Sunday, December 18, 2016

Our Selfie Sunday Christmas Card ~ And Snow!

Here is our Christmas card to all of our fellow bloggers and furends.
We hope you like it and we beg of you to feel free to snag this for yourselves, it is not 'locked'...

We hope you will have a wonderfur Christmas. And before we know it it will be 2017!!

Pipo reused last week's selfie, but Minko obliged with a new one...and so did Dog-Guy.
Anypaws we sure hope you will enjoy this season of Joy and Hope, Peace and Blessings.

We are deep in the midst of winter here, even though the calendar says it will still not be offurcially winter for a few more days. MOL! Tell that to the weather maker:)
There is a deep blanket of snow here, and the temp is 12F (-11.1C). Brrr! And tonight we may see the thermometer dip down to the zero mark or even colder. Too Cold!! Just too cold. And wind, oh my it howls and blows the snow all around. The roads are a mess and the plows have a hard time keeping up. So we all take extra time to go anywhere away from home, and if we can we just stay home. Of course us furryones love that:)
A tree in the neighbor's yard

This years unburned wood pile...

Wanna sit here for a while? The chairs have some nice soft cushions on them...
We might be able to melt some snow if we used the BBQ!!

Left over purple coneflower heads

More leftovers...
Remember this tree from the spring? Its our weeping cherry tree.
We would love to see this again! Spring cannot come soon enough!
Pawppy has a new toy to help in clearing the big snows, and it is getting good usage already.

Pawppy sure can make that snow fly!
 The birdies are eating the suet cakes and the seeds like voracious vacuums! Sorry Tabbies but here are some pictures for the others to see. Pipo just chatters and drools over them and paws the windowpanes sometimes. Minko watches them too but he is not as excited as Pipo. Maybe he heeds the Tabbies adages about burds, MOL!
Pipo is bird watching, while Minko just sleeps...
All these birdies are American Goldfinches in their winter feathering. In summer the males are bright yellow and black, with a bit of white, now they are difficult to tell apart.

They love to cling to this feeder 'sock'!

Suddenly Minko decides the birds might be interesting afterall, MOL!

We see chickadees, juncos, nuthatches and cardinals too. Not too many blue jays or other birds as yet.

We are watching the Burd Channel.

Waiting a turn on the feeder 'sock'.

All the finch 'closeups' are from before we had snow. They were hungry then, now they are ravenous!
Male Downy Woodpecker

Female Downy Woodpecker...before the snow came...
Female Downy Woodpecker
Hairy Woodpecker (they are much bigger than the downy, but look similar. The beak is heavier too.)
Downy woodpecker (Female)

Downy Woodpecker...taking a selfie??

Female Red-Bellied Woodpecker
Male RedBellied Woodpecker
Red Bellied Woodpecker, Male
Female Red Bellied Woodpecker
Red Bellied Woodpecker, Female
Red Bellied Woodpecker, Female
 Dog-guy does not like the snow at all, despite the fact that some pups just love it. Not for me he says...I need my green grass, BOL!
Off to see what pawppy is doing...
Thanks for cleaning the walkway, but your machine is way too noisy.
I want my grass back.
Sheesh, its too cold out here!
 One night at work, in the middle of a big snowy time, there were 4 deer looking for who knows what in the parking lot. Of course petcretary does not carry a smart phone in her pocket...and she doesn't even have one, BOL/MOL! Her cell phone is an old 'hello/goodbye' one, MOL! Later when she left work those same deer were strolling across the street...silly deer...they did not look too vishus to her, they looked lost and hungry in the snow; poor things...

Well, Petcretary has been way too busy lately and we apologize on her behalf for the lack of comments in your blogs and responses to them on ours.

She has had the plumbers here again on account of issues that came up after the Thanksgiving week watery messes, some of which included the toilet which was new in April, being ruined by the sediment in the black water after the well was fixed. UGH:(
They also put on new shut off valves to the washer and new hoses to the machine's water supply, the old ones were fixing to burst. Nope we don't need another round of flooding wait...we *did* have that on past Friday night. Petcretary threw in her uniform and some towels, started the machine up and after a bit sat down at her confuser with a coffee and um...she heard a funny noise. Oh No! The washing machine overflowed yet again. (Which it had done after the well was fixed...) For pity's sake, the washer had just been inspected the day before and all was deemed well, except the hoses which were now replaced. So now that man has to come back and determine why this is happening...for the second time. (The water will not shut off...) The wet dry vac is getting good usage...sigh...and the washing machine has to be 'babysat' when we use it to make sure we are there to turn off the water supply at the right time in the cycle. Good grief.
Add the snow removal chores and the constant needing to bash down the icicles and using the roof rake...well, it keeps a peep out of mischief! Hah!

