Sunday, February 5, 2017

Dashing Through The Snow Selfies

Dashing through the snow...hah!!! Who are we kidding here anypaws??
I had to get out to do, well, you know, that privacy stuff...and petcretary was stomping through it too in her red galoshes, (nope no pics of them, BOL); as she was filling up the seeds for our little outside guests.
And she had her camera in her hands.
A Field Sparrow; they seem to enjoy finding the seeds spilled by the others.
The clean walk is easier to be on than all that snow.

Looking for the right ...

Growlmy, I need some privacy please.

Hmmmm, I smell some pee-mail...

Thanks for clearing me some grass, growlmy, but...well, its still cold on my tootsies!
I saw a varmint in the back woods so off I went. I had to stop and sniff a few times, and also check back to make sure petcretary was still outside, else I would have gone back inside too:)
I see you, you rascal varmint.
I am going to chase you out of my yard, Grrr!

Varmint duty is hard work...

No snow is truly able to stop me for long...even though I don't like it and it cold on my tootsies, I will persevere!

Too bad that varmint is way over there, cause this snow hinders me a bit...

After some sniffs in drifts , I need to clean my schnooter!

I'm coming after you, you varmint!

A deep sniff here...

Hmmmm, must be a mole or a mouse under here.

How come I am not allowed over there, Growlmy?

The fence is a good place to sniff...

Do you need me, growlmy?

I could get over there faster if this snow wasn't here.

Not sure why this snow has to be here...its too cold.

Hi, Growlmy!

Maybe I need to get over there?!



I just know those squirrel dudes have been here...

You still watching me??

Following another trail of varmint paws...

I'm not sure what to do now...
The sun was trying to peek through but it was overpowered by those lingering clouds.
And while the snow might slow me down you can see I still have lots of that JRT 'p*ss and vinegar' in me, BOL!

Off to another part of my big yard...

I am trudging, not dashing through this wet snow...

I wonder if the neighbors are going to let their pup out to play through the fence games with me?

Why are you always taking pictures, Growlmy??

I'd love to get out and roam the neighborhood...

At least the snow has been cleared away on this sidewalk.
My snowy selfie!

MrJackFreckles ~ Dashing Through The Snow!

Work is still extremely busy and stressful, petcretary has devised a plan whereby with using up some vacation time each month, her weekends off will be 5 days instead of 2. Aaaah! Now they only need to be approved.

And since we know you need your fix of kitty-ness; so you don't furget that we still are here; *here* are our not dashing through the snow selfies.
Do I have to do this selfie thing again?? Sigh...she always interrupts my sunpuddle times...

I am playing the coy-kitty!!

I am a cute Pipo, if I do mew so myself, MOL!!
Meowmy, I am pressing the camera shutter button for this selfie, OK??!

A relaxed and thinking Minko
Contemplative Minko

We are dashingly hopping along with The Cat On My Head, whom we thank for  hosting this weekly blog-hop feature.


  1. What great selfies of everyone. Oh that snow looks Cold!!!!

  2. Looks like you had some fun in that snow Jack :)
    Pipo and Minko, we like your selfies.
    We are snug indoors too :)
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  3. Jack Freckles does such a great job of patrolling your territory! That looks like a lot of hard work! And of course, the beautiful Meezers help by looking gorgeous and causing endless "AWWWWWWWW"s. Good job!

  4. Mr Jack Frecles! Mes LOVES going on your walk with yous! It is noce to gets out and about without having to goes out and get cold! And Pipo and Minko, mes loves yous guys! Yous is the handsomest meezers ever!!!

  5. I am glad there were some photos of Pipo and Minko or I would have been upset. Mr. JF is a cutie, but I must see kitties too. I think MJF needs some red boots for the snow. I know all about JRT and being peppy, my niece's is really hyper and goes nuts looking out the window at squirrels. Luckily when they open the door to let her out in the fenced yard, the squirrels hear that and run.

  6. MJF, your gowlmy keeps snapping photos because you are so darn cute. Our mom loved all your snowy photos. You have such a super expressive face. Pipo and Minko, your selfies are also wonderful. We really like the extreme closeups. Thank you so much for hopping. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy

  7. Nice selfies today! I wonder where that varmint went...

  8. Wow that looked fun dashing through the snow,xx SPeedy

  9. that are great selfies... and next time you will get that varmint while dashing through the snow :ol)

  10. Oh my CAT that snow looks COLD!!

    We think you cats look warm and cosy inside though!

    Happy Sunday Selfie.

    The Dash Kitten Crew

  11. What a GREAT batch of SNOWY and SLEEPY selfies today! Snow? We are still waiting for some here......

    Love, Angel Sammy

  12. LOVE your photos and LOVE the Pecretary's new plan!! Purrfect!! xoxo

  13. That was a great tour of your domain! I wish I could come over and play! Glad to see you and the kitty cats are doing well.

    Ghostwriter says her job has been very stressful lately too. Short staffing along with patients getting sick and new ones coming in for rehab with complicated problems. It does take more than two days to recover.

  14. doodz & dawg dood...leeve it two de **** **** burd ta foto bombz a total lee
    awesum selfeez post ~~~~~~~~~ faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....

    yur selfeez rock de houz... N dawg dood, care full out ther; it mite bee vizshuz
    deer ya smellz ~~~~ !!! ☺☺☺♥♥♥ happee week a head guyz ~~~~~♥♥♥

  15. That was a long walk in the snow Mr JF, you're very brave..I can tell☺ Great Selfies of you too, Pipo and Minko. Pawkisses for a Happy Day☺❤

  16. Mr. Jack Freckles, we were really hoping you'd catch a varmit or two. Nice selfies, gang!

  17. We always enjoy your photos. Your mom is a talented photographer, and she has the most adorable subjects! Looks like you had some fun in the snow, Mr. Jack Freckles! We'd like to get some to play in, but it rarely ever snows here. Enjoy!

  18. That is way too much of the white stuff for me, and absolutely NO chance of catching a mousie in that! Nice selfies though. Have a great week. Purrs, Erin.

  19. Oh! Mr. Jack! You are an excellent patrol man, keeping your turf free from varmints and other unwanted critter invaders. And at the cost of cold toes. The meezers look so cozy but that is their job, sigh.... xoxox, Bibi & Meep

  20. Meow, you boys be lookin' very handsum. Stay warm and toasty. Big hugs

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  21. Freckles, loved your adventure pictures but please stay warm! Hugs!

  22. Well, thanks so much again to all of you for patiently and faithfully stopping by...and commenting, though mostly we cannot seem to get the petcretary to answer you back...silly lady says she spends too much time reading and taking dictations to comment in all of your posts, MOL/BOL!!

  23. You all look gorgeous! Glad Freckles enjoys the outdoors!

  24. You are really enjoying the snow, Freckles! We have had only an inch a few times and that is fine with us.

  25. Love all the Snowie selfies, they are brilliant!!!

    Looking real good today guys!

    Bestest purrs

    Basil & Co xox

  26. Crikey Mr JF Sir ..... You're still managing to keep all the critters at bay at your place, aye? You really are looking great, mate. So good to see. Mum loved all the snow photos. she's a bit obsesssed with snow. I'd like to come and help you round up those critters. What good are those kitty cats? They just laze around while you do all the hard work.