre St Patrick's Day Sunday-Selfies

 Yup, we are a wee bit early with St Paddy's Day...but actually we think its better to be a wee bit ahead of schedule, than to late. We don't like being the cow's tail, BOL!

We have had some really tantalizing spring weather and all our snow is gone, even where it had been piled high!

But not to get our hopes up too much, cause the temps are supposed to cool off and we might even have more snow. Sheesh. Winter likes to do battle with spring and they fight it out to the bitter end, LOL! The fights must have been terrible, cause the past couple of days have been VERY windy! We have a wind mobile in our yard, and petcretary thought it was going to fly away! 

We are yawning a lot today...petcretary, too...the clock had an hour stolen from them, hence everyone had an hour of much needed sleep stolen as well! Its a crime we say; a crime! The coffee pot is working overtime today, LOL!


So you all know that everyone is Irish on March 17th, right?? Well, apparently that means us, too.... 

I needed to be that no one will embarrass me with questions about my (Irish) heritage...

Happy St Patrick's Day!

Petcretary was up early this past Tuesday, and was jamming the doorway to Teddy' Blog, and she burst through along with four others...what a tight squeeze that was, but it was worth it, LOL!!

She got the early bird badge...but this Teaser was very hard, in fact it was a doozy and stumped everyone. Petcretary spent way too much time trying to sleuth the mystery picture, she virtually traveled all over the globe! Then she landed at the bottom of the globe in New Zealand...and she thought she had found she posted her guess...then later she changed her answer...but neither was correct! Sheesh! She should not have done that...nevertheless, at the Tell All, she found out she had been almost there in her first guess, the spot in NZ.

So 'Professor Teddy' gave her a close but no cigar badge! LOL!!

Here is the picture we were all trying hard to figure out:

Milford Sound in New Zealand


We were very saddened to hear about Genji, From The Poupounette, having to become an Angel Kitty. He struggled with health issues for quite a long while, but its so sad when they have to say goodbye, till we meet again. His family is heart broken and missing him terribly.
We made a memorial card in his honor. 

We are joined up to the Sunday Selfie Hop at The Kitties Blue. Thanks all of you for faithfully hosting, each week!


  1. Lovely selfies! Benji always looks so laid back.

  2. Happy St. Purr-trick's Day to you.
    We don't get our sleep stolen till the week after next.

  3. Fun and Festive Selfies!!

    The Florida Furkids

  4. Happy Saint Patrick's Day boys. You look wonderful no need to hide. Congrats on your DOUBLE Badge at the Teaser! What a great accomplishment. We will visit and give our respects

  5. You two are so cute in your St. Patrick's day outfits. We were sad to hear about Genji too. It has not been easy for the Poupounette gang the past few years.

  6. You two have the cutest holiday outfits, I love seeing you in that green - pawsome!

  7. We have the sads for Angel Genji too.
    Happy St. Patrick's and St. Gertrude's Day!

  8. You pups sure look ready for St. Patrick's Day! It just so happens that my ghostwriter is cooking corned beef with cabbage, carrots, and potatoes today. Super yummy! She's also been enjoying her three-day weekend: the first in ages!

    Sorry to hear about your friend. Hugs to his family.

  9. You look mighty fine in your St. Patrick's day outfits. Kudos to the mom for even knowing that was New Zealand!
    xoxoxo, Bibi & Meep

  10. You two look furrific in your spawcial howliday duds! Fanks fur reminding me about Selfie Sunday!

  11. We are heading to the South Island in September we hope! I would love to see Milford Sound but it is a bit further south that Christchurch :-)

    You two * grins * You do make me laugh.

  12. You guys look like leprechauns! And you are about the right size! AWESOME! Your mom always gets you to dress up so nice, our mom has been trying to get us into green gear since valentines! No luck yet! We love the card your Mom made for Genji! We are sad that he is gone. He was always so special. And concatulations on the the Tuesday Teaser! Thanks for visiting us. We LOVE it and we want you guys to have a marvellously happy week!

  13. You two are such good sports dressing up for St. Patrick’s Day. You look good!

  14. OMD, you guys look FABulous in your Irish swag! Ma hasn't got mine out yet, I tried to hide it well, so we will see if she finds it in time...BOL!!
    Have a most FABulous week my furiends!
    Ruby ♥

  15. Spring always takes a little while to stick around in your area! Happy Sunday!

  16. that look!!! we hope that look brings a lot of green luck to youuuu!

  17. What cute pre St. Paddy's Day selfies!

  18. your St.Patrick's photos are DARLING!! I don't think either of my boys would sit like that!! Congrats on the badges from Pam!! Well done YOU!!

  19. Thanks for sharing your pawsome St. Patrick's Day selfies. The hats are just the best. It's great to get the celebration started a little bit early. Have a great rest of your week.
    World of Animals Bensalem