Sunday, September 5, 2021

Labor Day Weekend Sunday Selfies

 Wow, its already Labor Day weekend! That means that soon our hot weather will turn to cooler days...and in our minds, that is most welcome!

Ahhh, the crisp sunny days of fall, and all the beauty of the colors this season offers us to admire...or in our case to sniff and whiff, you know!! 

Petcretary has been annoyed with the tech stuff these past few days...the internet goes off for long hours at a frustrating, than she cannot visit, etc. So if you have missed us, well, now you know why.  Not sure what the trouble is, it started when we had some storms pass through, but we can't see any tree limbs down, etc...we might need to get the service dude here...and that is like asking the queen to pay us a visit, LOL!!

Well before we get into other are our selfies for this week:


This past Tuesday, Petcretary was a first commenter at Teddy's Tuesday Teaser Post.

She got this badge:

I was one of FOUR First Commenters at Teaser class on August 31, 2021! Yay for all of us being FIRSTIES together! We honored ones were:

Sharon, Janet, Timmy and Ingrid

She did not guess the teaser picture, though...well, she knew the answer because, it was a picture she sent in for Teddy to use! Actually she sent two...

This are images taken  in Wales at the Snowdonia National Park atop Mt. Snowdon. Her cousin went there and took the first image, and the other was taken by his friend. The cool effect you see is known as a broken spectre. Looks rather spooky!

                                                                   And ta-dah! This is what Professor Teddy said:

I sent in a real whopper of a photo for Teaser Tuesday on August 31, 2021 and NOBODY GUESSED IT RIGHT! YAY FOR ME!



Let us not forget all those who have been adversely affected by forces beyond their control...Thanks Ann, from Zoolatry for this badge.

We are thanking the Kitties Blue for being the hosts of the Sunday Selfies Blog Hop. You can join up too, just click on this caption to go there to see what its all about if you haven't 'selfied' there before.


  1. Lovely selfies from both of you. I hope Petcretary can get her internet sorted out. Nothing worse than when it keeps going down. That was a good Teaser. I should have gone with my gut instinct but overthought it!

    1. When I gave those pics to Miss Pam, I told her, I bet Miss Jackie will be the one to be able to guess them! LOL!
      Five minutes or less after I posted this, the internet conked out again...arrgghhh!

  2. Thanks for "unhealthy" recipe from earlier in the week (or was that last week?) MOL! Sometimes its good to indulge.
    Benji and Dalton -- you are looking fine as usual and we love the September weather too. Kind of snuck up on us, one day miserable heat and humidity and then Ida, and presto! September!
    Meowmie's internet went on intermittent a few weeks ago and the internet provider came and gave her a new modem. Only it was a "refurb" (no relation to furblings) and it did not work either. So a different internet repair guy came, checked everything, including if meowmie had damaged anything, and finally coughed up a brand new modem, which works fine. Repair guy #2 said meowmie would get a credit for the time she did not have service--the credit was 36 cents!!!
    Happy Labor Day, xoxo, Bibi & Meep

  3. The year has flown by and it sure is nice to have cooler weather. Sorry about your internets that is annoying. That Teaser was HARD. Great you were a Firstie too. Lovely Selfies friends.

  4. Hi guys! You're looking all happy in your selfies! We have some cooler weather here in WNY too. We're sure the heat will be back again soon.

    That broken spectre is sometimes called a glory. I was amazed to see one the last time I flew in a jet.

    Hope you have a good holiday weekend! (I got stuck working all through the holiday, Friday thru Monday. Blah!)

  5. You two always look fabulous, really! We really dislike those internet problems too, so frustrating!

  6. Great selfies, as usual!
    Mummy loves those landscape pictures. Long ago, she herself went on tour in Wales with her Caterwauling Club and one day, a group of them (including Mummy) climbed Mt. Snowdon. The view from the summit is spectacular!

  7. You two look great in your selfies. We hope you get lots of nice cool weather ahead. It's no fun when the internet goes in and out. We have our paws crossed that it gets fixed soon.

  8. What great photos of Benji and Dalton. And Concatulations on being a firstie and for stumping everyone! THat shot of Mt. Snowdon and the broken spectre was incredible! We too have been having very spotty internet. The fires have really made a mess of the cable company's infrastructure on the the ground. And 2 of the fires are still out of control. We are very happy with the cooler weather. Mre rain would be nice. I got an email from Jean. She did not talk about her health but she was glad to be home.

  9. Nice selfies! I hope your internet starts working better soon.

  10. I forgot you had a holiday this weekend! Yes, I'm late, yes work has been taking up too much time MOL!!!

  11. super selfies! and we loved da teaser photo... it is a good place for halloween isn't it? all da good luck with da internet and hugs to you all

  12. The selfies are cute especially the first one because he looks as if he was smiling ! The other photos I really thought you had managed to take a picture of a ghost !! Real spooky !

  13. doodz.....theez bee grate selfeez thiz wweek...troo lee.....and pleez ta tell petretarry de internetz bee funkee heer az well....started fry day nite....then de landlinez waz down....pray to cod noe one had ta dial 911 if they dinna haza cell ewe lar dee vize ~~~~~ YOW ~~~~~

  14. Glad to see you, sweet furriends. We hope the storms has passed, they can be so scary! Hope the Internet is working purropperly again soon, cross my paws for that. Pawkisses for a Happy Weekend to all of you🐾😽💞

  15. Oh my you two are quite adorable. - Thank you all for your condolences on the loss of our sweet Captain Cuddles and for making us that nice memorial badge.