Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Happy Gotcha Day, Dalton!

Dalton has been with us exactly four years, now. He came here about the age of one year, he was rescued from the woes of Hurricane Harvey...in Texas. 
Sometimes the lady who runs the rescue here in Michigan, that we got him from, sees him and she always thanks us for adopting him...and continuing to let him be, despite all his issues such as doggy PSTD...he gets CBD oil, which seems to help somewhat, and other calming things such as treats, a pheromone diffuser and Bach flower rescue remedy, etc.
Anyways he is happy enough, and eats well...and LOVES to play with his best doggy furend, and brofur, Benji.
Maybe in the next four years we hope he might decide its OK to trust his pawppy and the two unfurbros who come by from time to time....its too bad he can't tell us why he has all these issues...and its even sadder to think that he must have been severely abused and frightened in his life before coming to us.
But none the less, today is a happy one for him and us, it is Dalton's Gotcha Day!! 
Happy Gotcha Day, Dalton, we love you!!


  1. happy gotcha day dear dalton!!! we are so happy that you found da best home ever... celebrate like crazy today, with treats toys and many kisses...

  2. Happy Gotchaversary, Dalton!
    If you don't think it's too woowoo, please consider a pet communicator for Dalton.

  3. Happy Gotcha Day, Dalton! You sure landed in the perfect home for you even if you don't get along with all the two leggeds. We sure wish you could tell everyone what makes you so scared but your family loves you no matter what.

  4. Happy Gotcha Day, Dalton! You are a lucky doggie to have such a great home.

  5. Happy Gotcha Day. I am glad you found such a terrific home.

  6. It always makes me sad when I hear a story of an adopted dog especially when he has been abused.So here is one with a very happy end ! These are my favorite parts of books or TV !

    Happy gotcha Day !!

  7. Happy Gotcha Day Dalton!!!

    Riding out a hurricane can be terrifying. After Hurricane Katrina here there were lots of traumatized pets. Especially if they were outside or their house was damaged. We have our paws crossed that Dalton gets over whatever traumas occurred in his past. Tuiren was very frightened when she first came to live with us, she has really blossomed with time and love.

  8. Oh we came by to respond to your comment on our blog.

    The weather is usually very nice in March just a little windy. Not much. And for somebody from Michigan Spring, Fall & Winter would probably be the best times to visit as it's not to hot. March & April are usually when the azaleas bloom (sometimes they bloom earlier) and it's gorgeous down here then. If you like flowers Bellingrath Gardens is a wonderful place to visit. Except they don't allow pets in the gardens, although they do have a place for them to wait while the humans tour the gardens.

  9. Dear Dalton, We wish you the hapoiest of Gotcha Days!

  10. Lulu: "Happy Gotcha Day, Dalton! Many happy returns!"

  11. YAY DALTON!!! happy Belated gotcha day!!! You certainly got the BEST furmily ever!! Hoping you had a pawesome day! xoxo

  12. Happy Gotcha Day, my pal. HAPPY GOTCHA DAY!!!

    I'd say, I hope you got some nip but I'm bettin' you're not into the catnip, so... I hope you got lots and lots of treats and a really good toy!


  13. Happy Belated Gotcha Day Dalton!!!
    You were so lucky to get such a great family :)
    Hope you keep on having FUN!!!!!
    Purrs, Julie