Sunday, February 4, 2024

Selfies From The Food Bowl!

Yesterday and Friday we had some nice sunshine...and not very wintry temps either. The only snow left is where it was all piled up...but the ground is soft now...wait, that means I, Benji can DIG! (Groans from petcretary....) 

Some brave daffodils are trying to get growing on the south side of our yard, where its warmer from being in the sunshine and close to the walls for more warmth reflected. But...if history repeats they will not bloom...*she* should dig them up and plant them somewhere else where they can do a better job...(They freeze at night and almost cook during the day...)

We got some new noms to try out, so we asked petcretary to take some selfies of us gobbling it all up, YUM!

We were all over it! But we needed petcretary's thumbs to gain access, she wouldn't let us bite into that bag...

Thanks, this is yummy!

Nom, Nom, Nom....

Crunch, crunch...YUM!

Good to the last few kibbles...yup, I got those too!

I am still wet from sticking my head in some leftover snow banks....sheesh, there are critters (Voles?)under it!

At least I am not into that snow stuff, so I stay dry, BOL!

We have joined the Sunday Selfies, Hosted as always by the Kitties Blue at The Cat On my Head. You can join them too, just click on this caption to get there!


  1. The selfies of the food bowl action are the best!
    Enjoy your digging.

  2. That's a great idea! I'm glad you enjoyed your new food! When #1 finds premium food on special, she usually buys some and mixes it in with my regular food, so my stomach gets used to eating all kinds of different things.

    Happy Sunday!


  3. Definitely sounds like a wise thing to not stick one's head into a snow drift. You look lovely and cosy there, and the food seems to have gone down a treat! Poor bulbs. Sounds like they need a plant pot of their own somewhere cosy. 🙂

  4. as I watched you eating I had this big grin on my face. who knew how entertaining it is to watch the two of you num numming. wet is handsome in your case.. happy digging

  5. Glad you enjoyed your new noms, guys! We loved watching you gobble it down!
    As for the daffodils - Mummy says they were HER Mummy's favourite flowers. Petcretary should try growing them in a window-box, or in large flowerpots.

  6. Humans are no fun sometimes...won't let you bite the kibble bag!
    We are promised some sunshine today; woot!

  7. Those are great selfies, and we can tell you two love that new food.

  8. doodz !! de soooper supper bowlz ! we like de short mooveez and we hope
    ewe both R doin grate :) ♥♥

  9. Oh nom nom nom! aking us hungry!!!
    xoxoxo, Bibi&Meep

  10. Looks as if you both like your new food a lot! Isn't this sunshine wonderful??

  11. Dearest Benji and Dalton,
    Good to see you both enjoying some yummy kibbles!
    And yes, those voles have to be sniffed out and found...
    Mariette + Kitties

  12. LOL I had to laugh. You two with thumbs?? Sounds like trouble!

    Marjorie and Toulouse

  13. It's good to see you pups are doing well and feasting on some good yummy dinner! We had a nice sunny day today too.

  14. Can I just say how much I love, love, love this post? It was fun, and the videos are the best and made me smile --THANKS for that, I needed it!! ❤❤

  15. ooh how tasty... that must be the superbowl you have there:O)

  16. Lulu: "Yay digging!!! Our ground is super soft too from all the rain. I bet I could excavate all the gophers in California if I only had the time!"
    Java Bean: "Digging is fun, for sure, but when there is food in the bowl, that has to be the priority, sí?"

  17. Well, we put in a selfie but oh, boy, what a botch! MAMA---FOCUS!!!! And you two doggies made mincemeat out of that amazing trick!