Sunday, November 21, 2021

Concrete Work And Snow Raspberries!

 Petcretary worked this past Thursday, and when she got out, there was a nice thick layer of snow on her car. It took a bit to clean it off so she could drive away from there.Then she noticed that the car she had parked beside when she got there was still there and of course covered in snow, she cleaned it up too, cause she knew it belonged to another tired staff member...that lady came out and was surprised that someone would do that for her...well, why not!? Team work isn't just for inside that place:)

The snow was still there  on Friday morning when we got up...phooey.We don't like that cold stuff at all. But at least it soon melted away.

But...we got locked up inside the house, and only were let out on our leashes. That was odd....well, then we saw why. We had a big invasion of our yard, and it was all ruined by a bobcat that had dug bigger holes than I, Benji ever could! There was a whole gang of dudes moving that dirt around, and putting wooden boards around the holes, sheesh, were they going to make walls in them? Later after supper most off the invaders were gone, but the bobcat was still there. At least it did not hiss at us, or try to whap us, like Pipo used to do...BOL! But still we were on those very restrictive leashes and not allowed to run free...not till we had our muddy yard to ourselves again...though now there is a huge extension of our sidewalk of an 10x8 foot concrete slab. Hmmm, and it is surrounded by tons of dirt, and more holes, those are filled with wires, Us pups have no idea why they need to put a piece of fencing flat into a hole, and then shore up the sides of said holes with wood and 2 foot long spikes. (The 'fencing' is metal reinforcement...) Our nice piece of grass where we would run out to in a do doggy also nothing but a big muddy hole with more fence in it. Sheesh, pawppy what is going on?? And what on earth is on our front porch now...we saw petcretary move stuff (The shed pieces), out of a huge box and take it over doesn't smell very interesting though, so we have ignored it, BOL!

Apparently our peeps want to extend the patio and they needed a slab to put up a shed, the parts of which are now waiting for the concrete to harden enough to support it. And those big holes will soon become the new patio extension, because the invaders did not get finished...they are coming back tomorrow, (Monday), if the weather allows it...Oh Phooey, that means another day or two of confinement and leash only trips for doggy business...Petcretary says, just deal with it! We say Pffffbbbbttthhhh and gave her some raspberries! BOL!

A BIG raspberry! The sunshine we had sure was bright, and it didn't help with the picture either...

 I gave one of those raspberries, too, but at least I am a bit more polite about it, BOL!

This past Tuesday, petcretary was a 'firstie', (Along with one other 'student' who was quick),  at Teddy's Tuesday Teaser Class, and another 'student' had some clues to offer, so she capitalized on those and found the answer quickly enough to be the first right guesser as well! Whoot, a double win!

This is the badge she got for being a 'firstie' at class...

This was the place she had to guess...its Sarek National Park in Lapland, Sweden.

Here is her badge for the double win...looks like us when we get all excited, BOL!!

We had to say our sad goodbyes to a very well known pup this past week, he even was the mayor of Blogville at one time...(Our previous post was in his honor.)

We are joining up with the Kitties Blue, who are the faithful weekly hosts of The Sunday Selfies Blog-Hop...we love this fun feature, and we thank them for keeping this going for such a long time already!

You can join, too, just click on the link below the badge with their logo on it.

Sunday Selfies At The Kitties Blue


  1. It sounds like a lot of work going on in your yard, but it will all be worth it when it is finished. Those are sweet selfies.

  2. Wow guys, it sounds supurr busy at your place! Here's hoping mew have a supurr relaxing Sunday! XX

  3. Well, at least you'll have a bigger patio when it's all done.
    (Thinking) Is that good or bad?

  4. Lulu: "Humans and their big toys sure can make a mess! They tell us not to dig but it's probably just so they can it all themselves!"

  5. Wow! The last time we had any commotion like that was when a crew of men and noisy machines came to cut down our big silver Maple tree. Chester was only allowed out with a leash that day.

    1. We are facing that kind of thing in the near future as well...when they come to cut down our walnut tree...

  6. It's no fun to be confined to leash walks in your own yard. We hope the work is done soon so you can get back to romping in your yard.

  7. Hi Guys! We have been getting a lot of snow! Mom is looking at it and moaning about how she can't shovel...And your Mom rocks, not only she is a double winner but she is kind to her fellow workers! We love the card she made for Arty! Thanks for the kind words about Mom. We try to take care of her by laying on her and purring. She has thumbs and can open the cat food tins (and scoop the poop). The sooner she is mobile the sooner we can be taken care of in the manner to which we have become accustomed.

  8. Nice selfies this week. Wow, so you had snow that stuck around? We had some but it didn’t stick to the ground much and melted.

  9. We haven't had snow since 2011. Our cats would NOT know what on earth it was!!

  10. How nice of the Petcretary to brush off the snow!

    I hope you all have a good week, stay away from that "Bobcat" that I hope goes away very soon! Take care!

  11. Humans are so strange I hate when they disturb things like that. I am glad you took it well.

  12. Nice selfies, but what a bummer about no freedom!

  13. we look forward to leash free time for you... and we hope da snow will not stay that long... we have brrr.... weather too, but we hope the snow comes only from our destuffed toys...

  14. Concatulations, Petcretary! Two jobs well done -- Tuesday Teaser and snow removal. You are a gem!
    Bobcats! You guys are living in the wild! and we thought we had critters... We learned that there are beavers chewing down trees and building dams in tiny islands on the river about a half mile from here. Stay safe, my friends. xoxo, Bibi & Meep

  15. YAY Petcretary !!! Wow you had THAT much snow? We didn't get any!! 3 hours makes a BIG difference! Levi said to tell the woofies that ALL of his trips outside are on-leash so they are actually lucky!!

  16. Did the hoomans even ask you if dey could come dig in your yard? And pave ovfur your muddy places? Nevfur mind, I know, silly question. You'll have to let us know how dey make it up to you!

  17. Wow, no wonder that you had go out on a leash ! The only animal which digs holes in the gardens are the moles, but as I had 5 cats when we still lived in our house, they moved to the neighbor who had no cats !