Sunday, August 27, 2017

Thank You Barb and Sunday Selfies

Oh, My goodness.
Barb, Mom to Marvelous and Angel Nellie, is a talented lady for sure.
She sent us a pair of beautiful paintings of our dear Angel Minko.
All we can say is "Thank You; Thank You; Thank You!"
We had them framed, and petcretary took them outside to take pictures of them so show all of you, our wonderful pals.

Here are some closeups of these lovely paintings:
Thanks so much, Miss Barb!

 Pipo allowed himself to be photographed too, and mewed it would be OK to do a selfie...but only if petcretary used the zoom lens...hence the soft focused look and the less than ideal colors. Maybe some day he will let the camera come closer...

It took a bit, but here finally I am looking! Do you think wearing this collar makes me

 MrJackFreckles still is in 'picky eater mode' He gets a lickable vitamin supplement...and he does eat a mouthful of this food or a few bits of that food...the lady in the pet shop suggested some other temptations too. We even have a bag of puppy noms here, since the nutritive density in that kind of food is higher.
He lies around an awful lot, and shakes all over esp the hind legs. He tries to rub his face on evfurrything the past few days...cannot see anything there, though.

Petcretary noted to herself that after the springtime when he got ill from the bird droppings, (We think), she applied the Sersesto Collar. You can see it in a lot of pictures since then...and ha, it is not too handsome...anypaws today at dinner time she had a bright moment and checked online for reviews of that product. Many peeps are reporting side effects including itching/scratching skin, (His face in this case started a s few days ago.), lethargy, shaking, unsteady gait, loss of good ability to use the hind legs, nausea, vomiting, and no appetite. Sound like MJF?? You bet. So off with that collar and we shall see if he improves over the next few days. We certainly hope so.

Anyone have any other suggestions as to good flea/tick control? He takes Heartguard for those nasty heartworms, cannot use Advantage ll as it gives him a bad skin reaction...and he previously was on Frontline plus...though now it is reported to not work around these parts anymore due to flea resistance...which is why we tried that Seresto collar in the first place.

Well, after all that, its time to show his selfies for this week...
Just standing around watching for anything interesting...

Which is boring...

Maybe I will smile for a treat:)

But here is a raspberry for that camera!


Maybe another grin?

For sure!

And again!

This is my selfie, smiles and good ears...

We are not stinky, but we are hopping along with The Kitties Blue, who are the hosts of this blog-hop.

Tomorrow is Rainbow Bridge Remembrance it was ap-purr-paw-iate that we were able to post these paintings of our dear Angel Minko. We also give mention to our other angels of this furmily: Groucho, Simba, Suki and Toki. Petcretary has to work tomorrow so we will not be able to post anything then...

See you all next time!!


  1. MJF, you certainly are a character. Our vet recommends Revolution, though we still use Advantage II. We always had trouble with any brand of flea collar with rashes, etc. We got some flea collars at BlogPaws (Catego). Stay away from that one. Barb is so talented, and her artwork is outstanding. What wonderful paintings of Minko. Pipo, we think your selfies are excellent, even if you were a bit uncooperative. Thanks so much for hopping. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy

  2. Those are gawjus, and so are ya'll. Big hugs

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  3. That was so sweet of Barb, she is an amazing artist. Those are beautiful paintings of Minko. Beautiful selfies of Pipo and MJF. That is too bad MJF had a reaction to that flea collar. I know Frontline doesn't work, when we brought Spooky in years ago we had used that thinking he would be flea free and we were infested. Does MJF not eat because of nausea? I highly recommend cerenia, it is for dogs, but Phoebe is on it and many kitties are too.XO

  4. What a beautiful portrait of Minko. Barb is a wonderpurr artist. Yeah, we no like that Frontline either. My little sisfur used it and she's still itchy. Great Sunday Selfies!

