Sunday, March 29, 2020

Sunday Selfies Time...A Week Goes By Quickly!

Yup, it sure did fly right by! Even though we here in Michigan are now in a stay at home/shelter in place modes...we cannot go out except to go to essential work, like what petcretary does, or food service workers, and pharmacies. Also gas stations and car repair places may work. So petcretary had an oil change...but her hair appointment had to be by the time beauty salons/barber shops may reopen, there will be a lot of shaggy peeps around these parts, Petcretary included. She has fairly short hair, but she may need pigtails, soon, MOL!!
We have been able to get the necessary things, no hoarding needed, Sheesh, but the shelves are still devoid of many items, such as peanut butter, and flour.
She is still able to go to work...but we are still on major lockdown in there, to keep that nasty invisible threat out of there.
We now have many positive cases of this viral sickness in our far we do not know of any peeps ourselves.
Lots of peeps out walking on nice days...with or without doggies. Lots of families playing games in their yards, too. Things we have not seen for a long time! Maybe family members will learn how to reconnect with eachother in ways not related to technology, though having it is a blessing, because we CAN visit with one another this way, with or without face to face; Skype, video conferencing, Zoom, etc.)

Well on one nice day, we pups and petcretary were out on our the old iPhone5 was in her pocket too...
Hi, Petcretary, are we ready to go inside yet??

Hi! think it was I who dug that big hole by the tree?? Well, um...the dirt on my schnooter gives me away huh...sheesh!


The first delicate crocuses came up and bloomed! Hooray for Spring!

Pipo said...just give my furends a flashback, to I can bask in the sunbeams...well, now, that was silly, said petcretary...its very rainy out there, but flashbacks are OK, if you do not want a new one of your handsome self...

Last week, (March17th), petcretary did the Tuesday Teaser, and she was the first and only right guesser. She forgot to put in our post, so here it is now, belatedly.
This is a picture, taken in Stuttgart Germany.
Thanks,Charles (Chuck) Huss of BADCATCHRIS!!   
for sending it to Teddy to use to tease us!
Here is the Badge I got for guessing correctly, and the only right guesser at that! Hooray!
I was the First and ONLY Right Guesser on the Teaser of March 17, 2020 !!
Thanks Teddy and Miss Pam! We love your teasers, though we are hardly ever the first there for anything, BOL/MOL!
Here a link to that post if you want to check it out and all the un that goes with it!
2020/03/17/ Tuesday Teaser St Patricks Day

 We  made memorial cards for some sweet kitties...

Miss Dottie. Not sure why, but I see no comments on the post where her mom let us know about Miss Dottie. Maybe you can send her some comforting purrs, that would be nice for her.
Miss Dottie


We've joined the Sunday Selfie Blog Hop, and you can the Kitties Blue who thoughtfully and faithfully host this fun hop each week. Thanks!!


  1. We are all sheltering in place (kinna normal for us), but there sure are gonna be some hairy Beins around when it ends. MOL!

  2. Funny you mention hair ... our human has been putting off getting her hair cut - and now that she can't stand it anymore, all the places are closed! If this goes on for much longer, she's going to try to cut it herself ... let's just say that's a HORRIBLE idea for her! ~Bear Cat

  3. You pups are extra cute today! As long as we get through this healthy and strong, I don't care if we are a Shaggy World!

  4. I'm glad y'all are okay up there. Your selfies are very nice! Stay safe, healthy and virus-free.

  5. Glad to see you're all doing well. We have plenty of food and supplies at our house, and my peeps don't mind being home. My GW worked a few days last week, but goes back to her regular 3 days a week schedule in April. Plus she's on call, so that means she'll probably work more than those 3 days! We're sure all of this virus stuff will pass soon. Stay well!

  6. Glad you are all okay. Keep safe - and enjoy the extra time with your humans.

  7. Glad you are a doing well. We are sheltering in place for 12 weeks but have someone who is getting essential shopping for us.

  8. We all here are happy that you are doing well. Your selfies are so cute and we love stopping by seeing them. Thanks for sharing. Have a great rest of your day and stay safe and healthy during this time.
    World of Animals

  9. Those are great selfies today guys. Our mom has short hair too and is worried she will have to go by barrettes to keep her hair out of her eyes. BOL!

  10. I'm glad things are good at your house - stay well!

  11. that are super sweet selfies ;O) we are no hoarders either, but we really wonder why champagne and smoked salmon are sold out here since weeks... seems the people will spend the curfew with other things than TP and rice LOL

  12. Amazing selfie guys, glad as is well and so far so good! All ok here, apart from dust on the supermarket shelves - ah well so it goes... thank cod we have a few supplies in and a big stash of catnip! MOL

    Have a safe week! XOX

  13. Tell the petsecretary that she needs to upgrade her phone...her's is an antique!

    1. I had a better one...but when hubby's died, he needed one pronto, so I gave it up to him...and went back to the 'crummy one', you know?!
      So now I use my regular camera, which is pretty good, and my iPad...but I use that 5S if I am out and around...

  14. Concats on the teaser, we're Always late for class and when we have a teaser right, there are so many before us...MOL...but you're right, its real fun to play😸You all look so sweet in your Selfie, Pipo, Dalton and Benji😸Clean Pawkisses for a Happy Monday. Stay Safe Healthy and Yourselfie🐾😽💞

  15. We have the same restrictions and rules here in Belgium too. We are not allowed to go out but cat Rosie can and for her nothing has changed except that we are always home ! Strange experience for the whole world !

  16. Such cute selfies. We're on lock down here in NYC, and our mom is going nuts!

  17. We got a message from our county commissioner last night to stay in place. We have been so hope other people have been too so this can get under control. Stay safe friends and thanks as always for our dear friends badges. Timmy and Family