Sunday, January 24, 2021

Selfies! New Ones!

 Well, another busy week has gone by.

Pawppy has new wheels now, Hooray! He loves it, though he said he was still perfectly happy with the older model...oh well...

The first thing he did with his new car was to drive himself to a clinic where he had an appointment for his Covid Vaccine, be got the Pfizer one.

Funny thing, now they both will get their second shots on the same day!

So far as petcretary can tell, the CBD has only calmed Dalton down a tiny bit. So we'll just keep on with it. Its got to start working sometime....we hope!

It got pretty cold and windy one day last week, so we wore our jackets outside. We were less than impressed, BOL! 

We let *her* take a few pics, they are our selfies, the newest ones!

We thought we were dressed up to go for a walk??!

We are joining all the other selfies at The Kitties Blue, They are the faithful weekly hosts of The Sunday Selfies BlogHop. Thanks for keeping it going!!


  1. Toulouse says he would like oe of your coats for winter here! Happy Sunday Selfies!

  2. We can tell from your photos how unimpressed you were with your jackets. But being cold would be worse, We think. Especially as in your neck of the woods, Cold is REALLY Cold! And you do look smart.

  3. Yay for the new wheels :)
    It is pretty cold here too. WE had snow on Friday so we have a Winter Wonderland now :)
    Purrs, Julie

  4. We love your jackets. Our mom got her first vaccine, too. She gets her second on in about three weeks.

  5. You two look very cute in your jackets. We're glad to hear Pawppy got his new car and Covid shot. Our pawrents can't even get on a list for one of those with so few shots available now.

  6. We are still waiting for our 88-year-old mother to get her first shot; it seems that the whole state ran out of vaccines at once! The Hubby and I will go when I am able to; he won't go without me, even though he's already eligible. But there aren't any shots available right now!
    I did get my flu shot last week, when picking up a script at the pharmacy.

  7. Wow what a couple of movie stars in the making we have here. Like posing on the slopes of Vail!
    So glad Pawppy got his new car AND the vaccine. We are waiting here.
    Dad says he thinks CBD is a bit overhyped and most of the effects are due to the placebo effect. Whenever you see something and address it at its peak the natural cycle will next be less intense. If you gave CBD there may be a thought that is the answer when it is really just the way things exacerbate and then ameliorate. Yeah we may get heat for saying that but... just our thoughts on it.
    That said we Hope it works and works well for you!

  8. What wonderful Jackets! Cinnamon thinks they are gorgeous! And they match. We are so furry happy that your Pappy got his new car and that your peeps have gotten their first shots! We hope you are having a marvellously Happy Day and your Mom is not working too hard!

  9. I'm so glad you both are getting vaccinated!

  10. Yay, your Peeps both got vaccinated! Keep us posted on the CBD, I'd like to know if it really helps. You two are way too cute in your snazzy red jackets!

  11. Gpa is still waiting to gets his first shot, Ma checks for nearby appointments 87,000 times a day ;)
    I loooooves your coats! You look FABulous! it doesn't really gets that cold here for a coat, so I gets lucky on that front! BOL! (I don't likes coats 😁)
    Ruby ♥

  12. red is your color!!! and we are happy for da new ride... may it bring you only to da best places ;O)

  13. Glad you pups are keeping warm. It's been getting pretty cold around here too. But at least the sun is shining, and the days are getting a bit longer.

  14. doodz.....we iz knot much inta cloth oh any kind; lezz itz upholstered goodz that
    can be shredded; but yur jackitz iz AWESUM and ya both look GRATE !!! :) ♥♥

  15. oh they look "stylin" in their jackets! Love the color! Congrats on the new car! I got my vaccine yesterday (same one as you).......I go back Feb 17 because I want Lenny to take me so I pushed mine two days back.

  16. I have heard CBD oil is used with animals now and am anxious to see some kind of change in Dalton.

    hahahahaha....thanks for the chuckle. You guys look warm and ticked. The price one must pay to keep warm.


  17. Yoo all look so booteeful in yoor jackets. Not that I want to wear one. I'm not a dwess up grrrl. At my house we would need a gallon of that CBD oil to get Wabbit to simmer the hekk down. So sad. Anyway, enjoy yoor snow and cold. We are suffering wif sunshine and ocean bweezes. So very dissy-pointing. Love, Dori