Monday, August 21, 2017

Sunday Turned To Monday Selfies

Petcretary was preoccupied with too much not kitty or doggy things this past since we don't have thumbs we had to wait till now to post this so called Sunday Selfies...and then she had the audacity to try and watch the solar eclipse with a pin-hole camera...tee-hee - the clouds had fun interfering! Serves her right!!

Anypaws we are here, its always better to be late than not at all:)

She says we have to allow a guest here too...well, OK, as long as it doesn't take over!

So these were selfies that Mr/Ms Dragonfly allowed while he/she rested amongst our cherry tomato plants. Petcretary says she has seen reddish ones, blueish ones and the big black ones, but nevfur an emerald green one! It was beautiful! Way more lovely to see there than the emerald green horn worms that try to gobble up all the tomato leaves and fruit. Ugh.

Well, now its our turn:
MrJackFreckles was too lazy to get up and go outside...but he did decide to show a nice grin!

Dog-guy is getting unsteadier of late, today he even fell off the side of the back steps. At least it was into the flowerbed so it was soft...then he got up, shook his feathers out; dusted himself off and went about his business. He still only eats a wee bit, not like the vacuum cleaner he once was...sigh. Last night he decided to eat, but it was not the whole he has so far only had a few bites of the freeze dried chicken.
But his tail still wags and he still patrols his wants to stick around...which makes petcretary and pawppy happy...and of course boss boy!

Relaxing in the half light of the 85% Solar Eclipse (In Michigan it was not a total eclipse...)

Petcretary made some cards for various furs this week...which also takes away from time with us...but well, since its for other furs we think that is an OK excuse, MOL/BOL!

There were some birthdays:
Lisbeth and Astrid, this image has the corrected date on it, if you want to snag it for yourself...or email petcretary and she will send it to you.

There were more sad moments too...sigh...
Aiko lived in Germany, and this is his blog...
And this week's Blog Hop has been dedicated to honor the memory of Esme, the  sweet kitty from The Critters In The Cottage.
We are joining the Blog Hop, Hosted by The Cat On My Head


  1. Those are sweet selfies, and the dragonfly was pretty. Those are lovely cards you made.

  2. We didn't have anywhere near a total eclipse here, and my human missed it because she had to drop off her car for new tires during the time it was going on.

  3. Nice selfies. Our eclipse was only 60 % and it was cloudy here too. I am sorry MJF is so unsteady and not hungry. Maybe a 1/4 pepcid would help him want to eat.
    Your Mom makes very nice cards. XO

  4. your selfies are beautiful!!! and I> love the photo of the dragon fly... isn't that amazing that we can see the sky through the wings...and how cool it looks with the wing pattern :o)

  5. love the dragon fly photos...sooo incredibly pretty! Poor Mr.J..........I feel so bad that he is unsteady and not eating much, but thank goodness he IS eating and still wants to patrol his yard. Those are GOOD things!! (((hugs)))) to all xoxo

  6. That's a beautiful dragonfly! We've never seen a green one like that before. Our Jessy who lives in Florida near the Everglades says there's a time of year when dragonflies come out in hoards. All different kinds, everywhere you look! It's amazing! Sorry to hear MJF is not eating well. Joey dog was like that and Miss Ginger too when they were older.

  7. snax............ooops....we meen dragon fly iz awesum...way kewl cap sure
    by pecretarry.....dawg dood...ya gotta eat sum thin buddy....ask mom if ya can may bee
    eat sum puppy chow; itz fulla vitamins, extree cal o reez N good stuff like that...may be
    a can ore two once a week wood help ??!! st francis' blessing two ewe buddy...~~ ♥♥☺☺

  8. That dragonfly is really pretty. We bet he'd be fun to play with. You guys took some great selfies too.

  9. Now I do loves to see a Dragonfly and they are so much fun to chase though no fun to eat! Glad MJF didn't hurt himself when he fell, just shows that those flower beds are for more than just pretty faces MOL

  10. We luv your selfies. Mommy doesn't care fur bugs of any kind really, so she didn't know those things came in multi color. MOL glad things are goin' okay. We're sendin' hugs and purrayers.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  11. Lovely Selfies of you two again and that dragonfly is such a star in your plant❤ Pawkisses for a wonderful week ahead❤😻

  12. Hello there Meezer & Mr. Jack! Oh my, can you point that draggiefly in the direction of my mouth? I bet it is a nom nom! Your selfies are great & the cards you made fur your furr-iends so lovely & thoughtful! -Valentine (& Mom) of Noir Kitty Mews

  13. Lovely pictures of the dragonfly, you guys, and those wunnerful cards!

  14. Oh! WoW! My Mommy has never seen a green dragon fly! He/She is very cool! And My Mommy was very happy she works with Geeks. They had a Geek Party in the parking lot at work with Pin Hole Cameras, 4 telescopes and loads of those special glasses. They all geeked out for half an hour and then went back inside and did whatever geeky things they do.
    What lovely cards your Mommy makes! Mommy was so very sad when she read about Esme this week. She was one special lady cat!
    Sorry you are falling down Mr Jack Freckles! Queen Penelope says you should not be in a hurry to get over the bridge.

  15. The dragon fly is so beautiful - never saw the face before, s/he looking right at us-wow!
    Mr. Jack we are meowing our purrayers for you.
    xoxo, Meep