In between all that she wrote and sent out our Christmas cards. And of course some of you will be getting them if I had your address. If she forgot anyone it is not intentional, and she will return a card to whomever she gets any from:)
Merry Christmas!
And she put up the tree, its just a wee one, no space here for a full sized one, but it is pretty none the less. So far us kitties have not tried to play with it, unlike in years past with other smaller ones, which we pulled down so often, petcretary stopped using baubles on them...just lights and ribbon garlands...Christmas is so much fun for us feline...those trees are beckoning toys, MOL!

Dog-guy gets his fun from 'helping' the workers we have been seeing here...but we just go and hide!

We are in the Snowy Blog Hop Hosted by The Cat On My Head


  1. Crikey ..... I LOVE your Christmas card and snow photos ... OMD!! I LOVE snow photos and you've got more than your share by the looks of things. So, so pretty, aye?? Im glad Pawppy's got that machine thing. It might be noisy but I bet he thinks it's better than a big shovel. Mum loved all the birdie pics. I'd just like to chase 'em. You're looking good Mr JF Sir!! Stay warm and have the best Christmas ever, aye??

  2. Wow, you guys got WAY more snow than what I just came back from! I love that you have Bird TV, even in winter.

  3. Lovely Christmas card! I love the pictures of you kitties checking out the bird tv. I'm glad we haven't gotten that kind of snow yet!

  4. Merry Christmas to all uv yu too!

    Yeah, yu got a ton o' snow! Good thing yur Pawpy has that big new "toy" to help move the snow.

    That sock thingy is coolie. The burdies shur noe where to come fur fuds.
    Maybe yu shud put a "graphic warnin'" up fur the Tabbies. All those piccies!

  5. What a great Selfie post, and a lovely Christmas card, thank you. So much going on, so much snow and such wonderful Bird TV, too. Heres hoping you have a plumbing issue free zone by the big day! purrs ERin

  6. Your card is beautiful! Just like you, we have lots of snow too. We think you have more, though. And these freezing temperatures! We hope the birdies don't freeze their wings off.

  7. I love your card! You have a lot of different birds, beautiful photos. I always enjoy the red belly, ours seem to prefer the berry suet so I get that, the others eat it too. We don't put out thistle so no goldfinches, but we get a house finch once in a while.
    Your tree looks very pretty too. My cats have been very good, only one ornament down and it was a crocheted one made for them.

  8. Your card and your selfies are lovely. That is a lot of snow, and very cold! I like your Bird TV, you get a good variety.

  9. We LOVE your card and thank you!!! You can "snag" ours from our header on our blog ;)
    Believe it or not, we got as much snow as you did! xoxo catchatwithcarenandcody

  10. MeOWwwwww Ya'll have some really purretty birdies. Dat's some great teevee ya'll have there. And ya'll be lookin' gawjus as always. But dat's way too much snow. MOL Stay warm and toasty and have a very Merry and blest Christmas. Big hugs to all.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  11. Hi Minko, Pipo and Dog Guy- its so nice to see all of you healthy and having a cozy time. Love love love the bird feeder - I am asking for one for Catmas. I spend a lot of time bird watching the critters in our neighbor's tree, but all those gorgeous woodpeckers and chickadees make my heart sing, or something like that (MOL). Stay warm and furry Xmas-xoxox, Meep and Bibi too(from your Catsterland days)

  12. That is a lovely card and we thank you for it. But WOW all that SNOW!

  13. Hi, all!
    You know what??! The temp is going up and its going to rain, so a lot of this snow will soon go away...well, we will still have snow for Christmas, but then its going to warm up. Way warmer than the near zero we were having. It may be in the 40's. Wowee! Maybe I, MJF will have some grass again.

    Sorry we have not been around in your blogs, we may need to skim over them and then just pick up in the newest ones. Sorry if we missed special days and such.

    Pipo & Minko wave paws at their kitty oals,a nd MJF wags and wiggles at the thought of a good romp with his furends...


  14. We are catching up on the Sunday Selfie on Christmas Eve here and oh man we are AMAZED at the snow.

    WOW!! oh and thank you for feeding the birds, it is lovely to see their pictures.

  15. Love that weeping cherry tree. So pretty summer and winter. Sorry for the flooding. Not any fun.

    Merry Christmas to all of you. Stay warm and safe and have fun despite the weather.

  16. Merry Christmas Pipo, Minko and Mr Jackfreckles

    Aftur looking at all your beautiful snowy pics, we are singing 'let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!' The P.A. disagrees with us though as she's gone and got herself another cold *big sigh*

    Hope mew're having a terrific day

    Bestest festive purrs

    Basil & Co xox