Sunday, April 11, 2021

Ahhh ~ Spring!!

Yup, Spring has sprung here for sure. We are getting some of those so called April Showers, but the sun comes out to brighten things up, too.

We showed you our pretty blooms in our post for Marg's we really don't have any new ones, BOL!

So here we are, just ourselves enjoying a fine bright moment in the spring sunshine:

Sorry I am a wee bit 'fuzzy', this was a 'zoomed in' picture and the lighting was bad, too...but I was a happy dude! (Petcretary edited this to make it look better...)

I love the lovely Springtime!

This is that huge woodpile at the back of our yard, that we flushed the rabbit out of...there seem to be other critters in there, so 'she' won't burn it down till the is a collection of all the fallen branches, etc that came down over the winter, and there was nothing but ashes from the previous wood pile!

 Its a good thing we have all those pretty spring flower pictures...because on Saturday afternoon the wind came up, and it started to storm. And petcretary came home in pouring rain...and more is in the forecast. That tree will loose a lot of its glory, but we will not grumble (Too loudly), cause its been very dry and everything needs a good drink. But the grass and the walkway is becoming covered in all the petals the wind and rains knocked off. We don't think that tree has ever held on to its pretty blooms for longer than a week...

Petcretary managed to be awake on time to be the first (and only) commenter on Teddy's Tuesday Teaser this past week. Then after some careful 'hunting and snooping', she was also the first one to have the right answer!! Oh, MY!  A Double Firstie!! So she got this badge:

I was a DOUBLE FIRSTIE on the Teaser Post of April 6, 2021….FIRST COMMENTER and FIRST RIGHT GUESSER! WOW!

Here is the picture she had to hunt the location of...Wanna know where the photo was taken????????????????????????     ORDOS, INNER MONGOLIA, CHINA. 


On a more serious note, many of you know Stunning Keisha. Her mom...aka TW...also known as Pattie, is very ill and needs our support and prayers. You can use this 'badge' and if you haven't gone over there, please visit her, love and support are very wonderful things when you are sick. (Petcretary knows that herself, too well...but that is not why we are here today...)

You can visit HERE.

And very sadly...

A lot of you (former Dogster) peeps remember the fun loving, if crazy Zaidie. 

Our MJF was a good  friend of his...and Zaidie was one of the first pups to befriend MJF on Dogster, way back in 2009...sheesh, that was eons ago. Petcretary must be ancient... Zaidie flew away to the RB recently, so we helped petcretary make a memorial card in his honor:


You can visit Zaidie's family over on FB, as he didn't have a current blog.


We are once again in the famous Sunday Selfies! My how we look forward to this every week, and we do thank Miss Janet for her hard work to get this hop going each week, for a long time already!

Just click here to join up with your own selfie(s)!!


  1. I could never ever guess those quizzes right. You are amazing (even if it does get windy!!)

  2. Those are nice selfies in the sun. I am sending good thoughts for TW.

  3. Those are great selfies. We're sorry to hear about your friend going to the Bridge and are crossing our paws for his family.

  4. We used to keep a brush pile like that in our back yard. Sparrows Incorporated loved it and used it as their Winter Palace. When it got too big, we'd put it all through a machine that shredded it and we used it as mulch. But these days Dad is no longer up for that kind of work. No more brush piles here.

    Sorry to hear about your friends.

  5. That wood pile looks like a hairy monster waiting to attack. Be careful!
    We love love love your beautiful garden pictures! Finally we have find the right corner to turn and find spring.
    xoxox, Bibi & Meep

  6. First off, your smiles are spectacular this week guys! You look so happy to be out on the lawn! And how lucky you are to have a pile that has prey inside of it! That pile would keep the cats occupied ALL SUMMER! We have to congratulate your Mom on being a double winner! We can never get up in time (though we missed by only 2 minutes a little while ago, we then went back to sleep). That is the problem when one lives in the Pacific Time zone. Ad who knew they would have buildings like that in Mongolia. Mom is very sad about TW (Patty) and has her in her prayers.

  7. We love your selfies and big congrats on that double win!. It was a toughie. We are purring hard for TW and send purrs to Zaidies family

  8. You all take the best selfies! I’m loving our weather too. Though yesterday and today we had some of those spring showers. That’s makes the flowers grow!

  9. Your selfies are PAWSOME! You two sure do look happy! I wish we could gets some rain too, cause our 'rainy season' poofed out, and we are in for another super duper dry summer. sigh. Anyhu, glads you guys got some, and that should make some more flowers grow...yay!
    I would LOOOVES a wood pile like that! OMD, the critters I could hunt! all kinds of jelly over here!
    Congrats on your wins! WoooHoooo!
    Sorry abouts your furiend. Sendin' lots of {{{{hugs}}}} and slobbery kisses to his family.
    And sorry to hears abouts your furiend...cancer is evil and nasty. I will send lots and lots of POTP and AireZens her way ❣
    Ruby ♥

  10. Enjoy da sunshine!

    Dere shure has been some tuff news wif Zaidie passing and TW being sick.

  11. that was a super teaser guess, we never had mongolia on our list hehehehe

  12. Dis is de secund week in a row dat mommy dint post a Sunday Selfie fur me. She says she's waiting until next week, because I'm such a hairy mess and tomorrow I'm going to de groomer!
    Zaidie was pals wif my brofur Hershey. Mommy made eye-water when she heard he went to de Bridge. I hear about dat Dogster place, but I nevfur was dere.

  13. You two bring out the Sunshine, sweet doggies😸That woodpile could be my new nest, I only have to get there...MOL.. Pawkisses for a Happy Wednesday my furriends and concats on the mongolia-win🐾😽💞

  14. Wow! That brush pile sure looks like a haven for wildlife, for sure!

  15. Mom and I enjoyed being here and reading all the newses you have for us. And you two look like you're ready to play! Isn't it fine being out there in the Spring sunpuddles?
    I like that you have the wood pile because it can shelter critters out there who need it in the winter. Even give some cover for small critters in the warm months. Mom said she was so glad you all love the hummingbirds too.

  16. WooHoo! Congrats of being a Double Firstie!!!!
    You two also look SO good!!!!!
    Purrs, Julie