Sunday, November 12, 2017

Happy Birthday Visiting Selfie Sunday

Petcretary and Dalton took a road trip this past week.
They went to the Great White North...howevfur it was as green there as here...but we did get some snow dustings after she got back...and they got some more!
Anypaws, Dalton had tons of fun with Eddie, our new Canadian cousin. Eddie stands quite tall, but he weighs about the same as Dalton, who could stand underneath him, BOL!
Dalton traveled well...and he even gets into the van by himself...well, he needs a boost but he does get in there...(MrJackFreckles never wants to get in...and even grumps when he is put in there).


On the second day, Dalton and Eddie went into their respective crates...and Auntie and petcretary drove about 20miles to visit their own Aunt. Tante Arendina, as she is called by her nieces and nephews, became 98 on Nov7th. So even though it was a tiny celebration and rather subdued, it was still a joyous event. Tante A is very deaf, has great difficulty seeing well, and is quite frail now. But she does still know us and enjoys seeing her relatives. She even got to 'skype' and have a wee chat with one of her nieces in the Netherlands. Later after petcretary and Auntie left she had a visit from one of her nephews.
Tante Arendina celebrating her 98th birthday. 7-11-2017
Our Great Aunt and our Auntie
Our Great Aunt and our Petcretary
Arendina W. 7-11-2017
When they got back, Dalton and Eddie had a big romp in Aunties yard. Lots of barking and silly stuff going on, but they do get on well together.
There are interesting sniffs to be had in Edie's yard.
Come on Eddie!
Wanna play?!
Woof, Come on lets go!
Wooferay!! Lets PLAY!
Sheesh, Dalton, you tire me out!
The next day it was the return road trip...good thing, the weather was beautiful, and the next day it was wet and the snow showers started up.
Dalton: 'Eddie, don't be sad, I'll come to play some other time'...
 Dalton  being a Texas pup, transplanted by circumstances to Michigan, was not at all impressed by that cold wet stuff on his tootsies, BOL! Wait until the snow really is here. MJF just looks at it, and likely sighs to himself and then goes out and does his 'privacy please' as fast as he can, BOL!

Pipo was glad there was more than a few hours of sunpuddles...but still, we did have too many 'no sun' days. And record low temps too, Brrr! It was 17F here the other morning. The bird bath was like a mini skating rink. But birdies don't know how to skate...they sure do know how to eat up seeds and suet though! Petcretary has to fill up the sunflower feeder each morning. They gobble up mealworms too...and peanuts. Squirrel dudes are not in evidence that much...Us 2 dogs, and a roaming neighbor kitty and dog must scare them away. And besides they have a bounty of walnuts to feast on and dig into the ground, as well as plenty of acorns too.
What fun things has Dalton done to confirm his naughtiness this week?? Ripped up a paperback cover, shredded a scatter-rug, chewed up a planter marker, Gained access to a box of monk-fruit and ripped that open and tasted some of it as well...BOL, it was not loved cause he left it...destuffed more toys, tried to chew on a table leg, and also part of the baby gate. This dude is crazy!! He has oodles of toys and chew things, but the other things must be far more entertaining...sigh...

Saturday was Nov 11. Veterans Day here in the USA, Also Remembrance Day in Canada. Petcretary was working, so she wore a poppy. Only one person knew why she had that on, and she had to explain it to others. Oh well...
Thanks to all those who serve selflessly for us all, sometimes giving their own lives. Freedom and other things we take for granted are truly costly.

Tomorrow is petcretary's Birthday...another trip around the sun, via the earth's travels has been accomplished! MJF says she is going to be more than 4 times older than he, she is older than dirt! Oops, we are not supposed to say that...BOL/MOL!

And we found time to help petcretary make a card...
Delilah can be found @ Kitty Cat Chronicles
We are Selfie Hopping with The Kitties Blue, who host this fun weekly feature.


  1. Lots and lots of wonderful photos, top to bottom: woofies and kitties galore, fun times and more! And happy, happy birthday wishes (GREAT BIG AMAZING ONES) to your special and beautiful Tante. Of course, happy purrsday also to sweet Delilah!

  2. I have to say happy birthday to Tante Arendina and to the Petcretary HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You all look as though you had a wonderful week, though maybe dalton too much MOL
    May the sun puddles continue to shine on your lives and the coals burn warm in your hearts
    Toodle pip

  3. What a nice visit Dalton and your human had with Tante Arendina - she looks great for 98! I think a lot of people in the U.S. don't know about the poppy tradition with veterans, for some reason, although it's a part of remembrance for Canada and Europe.

    1. They had a great visit, and the memory of that special day will be long cherished.

      I think in Canada, there is way more knowledge about American things than the other way round. Hmmm....

  4. Wow! What a busy time you all had! It was nice to meet the Aunties and cousin Eddie. Happy birthday to Tante Arendina!

    We've had some cold weather too and snow on the ground. Ghostwriter only had one good thing to say about it: the mud got frozen so I didn't get dirty feet running around in the yard. We're getting the snow tires put on the car tomorrow.

    It seems Dalton is quite a handful! Hang in there MJF! (I'm with you on the travelling. I don't like getting into the car.)

    For some reason, we're not always getting the notices when you put up a new post. (It's probably because of our computer.) If it wasn't for the blog hop today, we wouldn't have known about it. We'll keep checking in more often, though. Sorry if we missed any.

    1. Thanks Chester and your GW.

      Sorry about the troubles you are having accessing our went haywire when I changed the title...sigh...
      Since petcretary mostly only blogs into this hop that is the best way to easily find us:)

      It is muddy here now...MJF doesn't like to get in the car, but he is OK once we get going. He used to watch the scenerey and bark at things, esp the water towers or feilds with cattle, BOL!

