Sunday, September 19, 2021

Flashback Pirate Day Selfies

 Petcretary has been out of town the past week, so we are giving her some slack, and letting her do a (modified) flashback for Talk Like A Pirate Day...we win because we don't have to pose or wear a costume, and she wins cause she doesn't have to deal with all that, BOL! Um...argghhh!


Argghhhhh! Ahoy mateys!

We almost missed Pirate Day...Yarghh! So now we 'ave t' be satisfied wit' our semi Talk Like A Pirate Day, cause Petcretary was at busy wit' more nah cur or kitty stuff...Yargghhhh!...(We told her she needed to walk the plank cause she deserted us...) We be nah too jovial about missin' this fun day, but here we be anyways! AHOY! But to tell ya da truth we not be too sad...we hate costumes! Arrggghhhh! Har-Har-Har!

We be Ferocious PiratePups...



So ye'd best nah mess wit' us. BOL!  Yargh!
 Th' pups made 'live' selfies fer pirates, for this flashback, but (Angel)Pipo said he jus' wanted t' be a virtual pirate, so...he made petcretary choose t' walk th' plank or make 'im a pirate picture, MOL! Aarrgghhhhh!

Don't even reckon about raidin' me treasures 'n booty...
Another repeated Pirate Pipo picture from eons ago:

Ahoy Mateys!! Guess wha'? Here we are again! Whoot!
We reckon we shall haul in th' plank t' use some other time...Maybe we be nah that ferocious afterall...BOL/MOL!  Yargghh!

This goblet was full o' some great grog...we guzzled it all down! Argh!

Ahoy! Are we ferocious or what!??

Captain Pipo-Fang Pirate-Master-Cat


                                  Since we have Angel Pipo included up there, we need to include our other Angelic Pirates:
"AARRGGHHH! I am Bos-n Minkorossa-Rumpelmeezer. Avast!"

"Ahoy! I am Mr Jack Swashbuckler, Barkaneer. Aaarrgghhh!"


                                                                           Have a fun Talk Like a Pirate Day!!

Petcretary was gone all week, she and pawppy went on a trip to attend the memorial service of pawppy's brother, in pawppy's home town. They couldn't go earlier in the year, due to pawppy's back issues and and covid we were left in the care of our unfurbro the elder. They just got back and all is well once again...BOL! (Petcretary said we are being over-dramatic!)


Even though she was not at home, she still managed to get in early at Teddy's Tuesday Teaser...and while she was not a first commenter, she was the first one to get the correct location! Yippee! 

Here is the picture she had to locate.  

It was the pink ski shop that helped her find the place, which is in Triberg, Germany.

She got this badge for her efforts:

I was fast and furious and figured out the Teaser of September 14, 2021 before anyone else did! 


Hope you all have a great week! We glad its back to normal around here, whatever that might mean...its great to have our pawrents back, safe and sound from their 1200 mile round trip.

                                                                        Now go and be nice pirates! Argghhhhh!!

                                                                        Don't forget to show your pirate-selfies!!

The Kitties Blue are our hosts for the Sunday selfies! Thank you!


  1. What great pirate pics!
    We completely fur-got about Meow Like A Pirate Day...

  2. Great to see the whole crew back on board for a spot of pirating around the Caribbean! I have to say, I'd be worried abut walking the plank with you guys abroad! Still with smiles like those, who wouldn't offer up their booty for you to plunder ;)

  3. Ye be fine pirates indeed!
    xoxoxo, Bibi & Meep

  4. So good to see my Pirate pals in the clouds Pipo, Minko and MJF. Benji and Dalton ye both are fine lookin mates too. Congrats on getting that one right. Purrs friends Yarrr

  5. Lulu: "It sure is haaaaaarrrrrd to get a post up when you're driving 1,200 miles, that's for sure! But it's fun to see a post from days of pirates past!"

  6. Ahoy scallywags! Yer 'n yer angel pirate selfies are epic. Did I see ye on the high seas when I was adventurin'? I hope ye had as much fun as me! 'ave a happy Pirate Day! Arrrr!

  7. You pictures are fantastic. They really catch the spirit of Talk like a Pirate Day and old or new you boys look so cool I on't care if it's a repeat!

  8. You two make great pirates and it was nice to see some of your angel pirates too.

  9. Gosh look at all your treasure! I buried mine but don't ask me where some secrets I'll never tell xoxo Little Miss Titch

  10. that are such super photos... we missed it not almost but completely... seems someone in our crip has to walk da plank....

  11. If ALL of you could just be able to look through your monitor and see me and mama...we are grinning all the way around our heads we LOVE those pictures THAT much! THANK you for the smiles for us right here. Here's a hug!!!

  12. Wow! You sure have some great pirate pictures! It was nice to see your angels, Pipo and Minko and MJF!

  13. Dose be magniferous piratey photos! Dis wuz my furst Tawk Like a Pirate Day and mommy dint tell me about it. But, wait'll next year!

  14. Awwdorable pirates you are and all the spirits around you and not to forget your treasures...arrr...Pawkisses for a Happy Day to all of you and thanks for the smile😸🐾😽💞

  15. Usually pirates look terrific, but you look very cute ! Did you capture a lot of ships ?