Sunday, March 22, 2020

Belated St Patrick's Day Selfies

Well, the craziness of Covid19 continues...but somehow we are muddling through and keeping occupied as we try to do things that do not involve gathering with our friends and family members.
One day there is TP, and the next there is none...same with various other commodities...cleansing products and hand soap being even harder to find that TP, MOL!
Even at work, under lockdown, all the supplies they need are now under lock and key...petcretary was told they were being stolen. Sheesh. So far though this scourge has not hit our immediate county...and for sure not where *she* works, thankfully. (Update...there is now one confirmed person with Covid19 in our county, but not sure how close to our den he is...or where he might have been that petcretary and pawppy were at...sigh...).

The stores around here have curtailed their hours, and have made provision for special shopping hours for seniors, or even those who serve the public, such as healthcare workers and first responders. That means petcretary can go to all of them...she falls into both brackets! MOL! She just better remember to get up early shop at 7 or 8 am...and get first dibs on the things we might need/ that ever elusive TP,  MOL/BOL!
We do not need any of that right now, because *she* did find some a few days ago, and there was not even a crowd of grabbers near the shelves, Hah! (And she only bought two packages though she could have gotten 4 or five...)
We got a note from the vet that he is only seeing emergencies or filling scripts. Good thing we don't need to go there until at least the end of summer...and we hope and pawray that we will not need any urgent care.
We have plenty of doggy noms and treats, and all the kitty noms for Pipo come from Chewy...our order shops next week, but we have plenty until it arrives. Speaking of kitty noms, petcretary saw at the grocery store that kitty food is also being rationed to prevent excessive hoarding...gads, peeps are strange.
Meanwhile we can romp in our yard, dig big holes, (How the petcretary loves that; she takes her shovel and fills them up again and plants lots of red pepper seeds for us to sniff next time...Blech!), and chase varmints...bark at  any intruders, and go for long countryside least we pups and our peeps can. And the peeps can catch up with yard work, and other household chores...
Pipo watches all the outdoor goings on from his perch by the big picture window...and begs any two-legger who walks by for a good belly rub:)

OK, enough of all of are the St Paddy's day pics we made, that are somewhat better than the ones we showed you last week:)

I, Dalton, am being 'coy'!
The best you're gonna get, Petcretary!



A Dapper Chap!

We hope you had a fine St Paddy's day with a big pot of gold, BOL!

This is a fave of petcretary, taken in 2011...even back then Pipo was not always in 'the mood', MOL!!

You can visit all the other selfies in this blog hop by clicking this link...and we thank The Kitties Blue for faithfully hosting this hop each week!


  1. Cute selfies y'all! Glad the hoarding isn't hitting y'all as bad - it is out of control here. No TP at 6 stores, and shelves are wiped clean of most things - meat, bread, pasta, all cleaning supplies. It's nuts, some people are so selfish. Stay safe and healthy. <3

  2. I love all the St. Patrick's Day pics! My human is utterly disgusted because if it wasn't for the hoarders, there would be enough to go around and she wouldn't have to be going to multiple stores in search of things she needs - ordinary things like eggs and flour. Even though we are supposed to Shelter In Place, she is actually going out a lot more than she was before, just looking for what she needs to eat!

  3. Those pilferers should be treated like looters and shot – but thats just the old fashioned honesty in me. We are just pleased you guys are OK and can get what you need. My elderly neighbour who is 93 is housebound and cant take advantage of the senior opening times even.
    Lovely selfies from everyone, though I'm all for staying in and the tummy rubs myself, MOL

  4. Those are fun selfies! We were very worried that our #1 would be stuck in England and unable to return to us in France last week, but she managed, so everything is now right with our world.

    Please stay safe and healthy!

    Purrs and Woofs,
    Tama, Genji and Ollie

  5. You all are looking good. We're glad to hear you are all well too.

  6. You all look great for your selfies!
    As my cancer treatment puts me in the high risk group we have been self isolating since last Monday. We are expecting to hear tomorrow that Boris wants every one over 70 and those with health problems to self isolate for 12 weeks. We are quite remote where we live, but thankfully have someone who is getting our shopping for us (when there is anything on the shelves!)

  7. My GW was back to work yesterday and she didn't notice any shortage of TP or other supplies. At home, we're stocked up for the time being. Hope you all stay well, especially your petcretary's little old people.

  8. Hi Guys! We are so happy to see you! And we are not too sure you are happy about being Leprechauns! We totally forgot about St Patty's Day! Mom usually cooks up Corned Beef and Cabbage (old family recipe - it has more than just cabbage) and we ALL love it (
    maybe NOT the cabbage) and we ALL get some, but this year, Mom was distracted. She also was furry sick. And we missed the whole thing! Maybe Mom will make some Corned Beef in a couple of weeks.
    But I digress, You do look marvelous!

  9. We are so glad to hear you all have what you need. they are doing the same thing here and there is no TP in the US either MOL. Love your Selfies and you all look like great St Pattys pets. We do admit we are partial to your photos Pippo. Its a cat thing MOL

  10. Hey guys! Your pics are just FABulous! You look adorables in your Irish green! Oh, the kerazy-ness is here full swing ~ as is the virus! We are in a 'hot spot', with 263 cases, and 8 deaths. Ma is venturing out for foodables and paper goods. No luck on the paper goods yet, butts plenty of foodables! BOL! Most of our stores are only letting a limited number of peeps in at a time, so you wait in line with the 6ft. between each other. It has been stressful fursure, butts I try and keep her buzy with fetch and barkin' at the squirrels and burdies! BOL! Stay safe, and wash those paws!
    Ruby ♥

  11. You all make me smile in your greens! Stay healthy and strong!

  12. Y'all really do look most festive in green! Keep same and healthy!!!

  13. Green is such a happy colour, isn't it? The colour of spring, and new leaves and grass...Something to make us forget all the misery around us.
    Keep safe, keep healthy - and look after your human.

  14. We don't celebrate Patrick's day in Belgium, but are sitting in the same boat as you or maybe even more. We are not allowed to receive friends or family and the toilet paper rush we have now behind us, becausee here it's now the second week of confinement.

  15. doodz....round heer ya canna even get LITTER...noe joke.....yur selfeez rox....they all wayz due

    and we bee gettin reddy ta go on lock down sew we iz knot sure when we will bee abe bull ta sneek ta blogland ~~~~ heerz ta happeez N healtheez ta all ☺☺♥♥

  16. So festive and nice to see you outdoors 🍀Stay well 😻

  17. You all look so very wonderpurr in your Irish finery. It's indeed a scary sad time, so it's important to keep a smile in your pocket, dipped in sunshine. Stay safe. Stop hoarding TP.

  18. I think we are all in this boat together. Several grocery stores here have gone over to Pick Up only ~ place your order tell them the time and call when you are there they bring your groceries out and put it in the trunk you don't get out of your car. We like Edible Fruits you can now get a box of fresh fruit delivered to your door for $20 a week. We stocked up early for our relative in France told us how bad it was and to prepare two weeks before things started here and we listened so we did not feel bad a lot of items.
    Your Friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  19. We have lots of food cans, so we are OK. And TBT has enough not to eat ours!

  20. Lulu: "Happy belated St. Patrick's Day to you!"
    Charlee: "Top o' the mornin'!"
    Chaplin: "Gosh and begorrah!"
    Lulu: "What are you two talking about?"
    Charlee: "I don't know. Dada told us to say it."