Sunday, October 10, 2021

A Boring Week, But Wait, Its Selfie Time!

 Yup, it was rather a boring week here. 

Petcretary picked up at least them more bags of squirrel lures...oops, she meant walnuts. And really, she needs a hard hat, one clunked down on her back just as she was bending over to pick up another for the bag...ouch! At least it did not hit her head...this time. Today there is yet another load ready for more pick up duty. We really are thinking of cutting that tree down. Its more mess and a nuisance than the light open shade it gives. If we do take it down, we'll plant another species, maybe a sugar maple, or even maybe a red maple, they are so pretty. Something without nuts to clean up every fall...

I, Dalton, like to try to lick her face when she bends over, then she's right at the right height for little me:)

I, Benji, have decided its fun to find half eaten walnuts, and to try and finish eating the squirrels won't get them, LOL!, nevermind! (Lets just say, black walnuts are an old fashioned remedy for various intestinal issues...) And Me and Dalton have had fun while *she* is at work or doing errands and we have excavated a large section under our weeping cherry tree...there are snakes and moles under a skid that is there for the time being with the shed (in a box), the pawrents soon will have built...We try to help our peeps to not have those varmints:) We don't understand why she gets so vexed when she sees our handiwork, no wait, our pawtiwork!

The other day, we heard a big crash and a yell...petcretary had placed a board across the entrance to the living room...a barricade...Phooey...well she had to back in there and she forgot it had been put there, (by herself, mind you!), and she tried to walk right through it...yikes. She skinned the toes on her feet, and crashed into the coffee table...and almost broke our new ceramic mini-us-es...they thankfully were OK. She has bruises on her knees and her pride has suffered a blow as well! Tee-hee! She is OK, and was able to do her work at the nursing home with no issues. Except now she has to try harder to remember to practice what she preaches about safety to the residents about falls, LOL!

Petcretary 'rescued' an African Violet from the trash can of one of her ladies that she was caring for, about a year ago. That lady told her she didn't think it would 'make it', but she said it was OK for Petcretary to take it home. So it was given much TLC and after a while it began to look a lot better. Well, that lady passed away a couple months ago, and right now that violet is putting on a beautiful show. It must be giving tribute to its former owner. Petcretary just wishes she could have taken it back to her and shown her how it had now each time that she looks at it, Petcretary remembers fondly that lady, whom she really had enjoyed taking care of, they had lots of good chats about many things...RIP, Mrs W.

I, 'Violet', am showing my pretty blooms in honor of Mrs W, who was my first 'Mom'!

Now here we are...a couple of really bad images, but they will have to 'do' this week! BOL!

Why are you getting so close with that camera thing??

Hi, Petcretary, Whatcha doing? I am a good boy, see the dirt on my schnooter?? BOL!

Petcretary was once again a 'firstie' at Teddy's Teaser, she had the right answer, but was a bit too slow in posting it...which allowed our good blogging friend 'Timmy' have a double Firstie...Wow! Congrats to him and his Dad!

I was one of FOUR First Commenters on the Teaser photo of October 5, 2021!!
 Hmmm, was it really a boring week??

We are joining with The Kitties Blue for their weekly fun feature 'Sunday Selfies'. We love it, its great to see so many friends there and we thank Miss Janet and her kitties for so faithfully hosting this each week. We are on week 373!! You can join up too, just click on their icon/badge.

Sunday Selfies, week 373!


  1. My human's grandmother used to have African violets.

  2. The African Violet is looking lovely. It is the one houseplant that I can never keep alive for some reason. I hope Petcretary is ok after fall.

  3. We are happy you shared Violet with us - she is very beautiful and a great tribute too, a tradition to carry on.
    Does not sound like a boring week -- Violet, Petcretary falling, walnuts, snakes, digging in the trenches -- stay safe everyone.
    xoxox, Bibi & Meep

  4. African violets are amazingly resilient. Often, when it seems all hope is gone, they can astound you!

  5. You two look great in your selfies. It sounds like there was lots of action at your house this week and it wasn't boring at all.

  6. I see several black walnut trees on my drive to work. What a mess they make! Many years ago, one of the siblings made the mistake of parking his car under one. The next morning his car was covered with small dents from where the falling nuts hit!

    We're glad your petcretary didn't get hurt too badly from her "trip."

    You pups keep up the good work with digging up those varmints!

  7. Wonderful selfies!
    My mother used to save plants from the neighbor's trash and revitalize them.
    Can't say I inherited her green thumb, but I do like to put plants in the ground outside and watch 'em grow.

  8. It sounds like the petcretary really banged up her paws.

  9. I'd get rid of the walnut. Get a professional in to remove it so you can have the fun of planting a more beautiful tree for your garden. You can always buy a sun umbrella short term for shade!

  10. Such an interesting week and ouchie to the petcretary. Your selfies look fabulous to me!

  11. Cute selfies y'all! And that African violet is pretty - momma has some of those too!

  12. Excellent selfies! Fortunately, we don’t have any of those walnut trees but our neighbor does and she gets to pick up all the squirrel lures. MOL!

  13. That is a beautiful selfie. We hope you secretary was not injured during the making of this blog post.

  14. we love da violets, that is a super howloween color ;O)

  15. You two are real cut-ups. A widdle on the carpet, indeed. Maybe I could learn some things from you two about behavior when abandoned….Love Loulou

  16. That's a big blog fur a boring week, BOL!! Those are good selfies, though, and furry pretty flowers. I hope your mommy's owies are all better.

  17. LOVE seeing you both, and I sure do see the dirt on your schnooter! Tell your mom that many many other moms have surely done the same thing. When you are used to an unobstructed entry...last thing unfortunately that you think of is...the board you laid across it. Hope your mom is better now.