Sunday, September 3, 2017

Holiday Lazy Time Selfies

This is the Labor Day Holiday weekend.
Hence we can be lazy, despite the fact that its *Labor* day, MOL! And while we here can relax, Petcretary has to work, its her turn...
So we are going to do a flashback as to what were we doing here a year ago, Sept 2, 2016.

Please if you could spare the time, take moment to visit  Lone Star Cats and Kinley Westie.
Their Grandpa is very ill, and they are sad and worried sick. They all truly need our support right now. We know they covet our thoughts and prayers right now.

Here are our flashback selfies from Sept 2, 2016. Almost exactly one year ago!

It was nice to see our Minko again. Who knew then,  that at this time he would be an angel kitty?

MrJackFreckles is feeling quite a bit better seemingly. He is perkier, and eating better...not at 100% yet, but still its going the right way. Thanks for all your POTP and encouraging thoughts on his behalf. The vet was consulted and he agreed, it was a good thing to take off that collar and see if there would be improvement. Apparently the Advantage11 he had used a wile back, also gave him a skin reaction, though not any type of reaction like the Seresto collar was doing. But...the medicine in the collar and those drops is about the same..and made by the same company. OK, Nothing from there for MJF anymore! He had a bath to wash off all that product, too. Nope he did not care for that...BOL!

We are laboriously being lazy with hopping along with The Cat On My Head who are the hosts of this Sunday Selfie Blog-Hop


  1. This is good news that Jack is feeling better!

  2. Excellent MJF is on the mend, its good to think the cause has been found. Lovely selfies from last year, oh how time flies, but these are as fresh and delightful as can be.

  3. We are purring all over hearing that MJF is feeling better. We really like last years selfies and, yes, we miss Angel Minko too. You never know when you will be with wings so always give as much love as you have every single day.
    Purrs Pipo, Petcretary, Dad and Angel Minko too!
    Timmy, Dad Pete and Family

  4. These are beautiful selfies from last year. I am happy MJF is feeling better. I will go visit LOne Star Cats and Kinley. XO

  5. Oh My! It was so nice to see Minko! Pipo, you look fabulishious and Mr Jack Jack Freckles, I am so very happy to read that you are feeling better! We believe in the power of Purrayers!
    We are now going to go and see the Lone Star Cats. thank you for telling us about their Grampa.

  6. Mee-you wee got leeky eyed seein Angel Minko again butt happy you have such grate fotoss' of him!!
    An MJF mee iss endin more **POTP** to help you feel all better...
    Mee hopess you will feel better frum thee stew-pid flea product innty-ackshun! Mee used Zodiac InfaStop dropss fur katss (which iss thee Advantage stuff butt not as strong!) LadyMum doess NOT even brake out when shee rubss it inn to mee she iss allergick to efurryfing!
    Wishin efurryone a peecefull week there.
    ~~head rubsss~~ Siddhartha Henry~~

  7. Those are lovely selfies from a year ago. I am glad Mr JF is feeling better.

  8. We are so glad you figured out what was causing MJF's issues and we are so happy he is feeling better!
    We are sending lots of prayers and POTP to the Lone Star KitKats Man!
    Jakey & Arty

  9. I'm so glad to read good news... please mr. jack eat and feel better soon.... and enjoy a wonderful labor day... maybe with a big bbq for you all? or with tasty ice cream? or pumpkin treats to welcome fall?

  10. Love your flashback post!
    We are glad to hear that MrJackFreckles is eating better! We hope he keeps it up.

  11. Your "flashback selfies" are great and I know how hard it is to think that Minko WAS there and is now an Angel. He's with you though forever. VERY HAPPY to hear that MJF is feeling a lot better too. We love good news!

    Hugs, Teddy

  12. MrJackFreckles we are glad you are feeling better. We are sending you more POTP to get you back to 100%, we loved seeing everyone's selfies.

  13. We're glad MJF is feeling better! Ghostwriter has to work this evening too, and is hoping she's not short-staffed!

  14. That's furrific that you're feeling better MJF, and that your mommy found out what was making you sickie. Bootifur photos from last year!

  15. Happy Labor Day! I am so sorry that "pecretary" has to work. Ugh! catchatwithcarenandcody

  16. Great selfies! We're glad Mr. Jack Freckles is feeling a bit better. Happy Labor Day!

  17. Great fotos of all of you. Da difference a year makes...not always a good thing. Hugs and purrayers.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  18. Awww...your Selfies are beautiful and such a wonderful remembrance too :) Glad you're feeling better, Mr JF. Pawkisses for a Happy Week ahead :) <3

  19. guyz...yur flash bax selfeez lookz better N R reel time selfeez !!! total lee awesum...N dawg dood we iz buzzed happee yur feelin better; ya due hafta watch out for thoz flea collarz .......♥♥♥

  20. Hiya Pipo & Mr Jack, wow great flashback selfies guys and we're really happy Mr Jack is feeling better :)

    Big hugs

    Basil & CO xox

  21. What lovely selfies! And our mom has been laboring TOO much over the past weekend with family in and loads of cooking and cleaning to do! Oy!

  22. Crikey .... Mr JF Sir's been crook. AND I didn't know ..... crikey I hate not being around much. I sure am glad you're feeling a bit better now. Mum won't put that flea stuff on me cause she worries about what it does. I've never had fleas but we do have paralysis ticks in Australia and they are dead scary. If they latch on to you they can kill you in a very short time. Mum sprays me every day with a spray she makes up. She puts water in a spray bottle with a few drops of tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, citronella oil and lavender oil and so far ..... so good. No fleas and no ticks!! Might be worth a try. She also sprays me if I go for a bush walk because that's the most likely place to pick up ticks. Crikey Mr JF Sir ..... please stay well and eat, mate!! You gotta eat!! G'day Pipo ..... I haven't forgotten you either.

    1. I do have a similar spray...but in the house its not good for Pipo...too aromatic.
      Nice to hear from you, Charlie, and sending healing thoughts and wishes to your Mum.