Sunday, December 4, 2016

Fiona Forever ~ Taking Some Purrsonal Time ~ Guest Selfies Are Taking Ovfur Today

We are all tired out...well, we always love to take long naps, but its really the petcretary who is kind of tired out...from her work, all the goings on in our den the past week or so, and then all the sadness here in the Land of Blogging...aka Blogville.
She says she feels burned out. We know she used the oven a lot today, but we do not think she means that kind of burning.

Petcretary spent a lot of hours making some mementos for Easy, Treasure and Sammy. (You can see them in this blog posting - just click on this sentence to see them.) That is one reason she didn't have time to help us with selfies, and she wanted to have a Christmas theme starting, but the weather has been dark and somber a lot of late, and when the sun did show up she was running errands or at her work...MOL!  So no good new December pictures. She says she doesn't even know if she will get any cards made, she may have to resort to those 'premade' ones, OMC!! Maybe she might get some ecards ready, she is not sure...
Anypaws we are going to show you some other selfies, made on her trip to see our Auntie and Great Auntie a while back.
Its always good to have stand ins, for times such as these...thanks for understanding.
'Weenie Da Weenie'

I am 6 months old; I think I still need to grow into my big feet, BOL!

I just look sort of sad, but I am a happy puppy!
A-Cee and her mommy

A-Cee is the big sister of Weenie Da Weenie
I'm Willie, I live on the one side of Murphy's fence, A-Cee and Weenie live on the other.

I am a young Rhodesian Ridgeback
This is my doggy Cousin, Murphy He is singing, he does it well, even at age 14-1/2

Murphy still begs.BOL!

So there are our kitties, Oh, MY!! There used to be a kitty across the street but he went to live with relatives of those neighbors,  out in the country, so that he could roam and be safer from cars, etc.

Precious Angel Fiona

We are joined up with The Cat On My Head. Would you pawlease visit there and leave some comforting purrs, POTP, and maybe some licks and wags if you are woofies. Dear Fiona has become an Angel. Joining the others that went there this week, too. What sadness in Bloggville indeed.

We asked petcretary to help us make a memento for her, too.

Sunday Selfies Blog Hop

Can we all purr and pawray that the remaining weeks of 2016 can be much happier? Pawlease? Petcretary says her reserve of tears is running dry...too many being shed of late:(


  1. Those are nice guest selfies.
    That is a beautiful graphic you have made for Fiona.

  2. 6 months? Dat's almost as old as me.

    Momma says da only good thing bout 2016 wuz gettin me and Brinley.

  3. We agree about the sad week.
    We did not mind the woofie pictures today as they are quite cute :)
    If your mum takes a blogging break, we purr you all will give her extra lovins' !
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

    Thank you for your kind thoughts for Treasure.
    We miss him. WE love the picture you made too :)

  4. Mee-you wee have no more tears left here either!! An then wee red about Fiona this morning. LadyMum sayss shee can not bare anymore sad newss an mee iss reelin frum Easy an Unccle Sammy'ss leevin 'slice Earth' as Easy used to say....
    What a crummy week...Treasure cat an BUH cat....enuff all ready!
    Yur guestss' selfiess are pawsum an mee luv Weenie! LadyMum says hee iss a 'cutie pie'....
    Hope fingss get back to normal soon...
    ***paw patsss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxxx

  5. We sure do feel burned out by this sad week, too many friends lost. I hope they are all together at the bridge.

    You do have some very cute stand in's for your selfies today. No kitties, but very cute woofies. And thank you for stopping by and entering our giveaway today!!!

  6. What a lovely tribute to Fiona! And mes LOVES the selfies of your Furrends! Its always nice to sees our furrends furrends!
    We has been pretty burned out here too. What with the move and work deadlines Mommy has been ignoring us and especially my Blogging!
    But because everything has been so hectic, mes will cut her some slack.

  7. Your guests sure take good selfies!

    We are sad to hear the news about Fiona. That's a beautiful graphic paying tribute to her.

  8. This week has been very sad, I do hope the rest of the year has no more losses. I love your stand ins, very cute. Murphy looks like Toto in the Wizard of Oz.

  9. There are always illnesses and losses but there seem to be cycles when there are multiple losses very close together and this past week has been a teary one.

    We love your petcreaty's comment about Jan's pink shoes. We think the people at your mom's work would love them, especially if she put in psychedelic shoelaces. )

  10. I love your Fiona graphic. It has been a sad time in the blogosphere, for sure. :-(

  11. Ummmmm Seems a little dog sided here. MOL We totally unnerstand your mommy, and we'll see ya' when ya' get back. We're sendin' lots of purrayers to all.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  12. doodz & dawg dood.....yur graffix for everee one haz been awesum
    ~~~~~~~~~ they all wayz R.......we understand bout de petcretarry
    wantin ta take a brake.....N joy... & awesum selfeez bye de stand inz

  13. this is CRAZY!! Do you know your blog COMPLETELY STOPPED coming to me til today? Then, when it finally had a list of posts a mile long. I thought you had stopped blogging! It wouldn't let me open it either. I had to copy your blog name in my tool bar in order to get to your blog. Then, I tried re-subscribing and it won't let me because I am already subscribed. I haven't received your blog in MONTHS!!! Am I the only one having trouble?

  14. No, Caren ! I just got the same list of posts to - only it let me open the email and the links work !
    I had seen references to your posts but hadn't gotten any and thought I had been dropped from the e-mail notification list ! (I read so many blogs I need the email alerts rather than just checking every day ) I don't know what the problem is - but I am glad to see you are all all right (especially after this past week !) and hopefully can get this straightened out again.

  15. @ Mary & Caren:
    I have no idea what might be the trouble. I thought I had changed the address in the follow by email; maybe I need to do it again.
    I mostly get my post notifications from bloglovin and that seems to work well.

  16. So many tears. But so much kindness, too. I've seen so many expressions of support and joy and love today for the families who have lost someone. That has lifted my heart. I hope you feel the same.

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

  17. What a beautiful post guys! So much sadness in such a short space of time :(

    We just read that mew'd like to join in The Time Travelling Bobble Hat Tour, and we've asked Cat on My Head if they can send it to mew aftur they receive the bobble Hat from Timmy Tomcat, so if mew can email us your address at; that would be pawesome! Supurr purrs Basil & Co xox

  18. Your memento for Fiona is really beautiful. We think she looks just like she will across the Bridge.

    It was worth catching up on the Sunday Selfies to see this :-)

    The Dash Kitten Crew

  19. Thanks kitties and woofies, for hopping in and enjoying our guests this week.
    And for helping us rememeber Fiona. What a sweet angel she is.

    Now we pawray all this sadness to please stop so we can dry up all our tears and stop the leaking face windows??!