Sunday, April 4, 2021

Happy Easter!!

 Hooray, its Easter today!

We had a glimpse of one of the Easter Rabbit' cohorts or a spy or a scout...but at any rate, even petcretary saw him! Whoot!

She was in the yard with us, and suddenly Dalton ran right into the wood pile...and then he darted out as fast and furious as a bullet...and there was a faster critter ahead of him...then Benji joined in the chase as well...but *she* could not keep up at all. No screeches a la bunny were heard, so *she* assumes he got away to tell his findings to the big basket carrying rabbit...aka the Easter Bunny. Maybe he related this message after his risky sortie into our yard: 'Yes, there are two evil canines at this place...and they hate us and our kind.'..(LOL!). 'Don't bring them any treats'...

(The wood pile is where all the branches and limbs go and other yard waste, to lay there in a big heap until a good day comes by to burn it down to the pile of ashes...usually in the birds and other creatures like to lurk or nest in there...presumably under the guise of safety, but with those two hooligans, nothing is sacred nor safe!)  (It would have been a great video if *she* had a smart phone in her pocket...when she goes out to do  doggy poop patrol and other yard chores her camera and  iPad are NOT in her pocket...and she does NOT have a smart phone anyways...)

So that was our excitement this week...and yet another deaded mole and *she* rescued a big long garter snake from our teeth...and now that the ground is soft again, we are having fun digging holes...and digging out the mole runs, and digging out the many walnuts the squirrels buried last fall...lets just say that we are helping to keep the red pepper flake makers in business...we leave the stuff alone when *she* puts it on our digging endeavors, but well, we just go and find more places to dig! BOL! Yes, when you have a whole acre to roam in...well, you get the idea!

Petcretary had a bad kind of excitement in her wallet...she's been having issues with the tire pressure light, it seems she has a trouble magnet on her tires, they are always getting punctures, big and small...and she's had some bad tire pressure sensors as she drove up to the service place she goes to and the receptionist said right away, oh you need more air in your tires?? LOL!  

Well another dude came up and he had some time so he put the van up on the hoist and inspected the tires, all of them, thank you very much...he said there were tow punctures in the same tire, about an inch that makes it unsafe to plug them like they have been able to do for some of her other holes...short story long...she needs a new, lets correct that: she needs three new tires:( 

The three in question are worn down enough that it make more sense to replace all of them now...ah well, petcretary is made of money, right?? Or she has a money tree in the garden!...yup she wishes. Sheesh, tires cost an arm and a leg these days.) 

And likely soon after she gets them the tire light will come on again...just to tease her!

Well, now to the day's real doings.

It is Easter! One of the highlights on the Christian calendar! The bunnies and stuff like that are just for fun, so we do have fun with it all, too...but Petcretary and Pawppy are very happy there IS Easter, it means so much for them.

Our unfurbros will be coming for dinner after they all go to church...nothing too fancy, just good home made yums...and maybe an extra chew bone for us:)

Here are our new Easter Selfies as promised last week. 

Past Tuesday, petcretary was one of two 'firsties' that got in the door to say hello to Teddy and his Mom...aka the graphics dept...she had the right answer, too, but she was a little late in getting back there to tell them...

But it was still fun and special, the Graphics dept made special Badges with an Easter theme! So she got this one for being a first commenter:

 Then she got this badge for knowing the right answer, but not being the first one:

Could you spare some purrs, and pawyers for our good furend, Timmy?? He spent some time at the vet and he still isn't eating too well, according to his Dad Pete. Petcretary has known that furmily since her Catster days, way back in 2009, that's a LONG time!

Here is a recent picture of dear Timmy:

Please send purrs and POTP to Timmy

We also learned of another sad passing:

Guido the 'EyeTailYun-Kitty' became an Angel on March 28th...we have known him, too, since our Catster days...sigh...(You can visit here, too, on Facebook).

We made a card in his honor:


We are in the Sunday Selfies, Blog hop. A special Easter Blog hop!

Thanks, Kitties Blue for hosting this weekly feature! Its a lot of fun! We love you all!

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  1. Happy Easter guys, we hope mew have an epically epic day and mew look truly amazing! XOX

  2. Benji and Dalton, you are such such good good pups to dress up and pose. We're sure you'd rather be out chasing the rabbits and digging for treasures in the yard.
    Beautiful memorial to Guido who was an inspawration to all.
    xoxo, Bibi & Meep

  3. You are such precious Easter bunny-pups! Happy Easter!

  4. Happy Easter! I hope you're surrounded by sunshine, flowers, chocolate, and family on this happy day. We love the card you made for Guido! And you guys Rock the ears!
    We feel for your Mom, ours has to replace the car! Because of driving to and from Kelowna when Dad was in the hospital, she has a "High Mileage" vehicle and that means she looses about 1/3 of the value. And they won't give her any credit for the 4 month old tires. Sheesh! We send your Mom hugs!

  5. Happy Easter to two very handsome pupsters, and many good wishes to all their family.

  6. Now I see who got stuck wearing the bunny ears! You guys look great! I hope your’e having a Happy Easter! ~Ernie

  7. Those are great selfies of you two. Happy Easter!

  8. TBT here: Replying to your recent comment on my Cavebear blog... Check out Consumer Reports online for good tire choices by purpose and kind of car. Some less-expensive tires are better than more-expensive ones.

    You may save time mowing using a riding mower. Riding mowers are GREAT. I can mow my 1/2 acre in 45 minutes and it is even FUN. CR discusses them, too.

    If you want, email me (mine is on the blog) about gardening and starting seeds inside. I've been doing that for about 50 years.

    And Happy Easter... ;)

    1. Thanks for the tips.
      Our yard has a lot of trees in the back third acre,and the rest of the yard also has many places where even a small ride on mower would be hard to we walk...its good exercise, at any rate.
      We looked into one a few years ago, and decided not to get one...yet.

      Tires? Hubby is weird that way, and he wants to get the same ones that were on the van originally when we bought it new...and he is an avid CR reader for even little things! LOL!

      I have 6 very small windowsill trays and a few pacs of seeds...and two large south facing windows...and no kitties to eat the seedlings, which happened once when we had Minko...I do not even have room for a grow light...I used to have a large three shelf one, but I gave that away when I came to the US.

    2. Well that all makes sense. You have trees, hubby has a habit with tires, and most homes have limited light for seedlings. You never know the details until you ask. LOL!

  9. Happy Easter. You both look cute in your selfies.

  10. we love that selfies... and we wish you a wonderful easter fest... even when everything is no longer like it was once...

  11. Ouch about the tires, when it rains it pours! Your photos are always soooo darling!! Hoping you had a nice Easter! We were heartbroken about Guido too :(

  12. My mommy thinks she knew Guido the Cat. Was he from San Francisco? She says there was a Guido kitty dat attended the Dogster meet-up as a photograph. Dat was years or centuries ago. Anywag, whichevfur Guido it is, we are furry sorry fur hims pawrents.

    1. Yes, he was from SF. A very active Catster member back in the day, and equally active on FB and with his blog after that was gone.
      We are sure you Mommy 'met' him.

  13. Nice selfies! Happy belated Easter!