Sunday, November 7, 2021

Peace, Poetry, Selfies and Other Stuff!

 Yup, its been a busy week here. But that is OK, it keeps all of us out of mischief and monkey business to be busy!

Firstly November 4, was World Peace Day, so we made a 'peace globe' for Mimi Lennox's yearly blog for peace. Sorry we are late with it, Mimi...

Petcretary got her booster shot for Covid, the third one...she is ancient so she was eligible and also due to the nature of her work in a care facility, that further qualified her to get that third dose. But...OUCH! Her arm has an angry red area on it, and it is sore to the max. In bed its hard for her to find a comfy way to have her arm...hopefully that will not last, its been since Wednesday evening...

She tries to ignore it and do her normal work and chores around here...but the biggest chore was hard, she raked up all the leaves and walnuts...there were 16 piles to transfer into the yard cart and bring to the back wood pile...if you thought the pics you saw last week were huge, right now its like a small mountain!

We got a couple of estimates to get rid of the offending tree...yikes, that is expensive!! But likely cheaper and easier than having to repair the house if that tree decided to fall on it.

Petcretary was not a 'firstie' at Teddy's Teaser Tuesday this week, but she was the First Right Guesser!!

This is Goreme Town in Cappadocia, Turkey. A Biblical city and very ancient indeed. Apostle Paul went there on one of his missionary journeys. There are lots of caves that used to server as dwellings for peeps trying to hide from their enemies.
Oh me, oh my, how lucky am I! I was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser post of 11-2-2021 !!!

 On Thursday at Teddy's blog once again, it was poetry day, we had to provide our own picture and use that for the poetry inspiration.

So here is a poem to go with Winnie The Poo's Blustery Day image...petcretary composed this originally when she was still a schoolgirl, so she revised it a wee bit...funny how maturity of years can make you want to adjust things, due to a need to make it 'work better'.

The Blustery Day

I hear the wind howl,
Stripping off the leaves;
I feel the wind blowing,
Even into my sleeves!

I see the clouds flow,
And they dance along.
The wind makes them fly,
As it screeches its song.

I see the trees bend,
Fighting ‘gainst the gale.
I feel the wind push,
Determined to assail.

I feel the wind’s bite,
It chills me right through.
I hope this storm stops.
So that calm can renew!

I hear the wind sigh more softly
No more does it roar…
Gone all the roughness,’
All is peaceful once more.

IR 11/4/2021

Don't forget to turn the clocks back! We are going to be back on Standard Time for a few months now...till March!


Can we all purr, have paws together for pawyers and send lots of POTP to Beau, he has major issues with his mobility...

Beau's Bad News

And SheriEllen who is  BellaDharma's Mom...aka BellaSita...really needs our prayers at this time.

POTP for BellaSita/LadyMew

We sadly also had to say goodby to another precious kitty a few days ago...Mr Jinx of ManxMNews 

Mr Jinx

 Sadly,  Sasha from Kitty Korner, also became an Angel Kitty. We ourselves did not know him so we are posting a memorial image from the POTP Blog...

So now its time for our selfie! Phew that was a long post!!

We cropped the original, and then we cut ourselves out for the peace image at the beginning of this post...and here below as well.

We've joined with the Sunday Selfies Blog Hop! Thanks Kitties Blue for being the fine hosts!


  1. Nice selfie! My human got a booster and her arm was sore for days! Fortunately not as bad as your human's.

  2. Awesome post, lovely photos and more! (yes, shot #3 was a hurty one) Especially love the photo of the "two together bedside", it's a keeper.
    Thank you for always sharing news of our friends and anipals!

  3. Great post. We love your Peace Globe. ConCats on being right guesser.

  4. The time change is always a pain; that's when I discover all of the dust on our wall clocks.

  5. We hope Petcretary's arm feels better soon, but it's good that she got her booster. We enjoyed your poem about Pooh and the wind. Our paws are crossed for your friends that are hurting right now. That's a great selfie of you two as well.

  6. We love your selfies, guys!
    We hope petcretary's arm won't be hurting much longer.
    We loved the pics, especially the one of the cave city in Cappadocia. Mummy has been there - but it was about a gazillion years ago (mol).

  7. Lulu: "That is a cute picture of you two! Did you get caught in mid-play by any chance?"
    Charlee: "We hope Petcretary's arm is feeling better now!"

