Sunday, November 19, 2017

Getting Ready For Thanksgiving ~ Selfies On Sunday

Wow, Thanksgiving is almost here!
And you know, petcretary has not gotten out her camera in many selfies were not easy to come by this week, MOL/BOL!
We don't mind...too much...but she did manage a quick session to capture these 'Getting Ready Selfies'!

There was a R.O.A.R. event with Santa Paws, so all(!) of us went there to get our picture taken. There were all kinds of doggies and kitties there waiting to do the same thing. And...there were lots more of them hoping to find new peeps to call their own, like Dalton was, a couple months ago. There was even a pair of JRT's that were about 4 month old, and one of them was a MJF lookalike. Hmmm...good thing our den is full, said he, MJF, 'cause I don't think I could handle yet another young un', BOL! Petcretary though tempted did not succumb, and she did not even ask to see him cause well, then she would have been incurably smitten:)
Well, since he was young and his furbling as well, they do stand a good chance of finding that perfect new den. Soon we hope!
The R.O.A.R. lady was glad to see her protege, Dalton, and said he looked like he was thriving! Well, of course!!

The peeps in line ahead of us, had a puppy, a fluff ball of about 8 weeks old, looked to be a shepherd mix. And they also had a tuxie mancat. Well, they had Santa hats for themselves but not fur the furry ones...go figure! So petcretary lent ours to them so they could all be festive. She thought they looked adorable in that 'finery', and of course so did we, when it was our turn.
You will all have to wait till later to see our Santa pics, BOL/MOL!

OK then, here are those selfies you wanted to see:
Pipo has decided to just peer out of his cubby-hole at those silly pups and their antics...oh well, at least he showed you his sapphire eyes, MOL!
Oh, you need me to put something ON???

Can't MrJackFreckles just wear it for both of us?
MJF in his 'pre-Thanksgiving attire'; his Selfie.

I guess it wasn't as bad as I thought it might be, BOL! This is my 'pre-Thanksgiving Selfie'.
We made a couple of cards this week:
A Happy Birthday Card:

You can find Sassy here.
 And a sad OTRB one: Brought to our attention by Caren from Cat Chat, and there is a link there to visit...
You can go to Cat Chat and find the link to pay your respects.

We are hopping along in the Sunday Selfies, Hosted by The Kitties Blue @ The Cat On My Head


  1. You guys look so very festive and Mr Pipo, you have the most incredible blue eyes! Mommy says they look just like Nellie's used to, but photos never did them justice.
    We send you all many kisses and wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. You all have lovely selfies and are looking good in your pre Thanksgiving get up.

  3. Wonderful, wonderful selfies, guys! And congrats on the new family addition! We are behind the times... with Mom's work schedule, we haven't been able to visit our furiends' blogs much lately. So we are sorry that we missed Dalton joining the family. He sure is a cutie! We look forward to seeing more and more of him! And Sassy says thank you for the beautiful birthday card!!!

    1. Yup, we know all too well about getting behind...there are over 200 emails about blogs in our inbox...sheesh!
      Dalton is a cutie...and a big rascal who needs lots of training about doggy manners...and to get to where he will be more relaxed around us and more trusting of us, too.

      You are welcome, Sassy!

  4. Pipo yur lookin mitey cozy inn yur cube! an Dalton yur all ready a master at Selfiess!! Mistur Jack yur lookin mitey hansum all so. It must bee grate to have a littul brofur there to share fingss with....
    An wee berry sorry about Lousiquette... :(
    **nose bumpsss** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

    1. Thanks, Sid-Henry!
      Dalton can be a pest sometimes according to MJF bit he seems to not mind most of the time...when he has had enough, MJF gives a big grump and that's all that's needed. MOL!

  5. Nice selfies! I can't wait to see the Santa hat photos!

  6. Happy Pre Thanksgiving to you all, and a great selection of selfies too. Pipo has the right idea in my book, but the boys do look wonderful in their festive attire, especially MJF
    Toodle pip and purrs

  7. Hello Pipo, you really have nice blue eyes.
    Thank you for sharing on your blog the beautiful card that you have made for our my Angel Loustiquette.
    Douce soirée
    Natacha and Hisia

    1. Thanks for stopping by.
      We love to make cards for our fellow bloggers, and esp for those who have lost a loved one.
      Big hugs to you and your furmily at this difficult time.
      ((((( ♥ )))))

  8. doodz....yur selfezz rock de houz & MJF; that "bow tie" is awesum buddy !!! we hope petcretary doez knot have ta werk N everee one haza sooooper grate pie day; lotz oh pie, spudz, mor pie.....R we forgettin sum thin....

    oh yea !!! bizcuitz !! ☺☺♥♥♥

    1. We had to wait till the next day...well, you know, health care doen't take petcretary *did* have to work. Go figure...
      Biscuits! Too bad Minko is in kitty heaven, he was an expert biscuit maker:)

  9. that are fabulous selfies ... and I'm sure you will make this thanksgiving eggs-tra special ;o)

  10. Hello there! I came across your blog in Kismet's Christmas Exchange List -
    what a great way to meet new fur-friends!
    I just love your photos, and I'm so excited for seeing my Blogville friends experience Thanksgiving, as we don't have that where I live... and Turkey sounds VERY yummy :)
    Lots of licks, your new friend Morrie!

    1. Thanks!
      Well we are a day late in our celebrating...and yes, Turkey *is* yummy!

  11. We are sending Thanksgiving wishes from across the miles from our house to yours. May your home be filled with love, laughter and happiness!
    Marv and Mom