  5. We love those paintings and think Barb is so talented.
    That seresto may be the problem! Hope MJF is feeling better soon.
    There is a pill we have here that you can take once a month for dogs or cats to take care of fleas. I had to go to the vet last month with Einstein and we each got one that worked great till we used the frontline this month. Hope that helps
    Buddy, Timmy and Family

  6. Dear Mr Jack Freckles, and Mr Pipo, My Mommy and I feel honored that you got BOTH paintings framed! They looks so lovely! Mommy just wishes that she got the colors is so hard with meezers.
    And Mr Jack Freckles, Queen Penelope's hairy slobbery sister Bob was allergic to all those flea collars, drops and medications. She used to get dizzy and pukey when she took the meds too. It was tough for her and for Mommy. She had long hair and had to be combed (lots) and she had to bathed (lots). It was a pain, but it worked (most of the time)

  7. The paintings are just stunning. She has SUCH a talent.

    You are blessed to have such friends in your life.

    Abby Lab and her Mom L.B.

  8. Paws crossed that getting rid of that collar helps Jack! I love those paintings - how sweet of Marv's human to do them for you!

  9. the mama of angel nellie is a super artist... I love how wonderful she made the eyes... they can look in our hearts I bet. Please Mr. Jack eat something more, maybe without the collar it will work? I was allergic to such a collar too (Arava) and the mama thinks I maybe swallowed some of the substances what caused a thunderstorm in my tummy...

  10. They are truly wonderful paintings and a fine tribute to such a great friend. I do hope that the collar will prove to have been the cause of the issues for MRF and that very soon his is bouncing around and eating like a horse.... well maybe not grass but you know what I mean MOL
    Toodle pip and purrrs

  11. Those are gorgeous paintings of Minko!! And wonderful photos of Pipo. <3
    Sorry to hear about the Seresto. We really don't have fleas here in CO, so I'm not sure what to suggest. I used Advantage on Lita once about 13 years ago when she was in Indiana, and it worked wonders. I hope someone else has some suggestions since the Advantage makes him have a reaction.
    Purrs <3

  12. Barb is such a fantastic artist - everything she does is so beautifully done and captures the personality of the subject in every way. Love all the selfies too.....AND we hope taking off that collar may just be the "ticket" to stop the reactions poor MJF is experiencing lately - wouldn't it be nice if it was as simple as taking that collar off? We hope so!

    Love, Pam and Teddy too

  13. What wonderful pictures of MJF and the kitties! Sorry to hear MJF is not feeling well.

  14. Mr Jack,you are one funny old pup,those paintings are pawsome,xx Speedy

  15. Woof, MJF!! Tell your petcretary those are nice kitty piccies, but they are, you know, kitty piccies. We like the ones of you better! BOL!!
    About the fleas: Tell your petcretary to ask your vet about the new oral kinds. We take Comfortis, but there are are other brands. You might want to wait until your tum settles, and you will probably urka your furst tab anyway, but we've been taking them fur years or centuries or something and we haven't seen a flea yet.

  16. guyz....what a soooper awesum gift frum nellie'z lee kewl !!!!! grate selfeez two day N pleez tell petcretary ta chex inta food grade diatomaceous earth.....itz safe round peepulz, petz, wee kidz N killz off manee a bug....itz all natural !!! ♥♥♥

  17. OMC! Those paintings are BEAUTIFUL! How wonderful of Miss Barb to send you such a beautiful memory of sweet Miko.

  18. Awwww that portrait of Minko is heavenly, amazing, gorgeous - its just beautiful!

    Love all your pics today, mew guys are looking EPIC!

    Big hugs

    Basil & Co xox

  19. First, sorry be late catching up. You are so right to take off the collar. I read stuff about those collars on Amazon. I think they mean well but I'm not so sure.

    Mink. Well what can we say. Mum teared up when she was the pictures. Magnificent. Perfection itself.

  20. Mee-you thee paintinss are simplee purrfect Mistur Jack an Pipo an Lady Ingrid!
    An Mistur Jack mee iss sorry thee soresto collar did nasty fingss to you an that yur havin a ruff time. Mee iss sendin you MEGA POTP an hope you are feelin better soon...
    An 'puppy nomss' sound purrty good mee furend!
    ~~~head rubsss~~~ Siddhartha Henry~~~

  21. The graphics were lovely. Skeeter and LC are unner boxes with their names on them...