Sunday, January 29, 2017

Sleepy And Black And White Sunday Selfies

The dreary weather has been continuing. After the very brief showing of some sunbeams last week...its been either raining, snowing or just plain cloudy. Thick cloudy. Yikes! We are going to forget what sunshine looks like let alone what it feels like. Maybe we need to invest in a sunlamp:)

We had a couple of days with high winds and that managed to blow over an old tree in out back woodsy area. It just plain got pushed over. Wow. At least it did not fall on our shed or the fence. And over in another section of the woodsy part of our yard another huge branch came down. Again no harm to our fence or shed. It must have been awfully noisy back there. Thud! Crash! Boom! We are thankful that is all that we had to deal with, knowing that far worse weather and damage was happening in other parts of the country. Our thoughts are with those affected and we pawray they will all be safe.

One night petcretary came home from work and noticed a bare patch over Pipo's right eye. It was a scratched spot as far as she could tell...don't think it was self the assumption is that there must have been a fracas here...of course nofur is tattle-tailing...

Since there was no sun to make nice selfies we opted for some sleepy time selfies, and for some black and white ones, too...since the flash makes for stark shadows and sometimes those ferocious red eyes...or washed out colors.

There are a few lamplit pictures but those are not ideal either, since they have that yellowish tint...
Oh well...we know what we are supposed to look like, MOL/BOL!!

Petcretary is stressed out at her work these days...and retire or quit or cut back is on her mind, though she would like to work as long as she can because she does like what she does to help her residents. Maybe she can use some vacation time to relax while she thinks about this. We would love for her to be more with us, though if she doesn't work we will only be getting the basics needs; no extra treats, toys, etc...sheesh...well as the saying goes: 'All You Need Is Love!'

She is trying to stave off a cold too...sniffle, snort, sneeze!!

We are bored with all this dreary weather...

Bored, yes, but how did Pipo get that spot by his eye??

A Yellowish Minko, Yikes! Sunbeams would have made a nicer selfie! And I know nothing about that scratch on your face, Pipo...

Well, I forgive you because at least it seems to be healing up OK...
Nope I didn't see how that eye scratch happened either.

I think my handsome selfie would be better in sunbeams...

Do you not agree??

If I have to still make a selfie, then I need a treat pawlease!

Come on!

Yes, I need that now pawlease...I am done with the cute in the dim lamplight...

I think there is a selfies in my selfie picture, MOL!

I truly was  not trying to hide my selfie with this selfie...MOL!

Minko: A Selfie of My Selfie!
Lamplight does funny things to pictures...

No sunbeams to light up our picture today...not even our double selfie.

We are peeking into the future...looking for sunbeams:)
I am just going to start taking a nap...



Nighty-night all! ZZZzzzz.........

Petcretary guessed the teaser again...but shucks she was too late.

We are hopping in the dim lamplight with The Cat On My Head, who are the weekly hosts of the Sunday Selfie Feature.


  1. Nice selfies! I'm glad your shed and fence didn't get damaged in the wind.

  2. that are super selfies... and I love how you made this rainy sunday to a real sun-day with taking a nap :o)

  3. Great pictures!
    You all look so good too.
    The light from lamps is warm and makes you all look cozy :)
    Sounds like your mum could use a vacation.
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  4. I happen to think this is a WONDERFUL pile of pictures of all of you relaxing in ANY kind of light.....even with a flashy box in your face you manage to look calm, cool, and collected! We had the wind push a tree down in our yard too.....that wind can be MEAN!

    Hugs, Angel Sammy

  5. Sure sounds like you're in the right spot if its cold windy and there's trees falling around and about. We love black and white pictures but this week the colour ones take top prize as they remind us of summer. Oh how I cant wait for those days again!
    Purrs, ERin

  6. Hope y'all can get some sunbeams soon!

  7. You all look great. I can't even see the scratch on Pipo's eye. Sorry you are lacking in sun. I am sorry your Mom is so stressed at work, maybe she should cut back on her hours so she can still work with the people she loves and have more time for all of you.

  8. We think that your human did a great job with the photos! Colds can sure make us feel yucky about EVERYTHING and our drab weather isn't helping. I agree with you, that you might just need a vacation to sort things out...and.........maybe cutting back IS an option!! xoxxoxoxo catchatwithcarenandcody

  9. I love your selfies! It has been so windy here as well. This winter has been so strange. Stay warm and safe pals!

  10. doodz & dawg dood.....yur selfeez iz all wayz awesum, noe matter de lite....we iz glad yur safe
    frum last weekz stormz N ya dinna haz any bad prop ur teez damagez....N we hope petcretarry can ree food servizz gurl wishes her could but itz gonna bee a while yet :( oh well....


  11. Very nice selfies of all of you. We're tired of the dreary weather too...and now we're supposed to get snow tomorrow. Yuck. We hope the petcretary can get some stress-relief. A vacation could help. :)

  12. Definitely stay warm inside when the wind is blowin trees over! We had one blow over a few years ago and it injured the shed. That was NOT nice of Mr Windy...

  13. Those are lovely sleepy selfies. We are getting too much rain too, and no sun.

  14. Oh Mr Jack Freckles I think Petcretary needs some good vitamin D the sunshine vitamin. Keep your face always toward the sunshine - and shadows will fall behind you. You all gots the winter doldrums.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  15. We've had the exact same thing around here. Clouds, rain, and an occasional dusting of snow for the last few weeks. Why bother even getting out of bed on those days? But ghostwriter still had to go to work, and she was glad she didn't have to excavate her car from a snow bank after work at 11:30 at night. Well, hang in there kitties and MJF, the days are getting longer now. Hey tomorrow is Groundhog Day!

  16. Aaaaaaaaaaw you boys look handsum as always. So glad nopawdy or purropurrty was hurt or damaged. Well 'cept fur da spat. Hope all is well again and you two are good brofurs again. Big hugs and lots of purrayers.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  17. Even though the weather was dreary, mew guys just radiated sunshine in your sleepy selfies, a purrfect selection again.

    Our weather has been dull, rainy and tomorrow we've got a big storm heading our way, so we're going to batten down the hatches!

    Sweetest purrs

    Basil & Co xox

  18. I usually invite all our biddies to come to New Zealand when it's summer here (like now!) but our weather has been as terrible as YOURS! Thick cloud, rain, strong winds. Oooh the excitement - can't you just imagine our summer ;-)

    But, like you we are all safe and doing OK so we can't grumble!

    See you Sunday!

  19. Here no Sun either, Pipo, Minko and Mr JF, but your Selfies brought out the Sun... in another way :) Pawkisses for a Happy Weekend :) <3

  20. Thanks all, for stopping by to bring the sunshine of love to our page!!

  21. Crikey ...... I'm really behind aye?? Can't believe I've missed out on so many of your posts Mr JF Sir. Very remiss of me.