Sunday, August 6, 2017

Sunday: Selfies And A Remembrance

Today being Sunday its time once again to show off selfies...well we had any we would, MOL/BOL! We do have some pictures, but only one can be called a selfie, but well, petcretary is working so we will cut her some slack:)

Bliss: A good roll in the warm sunshine and soft grass...
Yes, it sure is bliss...
Hey, you dare to disturb my blissful rolling??

Hey, I *was* having a nice quiet sunbath...

Enjoying the sun on my back, after the nip fest...can you see it over there in the corner??

Pipo made a not looking directly selfie...but it is a miracle to be able to capture his sapphire blue eyes!

This week's Sunday Selfie Blog Hop is dedicated to the memory of Mitalee HoneyBee. of The Critters in The Cottage; Mitalee graduated to the Heavenly Realms, recently, and is greatly missed.
Petcretary helped us make a card to honor her memory:

In happier times,  Travis from Lone Star Cats   catabrated his Gotcha Day, so we helped make a card for him, too:

Were fur sure not furst, but we were right this week at Angel Sammy and Teddy's Tuesday Teaser feature, so we picked up this badge:

We are happy to hop along with The Kitties Blue at  The Cat On My Head


  1. Cute pics! We LUV to roll in da grass too.

  2. WE love all of your beautiful photos!!

  3. What grande rolling Mr. Freckles!! I fact, we love all of your selfies!
    Jakey & Arty

  4. Mee-yow Mistur Jack you DO look blissfull rollin inn thee sunny grass! Sum day mee msut try this all so....
    An Pipo yur eyes are specktaculer!! LadyMum **swooned** at yur Selfie! (Well dun Pipo)
    An yur cardss are luvley mee furendss. Wee will all miss Mitalee purrty Bee...*sighsss*
    ~~head rubsss~~ Siddhartha Henry~~

  5. Your Mom makes beautiful cards. We are sad about Mitalee too. Your selfies came out great. MJF looks very happy rolling in the grass. And you look great sunbathing Pipo. XO

  6. Well, they were all nice photos, even the ones that weren't selfies.

  7. now I know why sunday is named sun-day... because of your sunny selfies ;o)

  8. Aww well done on not being first but being right! And great rolling Frodo, thats just the way to spread the sun all over. Gotta admit, that sprig of nip looks very enticing!

  9. Great SELFIES! Also concats on getting a "RIGHT GUESSER" badge last week - - - let's see how you do THIS week!

    Love, Teddy

  10. Lovin' those selfies especially of Mr.J looking sooo happy!!!! xoxo

  11. that looks so much fun..may be I need try that,xx Speedy

  12. doodz.....yur selfeez R awesum....N time yur outside buddy; can ya roll in sum grazz N dirt for uz pleez ! ☺☺♥♥ thanx ~~~~~~~

  13. OMC! Mr. J-F, could you be any happier rolling in that grass?!? Great selfies!

  14. Crikey Mr JF Sir ...... you sure got that rolling down to a fine art, aye?? I don't mind a bit of a roll in the grass either. That Pipo's sure got a set of eyes on him. Such a pretty colour!!

  15. My esteemed, late colleague Joey dog used to love to roll in the grass. (especially if he found a bird poop or a dead worm!) Me, not so much. Great pictures of you and Pipo!

  16. Ya'll sure do look like you're enjoyin' da sun shine and puddles. Big hugs

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  17. Those are lovely rolling Selfies, Mr JF , I know exactly how it feels...😹😹Pawkisses for a Happy Day😚❤😻

  18. We were sorry to hear Mitalee had passed - she was such a beauty, I love visiting the Critters blog.

    Your card for Travis is so sweet, he is one cute ginger ninja!

    Happy (late) Sunday Selfie have a good week.

  19. We surely do love that travis dood and we sorely miss petite little miss Mitalee! Mister JF those are some REAL ROLLY pics there!

  20. Grass rolling and glaring selfies, MOL! Things some of us do best...