Sunday, November 28, 2021

Sunday Selfies After Thanksgiving Time

 We had to wait a day to 'celebrate' as petcretary had to be at her work on the was her turn to work a holiday, so we shared her with all her residents. She got a free ham dinner;  (But she did not bring us any doggy bags, sheesh!), no turkeys were harmed so they were very happy, LOL! They can all come out of hiding again...tee hee...we often see wild turkeys roaming in the field across the street and in our neighbor's yards. They really do make those gobbling sounds...

But:  What sounds do limping turkeys make?? Wobble Wobble!!  LOL, LOL!

We are also thankful that the really noisy clunking bobcat has left the premises...and the concrete guys have finished ruining our yard and they laid down a nice smooth new slab for the shed we will soon erect, and then they made our patio bigger, too. Its been raining and even snowing so we don't have any pics of the semi finished work...but here is Bobcat and some of the mess he made. Now you can also see where our new shed will go,  just a small one to hold the snowthrower and the lawnmower.

BobCat, The source of several days of mud and mess!

Right now the concrete is all poured, and we can even stand and run all over it! The mudpies have been smoothed out, new grass seed has been scattered over that, and its all covered with straw. Hopefully in the spring those seeds will make some nice soft grass for us to run on...and other stuff...BOL!

 Here we are in our Thanksgiving Selfies:

Yum, the drumstick is mine!

But??? Where is *my* drumstick??

Hmmm, no drumstick, to worry about here! Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful! We are thankful for our loving forever home, having been rescue pups with a bleak future....and we love our yummy noms, our big fenced yard, our peeps, and the good care we get from them and our vet too. Actually we love him!! And we love all of our many blogging friends!! You make blogging fun and we can share our good times and our times of need, too. Thank you!

Petcretary had fun this past week at Teddy's Teaser Class...she got in there rather late, (Oopsie), and thought she wasn't going to have time to sleuth the clues to make a guess but she did, and lo, she was the first right commenter! Hooray! This is what she was supposed to hunt the place of:

This is The Untertorbrücke (German: Lower Gate Bridge) is a stone arch bridge that spans the Aare at the easternmost point of the Enge peninsula in the city of Bern, Switzerland, connecting the Mattequartier in the Old City to the Schosshalde neighbourhood. Built in its current form in 1461–89, it is the oldest of Bern's Aare bridges, and was the city's only bridge up until the middle of the 19th century. It is a Swiss heritage site of national significance 

Petcretary got this badge for her efforts:)

Sadly this past week we had to say goodbye to one of our most loved fellow bloggers. In case you have not yet heard about this, We made a blog post here, but here is the memorial card we made in his honor.

We also had to say goodby to Sheeba from Life At Golden Pines


We are joining up with all the other Sunday Selfie Blog-hoppers at The Cat On my Head,; The kitties Blue are the weekly hosts of this fun feature! Thanks for hosting! We love you! You can join too, just click on the link under the icon.

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  1. Nice selfies! Yeah, I think you guys should have gotten ham.

  2. Those are really wonderful selfies.
    We agree, though, that you ought to have got a doggie bag. That is so unfair!

  3. Those are amazing selfies. ConCats on being a Teaser winner!!

    The graphic is beautiful. We are so sad about Dad Pete.

  4. Those are great selfies of you two. Bob the cat sure made a mess of your yard but did a great job with your new patio.

  5. Those are lovely selfies. I have walked on that bridge and knew I recognised it from somewhere I had been, but it was so long ago that I couldn't remember where.

  6. Love the wobble joke! Glad Bobcat is gone - they are a noisy species. Concats to the Mom on another Tuesday Teaser Triumph--if that were a tv game show, you would be a gazillionaire (MOL)!!!
    xoxoxo, Bibi & Meep

  7. WHAT! No Ham!?!? We "love" what the Bobcat did to your yard. If it were in ours, Mom would be seeing lots and lots of muddy kitty prints! (she gets those just from the flower beds). We Love your selfies! We hope you guys and your Pepps have a marvellously happy week!

  8. Sometimes, hopefully good things come from the roughest and muddiest of ground, MOL
    I am sure once it is done the yard will look a treat. Of course, not as nice or as special as your delightful selfies.
    Wishing you a mud and noise free week

    1. That might not be in a couple of days they will come to the other side of the house and use even noisier invasive machines to cut down our naughty no longer welcome walnut tree....and its not even good wood, as its not straight. One dude said wait about 5 years and then I might pay you to take it if. By then we might not have a den anymore if it falls on our house.

  9. Losing Pete devastated the cat community. He touched so many lived and, right now, a lot of colour has gone from the world. Did you see people have been saying goodbye on the last blogpost on Timmy Tomcat. I was in floods again.

  10. Farewell, Angel Pete.
    We had a new sidewalk done this summer, and there was a lot of mess, noise, and whathaveyou!
    But it's super great to have a smooth surface.

  11. love these selfies, so purrfect fall vibes. Your yard will look amazing!

  12. Pawsome selfies!! Bet it will be nice in the Spring when the shed is done and the new grass grows :)
    Sad to hear about Pete :(
    Purrs, Julie

  13. I love your Thanksgiving selfies! ~Ernie

  14. I am glad that terrible monster has left your yard. I loved your pictures.

  15. when your garden is finished, can we get that bobcat? we could use it for our new euro-tunnel...

  16. awesum selfeez doodz....we hope yur day waz filled with spudz and pie :) ♥♥

  17. the two of you are just adorable. glad you had a good thanksgiving,