Sunday, September 24, 2017

ROARing Selfie Adoption Event

Yesterday, Sept 23rd, I, MrJackFreckles went on a dogventure. Petcretary put on my harness and my travel harness. Ooh, I started shaking, cause I really do not like getting in the car. And it was a blistering, record breaking 95F outside. Anypaws we drove for what seemed like furevfur, and after at least 87 minutes (Petcretary said about 15...), I was allowed out of the car. Hey, we are at a petshop!
This is where petcretary gets some of my noms and other fine things, fur me and Pipo.

I had to sniff around cause wow, there were lots of pee mails to read and answer...
Then we sauntered casually the back of the store. OMD! What a lot of kitties I could see, and they were staring at me too:)
It was a ROAR event.
Lots of 'gingies' said petcretary...and some cutie pie tuxies and tabbies, too.
Anypaws, then I saw the doggies! And when they saw me, whoot, they all started a barking chorus. Good thing, I, being mostly deaf now, did not return their woofs:)

Petcretary said, 'lets ask about *this* one.'
OK, they brought out a wee pup with the hugest ears I evfur saw!! BOL! He, being named Dalton is a Rat Terrier/Min-Pin mix. Wow, but he is petite compared to me...He's between one and two years old.

We both went outside into the hot...and found some shady place with grass. Then we sniffed each other and I only tried my silly humpiness a couple times...shucks I can hardly balance anymore, BOL!!!
The lady of the rescue ROAR, (You can visit their webpage here), thought it might just work out, so she is bringing Dalton to my den in a few days, to see how I do with a pup on *my* terriertory...and how Pipo reacts too. Of course I expect some hissing, BOL!

So lets hope this time I might have a brofur/playmate...

A brofur fur ME???!

Hi, Are you going to be my new mom??

She wants me to do selfies already!

Like this?

Well, its better, but she said I should look at the camera.

Not bad for a first time selfie, d'ya think?

Wow, you are big. You want me to be your brofur?

Just don't bite off my ear, OK?!
Hey, You are tickling me with your schnooter! BOL!

I was relaxing nicely when...

I heard something about a new dog-guy??! OMC!

You're kidding, right?? Look how nice I did my selfie today...will that keep a new dog-guy out of here?? MOL!

We also took some time to make cards for some furry furends...
Micah had a Birthday and a Gotcha Day!

Rumpy had a Gotcha Day

We made this memorial card for sweet little Zoe, who recently became an Angel Kitty. This blog  is dedicated to her memory; and her  blog is at Animal Shelter Volunteer Life

We are joining up to The Sunday Selfie Blog Hop; In Memory of Zoe.


  1. Dalton is ADORABLE! I hope you give him a home with you.

    Abby Lab

  2. We thought you are small but your potential new brofur is smaller. The home meeting should be interesting. We hope you might have found your new friend.

    Thank you for Micah's card. He's sleeping off his day.

  3. Dalton is absolutely adorable. We can't wait to find out if he becomes a member of the family. Looks as if he and MJF got along pretty well. Hope Pipo likes him. Pipo, your selfies today are absolutely meowvolous! Thanks for dedicating your post to Zoe. Another very sad loss. Thanks for being hoppers. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy

  4. Oooh I say, do like Dalton's ears, very big in fact so big maybe he has some spare? Just kidding they are awesome and i thinks he did very well on the the selfie front for a whippersnapper MOL
    Pipo, I love the look on your face! I'd be exactly the same MOL. Nonetheless and excellent selfie, keep up the great work
    Toodle pip and purrs

  5. I hope things work out with this little one! Of course, I think you should get another kitty too. ;-)

  6. Oh Dalton is the perfect bro for you... and his ears are so fabulous...we cross all our paws and fingers that this cute guy can become your bro and that he can go with you ...

  7. Dalton looks cute, as long as he gets the Pipo seal of approval.....

    You two do look comfortable together!!

  8. Hope it works out for y'all and Dalton!

  9. Oh Dalton is a cutie patootie!!!!! Love his ears - I bet he can hear EVERYTHING! I think it would be wonderful if you have a new friend for ALL of you......good luck Dalton!

    Hugs, Teddy

  10. Now listen here Mr JF sir .... I know you've been a bit ornirary in the past with other potential bro furs but do you think you could just this once be on your best behaviour cause I reckon this little bloke looks perfect for your family. Just give him a chance, aye? I know you'll grow to love him if you do. He's a very cute little bloke. I've got everything crossed for you, mate!

  11. OMC, what a cutie-pie! I hope it all works out for your fambily!

  12. Dear Mr Jack Freckles and Mr Pipo,
    Wow! Purrhaps a new brothfur! Dalton! We are purraying that it all works out...and Mr Pipo, I too hiss at Cinnamon, but not nearly like I first did. And actually, we were both on the bed at the same time this morning and I did not hiss at all when she sniffed my butt! Mommy gave me treats!
    You are both looking wonderful and What LOVELY cards your Mommy did! The one you did for Nellie when she went over the bridge, Mommy printed and it is on our mantle with Nellie (she is in a Canopic jar).

  13. Dalton is a cutie! We sure hope it works out and you two can be buddies.

  14. itz veree nice ta meet ewe dalton N we due hope stuffz werkz out for ewe N pipo N dawg dood...
    N pipo.....we guess ya gotta be thanx full buddy... mom dinna come home with one oh thoz parrotz ~~~~~~ !!!! ☺☺☺♥♥♥

  15. Oh My Cat Pipo is there going to be another dog guy? Will MJF allow that? Inquiring minds want to know MOL
    Thanks again fur our brofur Rumpy's Gotcha Day photo. He has been parading around saying how he got a purrsonal card from you all! That silly fellow
    Timmy and Family

  16. If it is meant to be, it will be! Dalton is a cutie!

  17. We will keep our paws crossed you get a brofur. We think wisteria is a Southern plant but it is pretty hardy so ...maybe. We could send you some seeds if you like.

  18. Dalton is a real cutie pie! We sure hope it works out, so that he gets to be your new brofur. :)

    Thank you so much for visiting, and for your thoughtful comments about our sweet baby Zoe's passing. And we love the card you made for her/us. As you can imagine, we are very sad right now, but your kindness is a great comfort and encouragement. Big hugs to you.

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  20. That's a cute doggie,mr JF and Pipo and we love the name😎Pawkisses for a Happy day😽❤😻

  21. Oh MeOW Pipo, you're gonna be over run with DOGs. Where's your new kitty pal? What are your pawrents thinkin'? MOL Big hugs

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  22. He is tiny and very cute! I hope you all get on well together.

  23. Oh Pipo! We hope ya dont have ta deal with another woofie...

  24. Crackers Mr Jack sounds like the crib is getting a new addition. Well having a brofur could be a good thing ~ just make sure you are the first to the food bowl.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  25. OMD, MJF!!! That's too exciting, that you might get a new brofur! I hope he likes your den!

  26. Pipo, oh wow mew may be getting another brofur then? How exciting! Hmmmmm what about a kitty one fur mew???

    Big hugs

    Basil & Co xox

  27. Such exciting news. I hope you all get along. XO