  5. This is my first time visiting your blog. You have a lovely, and active family.

  6. Mee-you yur cuss-inn Eddie lookss like one happy doggie!! Dalton yur doin grate an yur a traveller! Way kewl mee furend. As fur Tante A shee iss BEEUTEEFULL....seereusslee beeuteefull...98...wee thott maybe inn earlee 80'ss. Lady Ingrid now mee knowss why yur so purrty.
    Pipo it has been around 15/16 deegreess here all so an snowin....BBRRR!!! Mee tooked LadyMum fur a short walk today an even with 2 layerss on, mee was shivurrin! PHOOEY!
    Grate selfiess efurryone.
    ***nose rubsss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

    1. Hi, Sid-Henry!
      Thank you! Now you have petcretary blushing...

      Its warmed up a bit here and now its all muddy...
      But soon Dalton will need his sweater or jacket for outdoor excursions of any length.
      And petcretary saw your moose one at a pet shop when she was in Canada last week, MOL! No she did not get it...he already has three sweaters and two coats, not to mention the ones from MJF which are miles too big, MOL!!!

  7. What wonderful selfies today! What a wonderful road trip Dalton had!
    Jakey, Arty & Rosy

  8. Happy birthday to Tante Arendina! Those are lovely photos of everyone.
    I was surprised that not many people knew what the poppy was for. In the UK the majority of people where them for Remembrance Day.

    1. Thank you.

      It seems sometimes being a Canadian in America, petcretary knows more about her 'adopted' country than most Americans know about their big friendly northern neighbor. That is a comment on the way the televisions work and the way newspapers present the news, and the way history is/is not taught. I never hardly hear anything about Canadian affairs here, Ihave to go and look at their internet newspapaers to learn anything. However when I am there to visit family, I am inundated with news from the USA. Go figure.
      Memorial Day inn the USA is a bit more like Remembrance veterans day is mpstly more about those still with us.

      And each November when I visit there, I always buy a poppy to wear. And for some reason I like to save them,I have a long row of them:)

  9. Happy Belated Birthday to your aunt. I love the photo of you two together.Great selfies of Dalton, MJF and Pipo. It looks like Dalton and his cousin are besties. Keep warm! XO

    1. Thanks so much!
      Dalton and Eddie get along quite well, but no mutual snuggling occurred...and that has not happened with MJF and Dalton either, let alone D & Pipo...MOL! Maybe, just maybe some day...

  10. Dalton is quite the character! We are so happy hat he travels well and that he gets along so well with other dogs (Especially Eddie) and Happy (Belated) Birthday to Tante Arendina1 WoW! 97! What an accomplishment.
    Petcretary, Nellie will have a birthday surprise for you on her Spark post tomorrow!
    PS Pipo, you have the most gorgeous eyes!

    1. Only two more years till 100...but it will be a miracle indeed if she is blessed with those two more...she is just so frail these days...but full of life and has most of her mind intact. That in itself is a big blessing:)

      Thanks for that surprise for our petcretary she loved it!

      Marv, if I was a ladycat, I would be blushing...

  11. How amazing to see such a wonderful lady! Happy Birthday ma'am from us at Dash Kitten.

  12. First, Happy birthday to Petcretary Ingrid. Maybe Dalton will put on his good manners for a day. He reminds our mom of a doggie she and Dad had when they were first married. Poppy ate the window sills in the duplex they rented from Dad's aunt. When they moved, Dad had to plane them down even with the window frame. She also did major damage to the dining room table legs. Hopefully Dalton will grow out of his antics! We loved the birthday photos of Tante Arendina. She is beautiful and certainly doesn't look her age. Looks like Dalton and Eddie (who is also a cutie) had oodles of fun. Thanks for sharing some selfies of Pipo and MJF and hopping. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy

    1. Thank you!

      Dalton was pretty decent until our unfurbros came by for dinner....he barked and grumped them, MOL! He only does this to men...but at least he did not ruin anything today, BOL!

      Eddie and Dalton would be the best of buddies, too bad we live over 300 miles well as in different countries.

      Tante A is marvelous and its such a blessing to have her still with us:)

  13. dooodz.....sendin bee lated best fishez N happee day wishez two Tante.....her iz one gorgeouz gal ☺☺☺♥♥♥ her iz 98 yeerz young ♥♥♥ N de selfeez thiz week total lee rock de houz....dalton glad ewe had one grate visit with yur cuzin.....if eye had ta visit cuzin daiz....eye wood looze me mind !!! ☺☺☺♥♥♥ tuna of moon ~~~~~~

  14. Happy birthday to your mommy. And happy wishes fur your awnties. Pipo, those are great fotos. We can't believe ya'll already got snow. OMC Stay warm and toasty. Big hugs fur all

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

    1. Thanks so much, Dezi & Raena.
      Our snow melted by Saturday, and now we are back to chilly muddy messes all over, and wet soggy leaves. Try raking those up,MOL!!!

  15. Happy Birth Great Aunt and Mom! Beautiful pics as always. your Great Aunt looks fabulous - 98? Wowo! Purrs, Meep P.S. that Dalton sure is one active pup!

    1. Thanks!
      Tante Arendina is amazing!
      Dalton tires us all our, BOL/MOL!

  16. What a beautiful post with all the pictures of the doggies and your Auntie. She looks great, not even 70! Pawkisses for a Happy Day to all of you😘❤😻

  17. Wow that looks like everyone had so much fun!!
    I love the photos of Dalton and Eddie playing together - I LOVE playing with my friends in the park!
    Lots of licks, your new friend Morrie :)