Monday, September 11, 2017

A Neighborly Guest Selfie

Yup, today we are not the feature, but the kitty that lives next door will be our guest. She is an indoor/outdoor kitty, and while petcretary has asked a few times, she cannot remember nor pronounce the name they gave Neighbor Kitty it will be, MOL!
She is furry furendly and comes right up to petcretary, and even to dog-guy. She head butts on him through the fence, then she hisses and whaps him if he sticks his schnooter too far through the fence to have a sniff, MOL!
HEY! Who goes there??

I see a kitty!

I have a kitty by the fence, she smells like a kitty!

Wow, she is furendly!

Kitty interrupts her headbonks to say hello-mews to petcretary...

And Kitty has her paw at the ready to whap me...yikes!

Won't you stay and play, kitty?? See my tail; its wagging!


Hello Mrs Neighbor!

I see that dog-guy running in his yard.

Thinking and watching...

Ooh, gotta scratch that itch...petcretary hopes its not fleas...sigh...

Playing shy...

This stepping stone is just right fur my paws.

A stretch and a scratch...

Gotta sharpen my weapons...

Victor, the neighbor boy (from Bolivia),with his furry friend.

A visit through the fence selfie...
A full visiting-kitty-selfie
Neighborly Visiting-Kitty-Selfie

This is my ho-hum selfie since I was bored with all that outside stuff, MOL!
 MrJackFreckles is doing fairly well with his eating habits. He is eating freeze dried lamb or Chicken or freeze dried raw covered kibbles. And a few nibbles of a puppy food that he likes. Also some refrigerated foods that petcretary slices to get the needed amount. Kind of like sausage, BOL!The good thing is he *IS* eating, hooray!

We helped petcretary make some cards this past week:
This was for Yin and Yang's Gotcha day.
Parsley had a recent Birthday.
Phenny dogabrated  ONE!!
And Einstein is four!!
We continue to purr and pray for all our furry friends in the path of Irma, and all those affected by that storm and Harvey s well.Pray that Jose stays out to sea...
And all those near fires and earthquakes...sheesh, the earth is in some kind of crisis mode of late.
We are hopping in the Sunday Selfies Blog Hop, so graciously hosted weekly by The Kitties Blue.


  1. That is great news the Jack is eating well,and the neighbour kitty is a cutie as are you,xx Speedy

  2. that is a super friendly neighbor... and it's great to have a cat chat through the fence ;o) the mama grinned as she read about the name... same happend to her with the naughty black lab...she said she can not ask the owner again without looking like a doofus, so it is black lab now LOL

    1. I love cat chats or doggy chats, but nobody is allowed in my yard anymore...not so much for the fleas, but because I am too wobbly...I cannot keep up with younguns...even when I feel good I wobble...since that time about two years ago...(I have a kind of doggy Meniere's disease...)

  3. Excellent ho-hum selfie, I think we cats can do that really well. So pleased to hear MJF is eating well. Lovely that you have a new neighbour cat too, that is always fun and can spend many happy hours getting to know each other.... but hopefully not fleas if there are any... them things can stay on their own side of the fence MOL

  4. What a pretty neighbor kitty! I'm glad that Jack is doing okay with his eating.

    1. Thanks!
      She sure is pretty...but if you see her for real, she needs a good grooming session...I don't think that she gets the best of care, though she is truly loved to the max.

  5. Pretty neighbour kitty!

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  6. Oh indeed you have a pretty little kitty neighbor and it's nice she's friendly too! Happy to hear MJF continues to eat well - THAT'S GOOD NEWS..........we like good news on a Monday!

    Love, Teddy

  7. What a cutie!!! She looks quite well fed, she is almost the same size as YOU MJ!!! xoxo

  8. She's very purretty. Ya'll are gawjus as always. Big hugs

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  9. Neighbor Kitty sure is friendly! And she takes a great selfie too.

  10. guyz...what a grate bunch oh fotoz two day !!!!!! wavez two ewe naybor kitty ewe iz one
    gorgoeuz gal.....pipo...dood....may bee her wood like a date ;) ♥♥

  11. The neighbour kitty is mighty pretty! Friendly too.
    We also like your selfie Pipo. Even in ho hum mood you look handsome ;)
    We are also happy MJF is eating. That is always a good thing as not eating is always mum's first clue that something is wrong .
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  12. Your neighbor kitty is adorable. Your selfies are nice too Pipo and MJF. I am thrilled to read that you are eating. Very nice cards, I am glad they were happy occasions as their has been too much sadness lately. XO

  13. Oh you did make me laugh with your ho-hum.

    Neighbour kitty is a real beauty though....

    Happy late Sunday Selfie.

    Marjorie and the Dash Kitten Crew

  14. Such a pretty neighbor kitty! You look so cute in those beautiful pictures.

  15. Neighbour Kitty is very pretty. She is a tease though with talking to Mr JF then giving him a whap through the fence.

  16. That visiting Neighbor Kitty sure is friendly and very pretty too. We are so glad MJF is eating! Yay! We thank you Pipo and Petcretary for that wonderful birthday card that you sent to Einstein. He was over the moon with that as we all are when we get your nice cards
    Purrs friends
    Timmy, Einstein and Family