Sunday, November 5, 2017

Keeping Busy Sunday Selfie Time

Petcretary had lots going on this week...she does keep way busy!
We are relying on some pictures that are new to you but they are a bit older having been taken in the past few weeks...its been so rainy, dank and even foggy at times. So not good for making nice sunny time pictures. And since petcretary doesn't hardly evfur use the flashy light on her camera...well, then we have to rely on what's in our 'library'!
Finally we got some sunbeams!

They make me feel all comfy and...sleepy...
The best way to use a (rare) sunpuddle.

He always wants to be in the middle of stuff...or in my face even.

At least he is minding his own business for a change...

We did have one sunny day...

I am an innocent dude, incapable of wrongdoing...BOL, BOL!
Pipo and MJF went to see the Vet this past week...all is well, and they were sent packing out of there! It was just time for their regular senior times visit:)
Somewhere along the line, MJF started up with goopy eyes, but an antibiotic and steroid eye ointment have begun to alleviate that issue. Silly Dalton tries to lick off the medicine after petcretary applies it. Sheesh.
MJF still is consistently inconsistent regarding eating habits. However he must be getting enough, because he has maintained his weight. What a dude!
Dalton comes up to pawppy now, to sniff him, but if pawppy so much as moves a finger, he, that skittish dude, is out of there in a hurry, BOL! So we are being patient...
All the rain and wetness, petcretary once again found a doo-doo under the dining room table...eeuuw! Dalton, you need to do that outside, rain or not! One day she might catch him at it, but if not, well, with his way too sensitive nature, she just cleans it up and puts enzymes on it to prevent remarking there.
He now is learning sit and lie down and consistently shakes a paw when asked...for a treat of course! Trying to teach roll over?? Well, if you touch me to make me roll, I shall have to wee wee...since that scares me...sigh...

We had a visit from our Auntie, but petcretary has been too busy to down load her camera, BOL!
This coming week her and Dalton will go there to see Eddie on his own terriertory. More busy time excuses later, BOL!
Eventually we will show you some pictures from those visiting days...

Past Tuesday the 31Oct we were at some funtimes for Halloween...not doing that here in our own den, it was fun to be at a blogville den, Tee-hee!
 We were at Murphy and Stanley's blog.
Here are some images from that event:

You can visit that whole event by clicking here: Murphy and Stanley

Petcretary and Pawppy left fur Church services at about 845 this morning. MJF had the run of the den with his uneaten/untouched dog food bowls within easy reach. Dalton was hemmed in a smaller area with a baby gate. When we got home at about 11 was Dalton? In the dining room, several empty bowls, and a big doo-doo under the table  again:(
Clevfur Mr Dalton had figured out how to get around/ovfur that gate...and well, the rest is history. He sure is an opportunist/terrierist. Back to the drawing board fur petcretary...or shut him in his crate she thinks. Duh...

Don't furget now..we may not be active in paying you a visit next week...but eventually we will, maybe not all of them but at some point we will resume our 'regular' habitual visits:)
Petcretary will be in the Toronto area for a few days, to visit Eddie, her sister,(our Auntie), and her own Aunt who hopes to turn 98!! Sheesh, petcretary thought it was 97...MOL/BOL! Maybe her own advanced age which number is soon to increase has something to do with this memory mishap?? Oopsie!

We are hopping along with the Kitties Blue, who are the weekly hosts of this fun feature.


  1. Those are lovely photos. Looks like you had a great Halloween.

  2. WoW ! It sure looks like you guys had fun at Ernie and Stanley's Party! And Pipo, Mr Jack Freckles and Dalton...your selfies are great!
    And Dalton, pooping under the table...that is not good, vut at least you are consistent.
    I hope your Mom has a great trip and a great visit!
    We send you loads of Purrs
    Marv and Mom

    1. Yup, he does it in the same place...sigh...

      The trip went well:)

  3. We really like all your pictures :)
    Dalton sounds like a pawful :/
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  4. Nice pics, even if they are a little older - my human uses all sorts of tricks to avoid using flash because, well... nobody likes flash, MOL! How cool that your human's aunt is turning 98! That's an amazing milestone!

    1. Flashy times are the makings of laser eyes...and other not wanted effects...

  5. You has to enjoy them sun puddles when you get them or where you find them. Oh dear, Dalton will surely be in the dog pen next time! We are so pleased MJF is holding his own weight and enjoying time with Dalton....... well not being hassled by him too much MOL
    Toodle pip

    1. Sun puddles are becoming a rarity around these parts of late.
      Dalton needs a new name: Mr NO!

  6. Oh dear Dalton you are Naughty!I hope you get some more Sunbeams this week,xx Speedy

    1. A Rascal and cute, but evfur so naughty. Its like he nevfur had any proper upbringing...

  7. Love all the pictures and we are all happy as anything that you and MJF are fine Pipo. Hi Dalton. You will love Pawppy a whole lot we know it
    Timmy and Family

  8. Mee-you Mistur Jack an Pipo sounds like yur Mumma has her paws full with werk an bloggie an thee Terryrist Dalton!
    Now Dalton poopin inn thee house iss a BIG 'no-no'!!!! Hu'manss do not approve of this. You wood not want them *you know* inn yur place rite??? An beein inn a crate iss not a lot of fun....
    Lady Ingrid have you tried thee puppy pads fur Dalton? Maybee a litter box mew mew mew....
    Grate selfiess an fotoss'. Our weather iss cold an grey an damp an dank all so~~
    ***nose bumpsss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxxx

    1. Petcretary thinks using puppy pads will just encourage this doo-doo behavior...cause they have 'do it here' pheromes in them.

  9. We allow that anything within a moon is "new". MOL!

    1. MOL! Some of those Pipo & MJF images are not moons, but years old...recycling is what is going on...

  10. guyz...old, new ore just taken yur fotoz rock.....itz crazed round de land oh trout two; we dunno left frum down ore up frum over head any mor; stoppin bye ta say hi with a grate week a head ~~~~~

    1. Busy is such a bad word...but we suppose lazy and bored are even worse, LOL!

  11. Oh my you DID have a party didn't you!!!!

    Sorry we are late, Mum has been working and it all behind.

    The Dash Kitten Crew

    1. Behind?? We are so behind we should just clear the inbox (Over 200) and just start fresh, MOL!

  12. Sorry we're so late Pipo, we have the hardest time findin' your mew bloggy. Our emails are a mess and our searcher does funny things. Anyways, great fotos of you, and da doggies too. Big hugs fur all.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

    1. Sorry you are having such a hard time getting our posts. Since petcretary mostly only posts on the Sunday selfies blog hop, that is one way you can 'keep up' with us.

      Hugs, licks and purrs back at ya'll! ♥