Sunday, February 18, 2024

Leftover Valentines

 What?? Leftover Valentines?? How can love be leftover?? Wait, we think she meant selfies that didn't show up on our Valentine's Day post, BOL!

So here goes...we are still in those hoodies...sigh...

Why you keep taking my picture, Petcretary?

Petcretary did some artistic stuff in the iPhoto editing section of her pictures library....turned a blah image to one that is quite dramatic. Unfortunately, she didn't use the portrait mode for any of Dalton's pics, so she couldn't do a similar thing with any of his pics...

Us two bros together...for an ussie! Not quite as nice as the one on the 14th...oh well! That. is why it's a 'leftover'!

Lets see now...we will soon be back with Dr Seuss pics...wonder what *she* will make us wear for that event?! At least we have almost a couple of weeks to think about that!

The day before Valentine'sDay, it was Teddy's Tuesday Teaser Day. Petcretary wasn't first to class but she was first to guess the correct place. She got this badge for her efforts. If you want to have fun, join them there each Tuesday morning and try to be a first commenter and then try to guess the place before anyone else, LOL! They always have good food in the cafeteria, too for your lunch break.

We have joined up with all the other Sunday Selfies at The Cat On My Head! Thanks for hosting, Kitties Blue!


  1. the edit is magnifcent. love it love it. Dalton you look so cute in your hoodie, we always have left overs, lots of them. bring on all the leftovers, nothing can be better than dog pics. Beau says he doesn't agree, ha ha...

  2. We also wondered how can there be leftover Valentines when, as the song says, "there is not enough Love to go round"?

  3. Leftover pics are always good to share!
    It is always good to see you Dalton!!!!
    Purrs Winnie

  4. You boys are so cute in your selfies and ussie.

  5. Those hoodies look nice and warm! Great pics!
    xoxoxo, Bibi & Meep

  6. Dearest Benji and Dalton,
    You look great in your Valentine outfits and you better wear them as it is still freezing cold in your nook!
    Stay cozy and warm.
    Mariette + Kitties

  7. You both look adorable. Congrats to Petcretary for knowing the teaser. XO

  8. I LOVE the photos!! Isn't that dark frame something different eh? It makes such a difference. It is lovely to see you 'sweethearts' in your costumes!

    Marjorie at Dash Kitten

  9. Hi Dalton and Benji, what a relief that it was not you two who were 'leftover'. That truly would have been a crime.

  10. Hello Benji and Dalton! Happy belated Valentine's Day! Your "left over" look great. I love your Valentine's theme sweaters and you should keep them until spring arrives! Juno xo

  11. Such gorgeous pics of you! You may not like your hoodies, but they really are cute on you.

  12. Your human takes great photos.

  13. we love the ussie... this look... it can open all treat bags we bet

  14. She takes your picture because you are both so devilishly handsome. She can't resist!


  15. A selfie of you guys is welcomed any and every day. These just underscore how precious you guys are. Congrats to your Precretary for being so clever and fast on the Teaser posts.

  16. Lulu: "Your leftover selfies are just as cute as your other ones!"
    Oona: "Oona has noticed that the humans are always taking pictures, even when all Oona is doing is sitting quietly in a box full of paper. They have some kind of obsession with cameras."
    Charlee: "Maybe they're just trying to document that you're allegedly sitting quietly since otherwise no one would believe th—"

  17. Those are lovely leftover selfies ! Purrs

  18. The Leftovers are quite appetizing. BOL & MOL Big paws of applause for Precretary for being so clever and fast on the Teaser posts. We are always stumped.