Sunday, June 4, 2023

Tongue Out ~ Too Hot Ussies

 We have had a very hot week here, with temps in the upper 80's to low 90's, and NO rain for way too long, such that the grass has turned brown where there is no shade and is all crunchy and hard on our paws. And there have been a number of fires here and there; we are in a heat advisory and an air quality one, well as a fire hazard warning.

There was rain in our area, but none fell on our grass and it was not really enough...but at least the forecast is calling for more pleasant temps in the week ahead.

When petcretary was at her work, she got some pictures of Mrs Mallard and her brood of seems each spring there is a new duck family to entertain the residents! Maybe its the same one, who knows! When they are in there, however, they cannot wander out, and since they need to eventually get to water other than in a kiddy pool, well, we have to call a wildlife rescue to catch them and bring them to one of the many ponds and small lakes around here, preferably one in a nature preservation area.

Mrs Mallard and her ducklings. Any guesses as to how many ducklings there are??

 Here we are in our tongue hanging out cause its too hot ussies:

Its so hot, so we just lounge in shady areas and pant...don't worry, we can go inside at will through the doggy door, and find the cool AC and fresh water in there.

Petcretary changed the ugly next door background...

Hey Benji! I heard there  is a special day coming up really soon!

In recent days there were some sad families because their beloved furry ones left for the RB...this link will bring you to the mementos that were made in their honor.

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We are joining up with the Kitties Blue who are our faithful weekly hosts of Sunday Selfies.



  1. I hope the weather cools down for all of you!

  2. we are having the same heat, but that is our normal here and hotter days are coming. we did get 3 rains in 6 days and it helped our crunchy grass. Glad to know you have instant access to AC.. hope you get rain soon... you look hot and CUTE

  3. We are also having tempurratures in the upper 30s Celsius. Later this week, they are supposed to drop to more normal temps for this time of year - like about 28 - 30C

  4. Benji and Dalton
    OMCs we had the 3H's here yesterday, Hot, Hazy and Humid. 89 degrees
    BUT I just returned from a lovely walk, it was 60 overcast and breezy.
    Ingrid, your Caturday Art of our recent Angels was lovely
    Hugs Cecilia

  5. Hope you get some relief from the hots, doggos!
    We've been warm too, but it's dipped back a bit, but no rain is expected.

  6. Those are great ussies from you two. We've had some nice cool days after a stretch of super-hot ones. It's much nicer to be outside when the high temp is in the upper 60's. The rain is lacking here too.

  7. Nice ussies with your tongues out! Hopefully it is going to cool off a bit this week. But we sure could use some rain!

  8. It's been hot down this way too but you're selfies are fabulous! Mama Duck and her wees are really cute!

  9. It sounds as though you are the opposite of the snowy weather I remember most (about you two!) Toulouse and I are guessing six duckling!

  10. all the best for the ducklings and the mama... we have that heat too.. it came out of the blue and we wait for rain now to complain that we got rain LOL

  11. Lulu: "That does sound too hot! Especially with all my thick furs!"
    Java Bean: "Ayyy, I would go sunbathe in it. But I am a short-haired dog from Baja, so ..."
    Lulu: "We see ducks like that at the lake in the park where we like to go walking. We hope she and her ducklings end up somewhere with plenty of water!"

  12. Yes it was waaay too hot the past two weeks for sure! So happy it cooled down! We need to get together and do a rain dance! We NEED RAIN!!

  13. We had some extra warm days too, and no rain. It's cooled off a bit this week, but we still could use some rain. Stay cool pups !

  14. That wacky weather came here too. Hope you are chilling out in the spring rain.
    xoxox, Bibi & Meep

  15. It has been Hot! Hot! HOT! here too! But it will cool off tonight...we are supposed to get 2 days of clouds and rain! And Jo Jo does not NEED more than a few treats...she is a total butter ball! Mom calls her Chunky Monkey! Keep being awesome guys! Marvelous Marv

  16. Those ducklings are just too fluffy cute! Sorry it's been so hot. It's starting to heat up here now too. Not looking forward to the heat-sure enjoyed the coolish temps and rain here but knew it'd end eventually. Hang in there guys. You know if you get a bit of rain, your Precretary will have to mow more often, right?