Sunday, January 17, 2021

Flashback Sunday Selfies

Petcretary was SO tied up with all kinds of not doggy things....yes, we know same old excuse...

She didn't even *try* to get any new pics. Sheesh! Not that we ourselves mind at all,  BOL! 

But well, all our furends might want to see something new once in a while...

And we missed Dress Up Your Pet Day, among other here are some flashback selfies from about a year ago, as close to the 17th of January that we could find. We even had hats on, does that count for dress up??  Hmmm...

Pawppy will have his new (but used, off lease) car in a few days, he decided after mulling it over and over which one he wanted. Only a few more days of Taxi service and car sharing.

Petcretary finally got her Covid Vaccination, the first of two needed, she got the Moderna vaccine. She did have a sore arm for a few days, but not much else. Some peeps were feeling ill for several days, and one had a bad reaction, but not severe, thankfully. So she will get the next one in 4 weeks from the first.

Pawppy got an appt to get his next week, he is in the third group of 'prioritized' peeps at risk, due to age or medical conditions, Petcretary was in the second group due to her work in long term care; the first was all those front-line workers. We do thank all of those special peeps!

We had some snow earlier this past week, but it all melted...and today we expect a couple more inches. This worries pawppy, cause of the slippery conditions. Not so much here at home cause we make sure the walk is clean and salted/sanded, but when he gets out of the car at other we do look forward to when snow and ice are no longer something to worry about., Lets have spring ASAP...yup, wishful thinking indeed! We won't hold our breath...BOL!

Dalton has been stressed out a lot lately, maybe due to Pawppy using a cane, and unfurbro-the-elder being here...and he growls or barks at them a lot. Even with raised hackles. Yikes. He did lunge at them more than once. He really is showing that he has  doggy PSTD, we think. So he has been started on CBD oil, a few days ago, and we shall have to see how it might be of benefit for him over the long run. We hope it will be helpful.

OK, Here are our flashback selfies from Jan 20, 2020.


You got to be kidding, petcretary!
  We felt so much better after she took off those silly hats...(Hats made by Miss Cathrine of Angel-Basil's Gang )

I'll even give you a two eared!

I'll just look adorable, BOL!

We are in the Sunday Selfie Blog Hop, hosted each week by The Kitties Blue, and we thank them for hosting each and every week, we love them and we love the selfies hop!


  1. Nice flashback selfies! Hopin da CBD oil helps.

    Glad your petrecetary wuz able to get da vaccine!

  2. Yay for getting the vaccines :)
    Your flashback pictures are pawsome.
    Mum is smart. She won't even try to dress me up ;) MOL!!!
    Yesterday we had huge winds and rain!!! No damage, but more rain for a few days
    and then some flurries at weeks end.
    Purrs, Julie

  3. We quite understand that you feel embarrassed with those hats. Still, they are kind of cute. But you are even cuter.

  4. You both look cute in your selfies with and without those hats. We have our paws crossed that the CBD oil helps Dalton.

  5. You look cute in all your selfies, but happier without your hats.

  6. You guys look adorable! Mom says she should make us some hats...we said NO!!! We are glad that your Pappy is getting his new car soon and that you are getting the Covid Vaccine. Mom checked and according to the BC government, she won't get hers until August/September! Thanks so much for visiting and commenting on the blog, we LOVE your Mom! Have a marvellously Happy Day!

  7. Great selfies friends and you need to give some tail wags to Mom for getting them from befur. We are glad Pawppy is getting his new car. Our Dad also gets very worried when there is any cold snow or ice due to falls too. Tell him to be really careful. Great Mom got the vaccine and Pawppy is scheduled. Our friends in healthcare say that sore arm is just what they got. Purrs for a fun week friends

  8. Nice to see you pups! Glad things are going OK for you and your family. I'm just trying to rest up today and get ready for the busy week to come.

  9. YAY about the vaccine! We are signed up at like 3 different places and haven't heard from anyone. I am in the 65 and up group, Lenny is in the teacher group......nothing....his daughter is actually headed out your way (Jackson) today to get hers. I heard it's the second vaccine that people are having reactions to, they say if you have a reaction to the second vaccine, that means it is working. So happy you got yours because you have been helping others this entire time in a Nursing Home, the worst place to be (due to COVID).

  10. I'm glad to hear you guys are so early in line for the vaccinations. My human has to wait, but she's anxious because she knows the only way she'll eventually get to return to doing therapy cat work with me is after she is vaccinated.

  11. I am so glad you got your vaccine. I heard from someone there was a rumour of a ten year waiting list. I thought Yikes!!!! I am guessing this is just rumours though.

    You two made me giggle with your hats LOL!!

  12. you look fantabulous!!! and we are so glad to read that the vaccination went well... and we hope hope hope your mama is now well protected and the evil virus will run away from our world...

  13. hay ewe dawgz; we iz prette sure hatz count az cloth N cloth iz dressin up !! ya both look
    grate:) we iz glad petcretarry getted her vaceen N pawpy iz gettin hiz FSG takez
    her mom ta getz her shotz next week; we hope we iz knot waitin in line til march !! :) ♥♥

  14. Yoo look so vewy pwetty in those hats. Vewy stylish! Purrs, Dori