Sunday, November 14, 2021

Mid November Sunday Selfies

 Well, what a week we had! Busy stuff, sad stuff and happy stuff, too.

Petcretary came home to this a few days ago...

We want petcretary to order things for us, not clothes and vitamins...BOL!

 Did she get the message?? Hmmm...she just sighed and threw it all in the trash.

On Tuesday at Teaser Class, Petcretary was one of two firsties in the door, but though she had the right answer, she was not first with her guess...well, someone else has to get a chance now and then, LOL!

Wednesday, we confirmed a tree company to come and take down our nasty walnut tree...It got angry at us for those thoughts and dumped more walnuts on us, and several huge branches. Yup, it got windy again. Hopefully it will be done before winter sets in, the tree peeps seem all very busy.

Thursday was Veterans Day, here, but petcretary still prefers to call it Remembrance Day, since she is Canadian. 

And she learned something very new, but very sad, too...
This a cousin of petcretary's Dad. His Name is Derk Wierenga Here is the story she heard from her own cousin about Derk. 

Derk Wierenga. Derk was a member of the "Dutch Underground" during the second world war. He risked his life by helping Jewish families take refuge in north Holland, he also helped many others (including my father) who were fleeing from the Nazi regime. Derk became a leader in the Dutch resistance and on Oct 7, 1943 he was captured and sent to prison. On May 20, 1944 he was executed by the German Army, he was 22 years old. After the war Dirk was laid to rest in a Dutch War Grave Cemetery in Westernieland, his memorial reads: "I have fought the good fight, I have kept the faith." "They shall not grow old, we will remember them"

(Derk was engaged to be married at the time of his sad. Thank you Derk. )

Also, Thursday was Poetry Day at Teddy's blog...Always something fun going on there, you know!?!

Anyways, the photo prompt was a very cold snowy picture...Brrr, so petcretary submitted a poem she wrote WAY back in 1973! 

(Cold and snow do not age...they just keep coming back year after year she got to make a big snowman on her birthday...and there was an ice storm on another BD...One year when she was having a party, with her Mom, just when everyone had left there was fireworks to the south of much so that the earth was shaking and the above ground wires were an earthquake...only it wasn't an earthquake, nor part of their celebration...t was a huge explosion of train cars filled with propane tanks...YIKES! It was about 20 miles from our house...very powerful and dangerous...thankfully after everyone had been evacuated I don't exactly recall, but there were no fatalities. No traffic, cause it was so late at night...)


Snow is gently falling,
Snow is softly piling.
It falls; makes no sound,
While covering the ground.

Snow – like the tide
Covers and will hide-
The earth; there wet, here cold-
All things in its icy hold.

Snow caps the bushes,
While rustling grass hushes.
As it piles up so high,
After falling from the sky.

Snow is like a quilt,
Every space is filled.
Nothing is left bare,
All is covered – everywhere.

Snow is falling gently,
Snow is piling softly.
Only the wind is noisy.
But we here – are cozy!

IR 12/1973

It snowed here Saturday Morning, and more is expected toady...oh dear, we don't like that cold stuff on our paws... At least it melts pretty quickly since the daytime temps are not below freezing...yet...

We had to yet again, say goodbye to some feline friends,

.Junon, a friend's cat of our blogging friends at The Poupounette earned his wings...


 And beloved Tuna Of Moon, aka The Big Katoona, of 'The Tabbies'; also left his family in the midst of deep grief.

Tuna of Moon, from The Tabbies O'Trout Towne

My, My! But wait! There's more!!

Petcretary had her birthday, on the 13th...Oh, my she is SO ancient now...and we thank you for all the good wishes sent her way. You can see them all in the previous blog post...

Our unfurbros came over and provided the celebratory meal for her:)   But we were not given any...something about too much not good for pups stuff...but we dd get our bowls full of the other good noms we usually eat, and a nice chewy afterwards. And Happy Day...our Wolverine team from U of M won!!

As as an afterthought...OK, not an is another ussie from when the weather was still nice in Mid October...

Here is a funny joke:

Who's the  Super-hero  Plumber who just fixed your watery issues?

Flush Gordan!!

We are thankful to be able to join up with the Kitties Blue at The Cat On my Head for The Sunday Selfies...a regular and well loved feature they host every week. Thanks, Kitties Blue; we love all of you!

Join up with the Sunday Selfies Blog Hop! Its a lot of good fun!


  1. Derk was a very special young man, who managed to do great things in his short life.

  2. It was a busy week. Concats to sharing the firstie award with our Mom and Happy Birthday.

  3. That's a lovely Ussie, guys.

    Mummy was greatly moved by the story of Derk. May his memory be for a blessing.

  4. That's a great picture of you two. We hope you didn't get into too much trouble for shredding those catalogs. What a courageous relative your mom discovered.

  5. Derk was a very special person. It makes us wonder if there are any 22 year olds around today who would make that sacrifice.

    We had a bit of soggy snow yesterday that melted as soon as it hit the ground. We're not looking forward to winter this year. As you poem says, snow can be so beautiful. But not if you have to drive home in it as a blizzard at 11:30pm, or shovel it off the driveway.

    Happy birthday Ingrid!

    1. Thanks!

      I sometimes have to do that driving home from work in horrid conditions, too...8 miles can seem like 80 then.

  6. That is a sad story about Derk, but he was courageous and will have found his place in Heaven.

  7. That was quite a story about Derk. Happy Birthday to Ingrid from all of us and that was a good ussie you two. That's a lot of sad this week too.

  8. You to boys need to show your Mom a little more respect!! Or a walnut might drop on your silly heads. Honestly pups - go and tell your Mom how much you love her - right now!!!

  9. Thank you for sharing Derk’s story with all of us. What a true hero. And I love your ussie!

  10. Benji! Dalton! You look marvellous darlings! Thanks for sharing Derk's story with us. Mom got to go to a the Remembrance Ceremony this year (First time in a long. long time). The cenotaph is half way between Midway and Rock Creek and beside the Kettle River. I was surprised at how many people attended. Congratulations on being a firstie and your birthday! (Hip Hip Hooray!) We hope you have a marvellously happy and no stress week.

  11. You must have had one of those paper shredding raccoons and you chased him off. I wish your efforts was appreciated. We loved your selfie. I loved Derk's story too.

  12. I see you read the newspaper properly ! Rosie is an angel during the day but during the night she is a devil and runs through the apartment, throws things on the ground etc !
    Isn't it sad to die so young just because of a fool ? My father's brother in the last days of WW2 had been forced to be a soldier ... he was 15 years old !! He spent 10 years in Siberia, the years which are supposed to be the best of your life !He came back very sick.

  13. Reading that story about Derk brought tears to my eyes. So young and so handsome. A fiancee waiting for him. His whole life waiting. He will be remembered and honored for his sacrifices.
    Benji and Dalton...look at you! So happy and I know you made your Mom's birthday extra special. Happy belated birthday to her from mom and me. XX

  14. coppee & paste stopped bye ta help out with R commint two day coz de gurlz still sneekin round de inter webz frum werk. we wanted ta say how veree thanx ful we iz that ewe taked de time ta leeve a message on me good bye post. we a purreciatez it mor N ewe noe. bee happee & healthee & blessed bye me heer roe st francis. lovez two ewe all wayz frum de food servizz gurl and mee; tuna ♥♥

    thank you once again Ingrid for the beautiful badge; happy belated birthday ♥