Monday, November 27, 2017

Farewell, Abbie From Dogster and Thanksgiving Selfies ~ Belatedly

Well, yet another Thanksgiving Day has come and gone! Now we are all in full swing towards another big day of dogabrating and catabrating! These are are now rather  bittersweet for petcretary as they are all firsts without our dear little Minko...but we do have many precious memories to treasure.
We still do not have the digital copies of our visit with Santa last week...
Petcretary had to work on T.D. and then after a day of prepping food and goodies ~ all from 'scratch' since we do no longer eat anything processed, etc. ~ finally late in the evening there was a yummy and scrumptious feast of turkey and fixings for our meal. Even us furs all got a dish of yummy turkey noms, though petcretary said they were dog and kitty specific...but oh so yummy, cause we normally do not get those kind of noms:)  We did get a lick of that yummy whipping cream that went on her delish pumpkin pie...but she did not let us have any of that pie, cause of the fat in it...and lo-han (monkfruit) the sweetener...well she did not want to use us for any scientific failed experiment, knowing that there are some so called natural sweeteners that are toxic for us furry ones.

We actually had a nice sunny day on Saturday, so petcretary tried to get some quick belated Thanksgiving images/selfies of us.
Pipo was not impressed as he got interrupted from his sunpuddle time.
Dalton was scared and anxious about all the hoopla and getting put up on the table with all those strange props...MJF just 'put up' so that he could get down again and back into his nest in a sunpuddle...and when she saw the pictures, petcretary was annoyed with herself for not closing the blind to get softer lighting and not all those funky shadows from the lacy curtains, BOL/MOL!! Well, haste makes waste is not said without reason! At least some of them turned out:)

Who knew pumpkins made such good pillows!!
She is pestering me again...sigh...
I just wish she would let me enjoy this sunpuddle without sticking a camera in my face.
Ahhh...nip and a sunpuddle...the best of all things to be thankful for:))
Aww, shucks, petcretary, no rest till you get what you want eh??!
Now she was finished, well, I tried to take a nap, but then she shoved me make pictures of my brofurs. I can't win...
Dalton's First Thanksgiving in his new forever home...but he isn't too sure about all of those props, BOL!
And who are *YOU*!!
I guess this isn't too awful...but those shadows didn't help...
Oh, I am supposed to smile with thanks??
I don't thinks so petcretary...not yet...
This is about as relaxed as you are going to 'capture' me today...
Or like this, cause in the sun, I am getting sleepy...
Petcretary, you had better just decide this will be the selfie...cause I am done...and off he jumped!!!
MJF s a bit more relaxed, he is an old hand at all this fussing stuff...
You want a real selfie??
Bwa-ha-ha...she wants me to make a selfie!
I'll think about it...
Still thinking...
Ok, then...selfie time from me,  MrJackFreckles
Can I have a treat now??
Sheesh, she still wants more pictures...
Well, I guess so...
But I really do not want to look...
Well, I hope you all had a good and Happy Thanksgiving!
Now its treat time, right??!
Angel Minko from a couple years ago.
We made a couple of remembrance memento cards; its so sad to have too say goodby to our furry loved ones at his time of the year.
Chucky, beloved angel kitty from Eastside Cats
Abbie, we have known her and her furmily since our Dogster days. You can visit her furmily here on Facebook.
And actually on this very day many years ago we did have to say goodby to our Suki, in 2007, wow, its been ten years now and we sure still miss her and her Diva-Purrincess ways. She sure was a Prima Donna!
Here is a picture of our Angel Suki:
Angel Suki (Sorry its so dark, this was a scanned image from when we did not have digital cameras...)
Angel Suki as a kitten
We are blog hopping with The Kitties Blue, who kindly host this weekly Sunday Selfies feature.


  1. What lovely selfies guys! Pipo! You are the epitome if Man Catness! Dalton! Dude! You RULE! You really rocked those selfies! You are really getting the hang of it! (to tell you the truth, I have troubles too) and Mr Jack Freckles! You are the KING! and I LOVE your smile!

  2. your photos are super sweet... and yes a pumpkin makes a great pillow... maybe because both words start with the same letter? ... and hey that pillow is even eatable ... can you imagine what a mess I could make with a pumpkin pillow...hahahaha

    1. Thanks, Phenny! Imagine if you and Dalton got in cahoots with eachother and got to share a pumpkin or two?? OMD!

  3. You did a great work again on all your selfies, Pipo, Mr JF and Dalton and the Angels too😸🐶😇 Pawkisses for a Happy Day😽❤😻

  4. doodz....doez petcretarry noe how much FOWL language ewe used in thiz
    post.....N sure everee onez selfeez rock, even if that bass terd fake gobbler
    wanna be... foto bombed...but still ~~~~~


  5. What great fotos. We're tellin' ya' your petratary oughtta be a fotograffer. she could make lots of green papers doin' it. Mommy would never think 'bout makin' such a scene. 'Course, we don't have seasonal types of stuffs, but ifin we did, she wouldn't think to use it. Big hugs

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

    1. Thanks so much, Dezi & Raena...but well, if petcretary did it to make $$ it would loose some of the fun! besides she only uses a point & shoot camera...nothing really fancy.

  6. We loved seeing all those pictures! I hope you pups and Pipo got plenty of yummies for posing so nicely. I know if it was me, I'd be stealing those turkey and pumpkin squeaky toys and running around playing keep-away with them. We finally had some turkey on Sunday.

  7. Awwww! Excellent selfies from old and young and Angels alike. Happy Thanksgiving!
    Toodle pip

  8. ohhhh Suki was such a stunning baby girl kitten!

    Lovely fall photos - you three did beautifully! (did you get your subpuddle back later, Pipo?

    1. Thanks! Suki sure was a looker! We all miss her and her diva ways.

      Our sunpuddle has come and gone..mostly gone. We think the weatherforecast is cloudy and snow till April at least...

  9. I am so sorry that you have lost your precious Abbie during this normally joyous holiday season. May her memories bring you comfort.

    1. Abby belonged to a furend from Dogster. She was known and loved by many. It will be hard for her furmily. We are pawyering too for their comfort.