  8. Love the Peace Globe and the colourful badge of Mr Jinx. We got our hour back last week, but we need a double hour of sleep extra...MOL....Here comes an Extra Healing Pawkiss for your mom's arm and one for the both of you, Dalton and Benji🐾😽💞

  9. This was quite a busy week for you. We are so sad to hear of your kitty pals' passing and bad health news for others. So much sadness.
    And then there's the gladness: Congrats, Petcretary, first right guesser--you are racking up the wins. And Benji and Dalton, you look so sweet tougher--big hugs. And we all love love your poem, a purrfect description of storms. Hope the arm is feeling better. xoxox, Bibi & Meep

  10. What a wonderful newsy post! It was a busy week and we are sorry that your Mom's arm is still so sore! Our Mom was supposed to get her flu shot this week, but was late to the hall, she will now have to pay at a pharmacy. They say we won't get the 3rd until the new year. We love your badges for Jinx and Sasha. And We too are ourraying for Beau and BellaDharma's human. Concatulations on being the furrst right guesser and WE LOVE your Peace globe! We also love your selfie! Whew! We hope you guys ALL have a marvellously Happy Week!

  11. Those are lovely selfies and peace globe. I hope Petcretary's arm is soon back to normal. We had our flu shots a week ago and hopefully can book the Covid booster for this week.

  12. I am thrilled to see the Turkish picture, it looks so magical. I hope your arm eases off. It's no fun having this kind of soreness.

  13. You two are so cute. Mommy has her second shot coming up

  14. Wow, that is a lot of walnuts! Hopefully you get a better price from the tree felling people, or can get a friend with a chainsaw in to help you out.
    Certainly nuts are great for Christmas, but a tree landing in your Xmas pud would be a bit much, MOL
    Love your picture this week, and pretty masterful work doing the cut out. Mrs H and I are both supremely impressed!

  15. we love the pooh-em .. he knows how november really is. and we wish your mom all da best, mayy the pains go away soon and may there no other bad effects from the shot... and we hope she is now well protected and the evil virus will go away ... far away...

  16. What a beautiful selfie you all! Thank you. I love seeing your faces.
    When our read furriends go away from us to the Bridge, it is a sad time for us as well. I will miss Sasha and Mr Jinx VERY much. I have known them a long long time. I love your Mom's work on memorials.
    And it was a pleasure seeing the scene in Turkey. I have no other way of seeing some of these very historic and meaningful places. XX

  17. what a great selife of the two of you. wish i could hug you, thank your pectretary for telling me about your tummy troulbes and the solution. will be trying the pepto. we have been overwhelmed by all the love and POTP coming to us through Beaus blog... hugs and hope you are all well

    1. We didn't use 'pepto', we used Pectin...500 mg, the NOW brand, available online or in health stores. Pectin is a sort of jelling agent, its used in making jam, and if taken as a supplement, it adds fiber to bind to the looseness of stools. Pumpkin is a good addition as well.

    2. And you are welcome!! Thanks for visiting:) We'd love to play with Beau, but we might be a bit much, right now, BOL!

  18. We lub your Peace Globe and selfies! And hope your mommy's arm is better. My mommy can easily be tawked out ob dat booster thingy...!

    1. Thanks!

      My arm is better, now after almost a week! Aches a bit in the evening is all, now...hope that dissipates too. I pretty much have to have the shot(s) order to keep working at the nursing home, they have mandated it for all at this company. Flu shots too...

    2. [Toffeemom here] Wow, they mandated the boosters? Even here they haven't gone that far. I'm sure I'll get it, but I'm not a believer. I do get a flu shot every year.

    3. I'd have to have them too, to go into Canada to see my family there.

    4. We all gotta do what we gotta do. Someday we'll look back on all this...

  19. I should get my 3rd vaccin too, but haven't gotten the convocation. If your arm hurts that much the vaccin was probably done by a doctor ! They are not used to it. With a nurse you have nothing, with a doctor I had a blue arm ! I am happy that I don't have to collect the dead leaves anymore, I watch the gardener from my balcony working !

    1. It was given by a pharmacist!! But I have to say, I hardly even felt the prick! (I even complimented him)
      The first two hurt more going in...though way less sore arm...go figure.

  20. I am mesmerized by the Turkish city and imagining Paul walking about. Thanks for that.
    Your peace globe is fantastic!! The woofs are here, too! I'm so glad you joined us. I hope your arms gets better quickly (a week? Yikes!) and the tree is all taken care of just as you want it to be. It's always a good day to blog 4 peace.

    Peace to you and yours,

  21. Catching up! Beautiful peace globe. One of my fave days of the year.
    TW got her 3rd job b/c of being immunocompromised. Her arm didn't hurt but she got real sick and was frowing up and stuff. Pop will get him soon.
    Your Dalton looks like my furrend Daffy who just went to the RB. His first human was named Ingrid but then she got very sick and Daffy went to live with my furrend TSK and his family.